College Sex Education Chapter 1

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Emma's heart pounded as she knocked on Professor Brett's door. All her other profs went by their last name, but the young, sexy educator preferred his first name, making him the coolest teacher she'd met.

But this week's lecture on human anatomy lost her. Reproduction. She grew up sheltered. No one taught her…

The door opened before she had to even think of the word forbidden by her upbringing, her strict parents, and the Church they belonged to.

She smoothed a hand down her grey pleated skirt. The campus behind her was quiet, it was late but he said in his email he often worked late.

"Miss Emma West, I presume."

"Yes, Sir. That's me. Hi, Mister. — uh, Professor, Mister Andres."

He chuckled. "Come in, Emma." The door closed, and they were alone. A thrill shivered down her spine. "Call me Brett."

"Yes, Sir. I mean, thank you."

"You're in my introduction to biology class, right?"

"Yes.." their eyes met, and she swallowed. "..Sir." She couldn't stop herself, manners were embedded in her soul.

"Then relax. We are just two scientists exploring the world together. I am further along in my journey." He pulled out a chair.

"Thank you." She swallowed the Sir on her tongue as she slipped into the chair.

He patted her shoulder and sat in the chair beside her instead of behind his desk.
"What can I help you with?"

He was close enough to touch. Or he could touch her, his hand on her leg. The youth pastor touched her knee every time they met privately.

His closeness made it difficult to think. "Well, in class yesterday you were talking about… uh…"

"Sex?" His eyes brightened.

"Yeah. Yes, Sir." She squirmed in her seat, fighting her urge to run out of his office. "I grew up… no one told me about that… stuff."

His eyes widened, like her roommate’s eyes when she confessed last night. "Where did you grow up, Emma?"

"Well, a regular small town. But my parents are very religious. We weren't allowed to discuss that outside of marriage."

"I think it's important to learn about before marriage."

"Mothers tell their daughters the night before they are married. My roommate said I should come and ask you questions I had after we… she showed me some things." Emma looked at a poster on his wall. Words came easier when she didn't see his eyes.

"Showed you?"

"Yes. She showed me kissing and touching. But two women cannot… make a baby, right? I mean, we only used our mouths and… down there."

Brett coughed and stood up like his chair was on fire. He grabbed his mug and drank as he paced.

"And fingers. She told me about my clit and then showed me about touching it and then she licked mine and I licked hers. And I had my first orgasm." She smiled proudly.

"First?" He sputtered in his mug.

"Yeah. I admit I had three more this morning. Two in bed and then before I came here I snuck into a bathroom and touched myself again."

He looked pained as he sank into the chair beside her. "Okay. What, um, questions did you have?"

"Well, I know about the female body and everything my roommate showed me. But what about men? What makes you orgasm? How does orgasm lead to having a baby?"

"Oh. Well, men have a penis. Blood flows and makes it erect. He puts it in the vagina."

"What?!" Emma tilted her head as she looked at his lap. "How big is it?"

"Five to seven inches in length is average when erect. 5 inches around.”

"Oh. Does that fit?"

"The female vagina is very elastic. After all, women give birth through it."

Emma squirmed. "I'm getting that feeling between my legs, Professor Brett."

"Just Brett, Emma." He put his hand on hers. "Take a few breaths."

"I'd rather…" She smiled and shifted her chair to face his. "I'm a hands on learner, Brett."

"Uh, oh."

“Can I touch you?” She put a hand on his leg, feeling his muscle jerk under her hands.

His nostrils flared before he nodded. “Yes.”

She rubbed her hand over the fly of his khakis. "Will you show me? Without the pregnancy part? My roommate gave me something she said would prevent that."

"A condom?"

She grinned. "Yes!" Emma wrapped her hand around him, stroking him through his pants. "So big. Does it really fit inside the woman? Inside me? Even if I’ve only had fingers inside my…”

“The scientific word is vagina, but I always liked the word pussy. So how about we use that?”

“Pussy, I like that. And I know guys call their thing a dick.”

“Penis, and yes.” He groaned as she squeezed the head of his dick. “Come sit on my knee so I can show you all the anatomy we hide under our clothing.”

She perched herself on his lap and wrapped an arm around his neck. Brett kissed her, fingers opening the buttons on her cute pink blouse. Emma leaned against him as his tongue delved into her mouth, his body rough and hard in all the places her roommate was soft.

Emma wanted to keep exploring his maleness, but his hands were roaming her chest, increasing the hum of electric need between her legs. “Breast play feels good because it releases hormones that bond people together.” He pulled her cotton bra down and teased her tiny nipples with his fingers, then brought her up so he could suckle them.

She pressed her legs together, rocking her hips. The stimulation reached a fever pitch, and she was so close, but he grabbed her leg and pulled them apart before she could reach the climactic peak. “Hold on, little miss.”

“Please, Sir. I need to... “ She rocked her hips, rubbing against his leg.

He moved his hand under her skirt. “I know what you need and I’ll be the one to give it to you.”

Before she could ask, his fingers brushed across her soaked panties. He didn’t move them aside, he just rubbed her clit through the cotton, his mouth absorbing her moans. Emma gripped his shoulders while her body shook with the electric shock of his fingers on her. “Oh god. God.” The blasphemy rolled out of her mouth before she could stop it. “Yes, more.”

Brett didn’t stop u

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Written by Asrai Devin
Cargado August 2, 2021
Notes A young sheltered college woman seeks sexual information from her biology professor. And the lesson gets hands on.
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