Something to look forward to.

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She rolled over this morning and grabbed my morning hard on. She rubbed me through my silky Calvin Klein Black trunks and I put my hand on top of hers and said, “Mornin’.” She leaned in and whispered, “I can’t wait to fuck you tonight!”, and gave me a quick kiss before she jumped out of bed and walked to the shower. I put my hand back on my cock and stroked it a bit and felt its hardness press into my silk panties. Fuck, gotta wait 10 hours before I can release.

I got out of bed and walked into the bathroom. Her naked silhouette was a magnificent view through the frosted glass and I watched casually as she soaped up her body and rinsed off. I turned and brushed my teeth and took a leak. She yelped when the hot rush of water blasted her. I returned to the bedroom and laid back down while putting on the local news. She finished her shower and I could hear her getting ready for her day: makeup, hair dryer, brushing of teeth. She walked into the room naked, as she usually does, and I admired her perky B cup tits, long legs and toned body. She leaned over to grab her panties and showed me her tight pussy perfectly pressed together like a sandwich between her thighs. She slid her panties on, a nice lace thong and covered up with a Navy Blue Pencil skirt. She put on a white lace bra and I always marvel at how a woman contorts her arms to put bra’s on. She covered up with a white satin blouse and left the button just low enough to show off a bit of cleavage. She pulled on some black nylons and slipped into a mid-heeled red pump. Her brunette hair was shoulder length and her red lipstick pulled it all together. I lowered my hand and began to stroke myself hard again at the beautiful sight I was seeing.

She turns toward me as she puts in her last diamond earring and laughs and say, “No jerking off. I want all of that cum saved for later!” I say, “Babe, you are just so damn hot, I cannot control myself.” She throws a nearby tshirt at me and says, “I’m serious! No jerking off. I want that cum to fill me up later!” And so I sheepishly agree and pull may hand way and give her the surrender sign, the sheets still pushing toward the ceiling with my still stiff cock. “Good. Loser, get out of bed!”, she says and I do. I walk over and give her a kiss and pull he in close to me. She reaches down and grabs my cock and bites my lower lip ever so slightly and says, “Be home by 6?” And I nod yes.

The entire day was tough to concentrate. Work was busy and meetings were important but I had a hard time being focused and was caught on more than one occasion day dreaming about my upcoming evening. I finished my work a bit early and left the office and raced to the liquor store for a nice bottle of Pinot Noir, her favorite, and some store bought wildflowers from the grocery store where I also picked up some chicken and veggies for dinner. I got home and begin putting dinner together while drinking a Pacifico. With dinner finished, I head tot he bedroom and put the candles out along with a few toys we like.

I return to the kitchen and take my clothes off and begin to set the table. I hear the door unlock and can hear her putting her things away from the day long work. I head back to the breakfast bar and pour two glasses of wine. She comes around the corner and her smile lights me up. “Oh, I see you think you are getting laid tonight?”, she asks, and I reply, “No, I think you are getting fucked!” She giggles at the response and meets me behind the breakfast bar and leans in for a kiss. She smells great and tastes even better. We embrace in a long hug and kiss. “Mmmm”, she says, “I needed that.” As she pulls away and takes a sip of wine. Putting the glass down, she grabs my flaccid cock and gently rubs my fleshy cock and balls. The added attention signals a blood flow from my brain to my cock and I am beginning to get hard and she says, “Ahhh, that’s better!”, as she increases her stroking action.

She comes in for another kiss and I get full on hard and she is kissing my neck and chest and sucking on my nipples and down to my naval and then to my bare pubic mound as she lowers to her knees and looks up at me and says, “Want me to suck you off?” And I nod in approval. She licks my shaft and fondles my balls before she takes my tip into her mouth and starts swirling her tongue around my cock head. She pumps my shaft as she sucks my cock head and the swirling action feels great as her tongue ring flies across my cock head. She is now taking me down to the base and the slurping causes some spit to spill out of her mouth and she grinds it into my shaft as added lube. I pull the back of her head onto all of me and she gags a bit as she takes me all inside her mouth. Pulling off, spit is splattering down. I place my finger under her chin as she sheepishly looks at me and continues to stroke my cock and I gently pull her from her knees. I give her a kiss and can taste me on her tongue.

I pick her up and place her gently on the breakfast bar and I pull away from her kiss and start undoing her satin blouse. It spills off her shoulders and exposes her beautiful tits being harnessed back in that sexy white lace bra and I press my hands under the them and squeeze gently. I lower down and unzip her pencil skirt and slide it off.Her black lace thong looks amazing with the black nylons and I gently take each red pump off and top them on the floor. I work my way back up with gentle kisses of her claves and knees and thighs and open her legs just a little so I can feel the heat of her tempting pussy as I kiss her inner thighs. She pulls my head into her eager pussy but I fight back and begin kissing her naval and stomach and clavicle and neck as I undo her bra. Her boobs spill out and her nipples are erect so I go into suck on them. She presses my head into her bosom as I enjoy the rock hard nipples being nibbled on.

She presses my head lower and am now ready to enjoy h

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