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Background: This is my first story and all events detailed in this story are true. Not much has been embellished due to some of the events are on film. I've changed the names of everyone involved and I won't name the school. If anyone from the area reads this, they'll know exactly what school it is and who the girl is. I also won't share the film, but if I can get a screen shot where you can't see faces, I might share it later.

This has been going off and on again for almost five years now. We've all gone to different schools, graduated, but still stay in touch through our group snapchat.

If you like it, this is the first of probably 40-50 stories that I can share. The groups get WAY bigger and the sex gets a lot kinkier.

The Players: I'm a black, 5'11 former college football player(Dejuan) from Oklahoma. Back in 2016, I went to a junior college to play football in Kansas. My roommate was a 5'10 black guy from Kansas(Javoris). We vibed very well and through the brotherhood of football, got to know each other very well.

He had began having sex with a girl(Ellie) that was on the women's basketball team at our school. She was from a small town near where he had grown up, so they knew each other a little bit.

Anyways, he told me that Ellie was a freak and he thought he could get her to fuck us both. He told me she's down to do anything and little did I know what he meant. He brought the idea up to her and she was extremely excited about it. Believe me when I say that Ellie is a certified slut.

The Story: Everything is set. The three of us are going to meet after her practice. Javoris and I are waiting at the small dorm room we shared. We secretly set up our phones to record the action. About five minutes pass and Javoris gets a text from Ellie saying she's on the way over. We leave the door open as we're playing 2K on XBox.

A minute or two passes and Ellie walks in. At first sight, Ellie wasn't someone that you'd categorize as a "ten". Ellie was 5'3 on a good day. She had blonde hair, blue eyes. Pretty muscular because she was an athlete. Her tits were a modest 32B, but had a very nice bubble butt.

When Ellie walked in, she closed the door behind her. Javoris introduces her to me and instantly grabs Ellie's shirt and raises it above her head. Ellie turned around to see Javoris is out of his shorts, with his dick exposed. She pushes him down on his twin bed she climbed on top of him and start making out with him. I'm sitting on the opposite bed watching, rubbing my dick as these two go at it.

Javoris grabs her sweats and removes them exposing her freshly shaved pussy. He flips her around so that she's now sitting on his face. He begins eating her pussy while she's stroking his dick. Ellie then motions for me to come over to the bed. I walk over and she grabs my dick through my sweats. I quickly drop my shorts and Ellie is now stroking both of us.

After a couple of minutes of Javoris eating her pussy, he’s now ready to fuck. Ellie now doggy style with her ass in the air, tells me to lay on the bed. Ellie starts giving me the wettest, sloppiest blowjob I've ever had up to that point.

Javoris stands up behind Ellie and slides his dick in her pussy. Grabbing her hips, he starts pounding away. As he is picking up steam with each stroke, Ellie continues to blow me on the bed. After a couple of minutes, we switch positions to where I’m pounding and he’s getting a blowjob.

A couple of minutes pass and Javoris climbs up on the bed. He orders Ellie to climb up on his dick, cowgirl style. Ellie began riding him up and down, while making out with him between bounces on his dick. While this is happening, I began fingering her ass. One finger at first; I then slide two fingers in her ass and Ellie came hard. So hard she fell off of Javoris's dick on to the bed. I had never seen anything like it before; a full body orgasm.

After a minute or so, Ellie began blowing me in doggystyle position. She had her ass up in the air facing Javoris. He slowly began probing her ass with his dick. He began stroking deeper and deeper. This was the first time I've ever seen a girl take it up the ass. It wasn't every audible but I heard Ellie say, “Oh fuck yes.”

Javoris and I build up a nice little rhythm; he slides out of her ass, I slide in her mouth and vice-versa. This goes on for a few minutes in this position. I'm so turned on that I can't hold back anymore. I nut in Ellie's mouth and with no hesitation, she swallows every single drop. I walk away and Javoris starts slamming his dick in her ass harder until he cums in her ass.

Because of their intense orgasms, Javoris and Ellie laid on his bed, froze for a few minutes, while I laid on my bed. Laying there naked, the three of lay on the bed conversing about several subjects.

About ten minutes pass and round two begins.......

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Notes True stories about a women's basketball player from a small town who turned out to be a true slut.
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