Gia and I Move To Italy

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By this time in our relationship my wife was happy that Gia and I were fucking every chance we got and she even set up weekend dates for us. Friday afternoon Happy Hours were my wife and Gia’s time to relax and unwind(more about their Friday nights later).
I came home from work and told my wife about the IT opportunity in Italy and she was excited for me and then suggested that Gia moves to Italy with me. I said OK that would be great. My wife invited Gia over for happy hour and pitched the idea of her moving to Italy with me for 2 years. Gia excitedly say YES. Both of my sex partners came home and told me the news. Since we were leaving in 2 weeks there was a LOT of STRESS and a lot to do.

Fast forward 2 weeks my wife drops us off at the airport and says that she will be over in a month to visit. Once we settled into our mini suite on the airplane I noticed that Gia had worn my favorite outfit (yoga pants, white tank top that showed lots of side boob and a cardigan sweater that covered the shirt and her ass). After take off we enjoyed our drinks and then put then Do Not Disturb sign on our mini site. Gia took off the cardigan and then pulled her yoga pants down, by this time my shorts were down and my dick was hard. She slowly sat on my dick, since it had been at least 2 weeks since we had sex we both came pretty quick. We cleaned up and then nuzzled up together and slept for the rest of the flight.

Once we arrived in Italy we are awestruck by its beauty and the natural beauty of the people. We checked into our hotel and start to walk around. We stopped at a little cafe/wine bar and Gia says “Yeah, I am going to fit in here” puzzled I asked her why she said “Since you dont and I dont like it when I wear bra or panties, I am going to fit in great around here”

Fast forward a few days we have purchased a house, purchased vehicles and are settling into our lives in Italy. Since our house is open and airy Gia typically runs around the house with nothing on…unless she has to jump on a web call then she will put on a business shirt.

One Thursday afternoon 3 of the ladies in our neighborhood invite Gia out for Happy Hour. It was almost like suburbia where the neighbors bring you a cake…they came to invite Gia out for drinks. Gia throws on a cute sun dress and flip flops and heads out with the neighborhood welcoming committee .

Once they arrive at the winery it is more of a winery on a beach. They all purchase a bottle and head through the vineyards to a secluded part of the beach. One of the girls throws out a blanket and the girls all sit around the outside. All of the girls are comfortable, enjoy tasty wine and enjoying the sex talk. One of the girls sits so that her bald pussy is exposed, another sits and gets frustrated with the tag on her shirt so she rips it off and enjoys her wine and conversation topless. The conversation then takes a hard turn to the left and they reveal that everyone is our cul de sac are all swingers. Gia then spills the beans about us…I am married and my wife lives in the states and that she is my permanent fuck buddy.

Once the doors were open everyones inhibitions dropped. All of the girls thought that was a hot arrangement. Gias dress somehow came off and she was eaten out by at the least 3 of the women and she ate out 2 or 3 and was finger banged by all of them. They all commented on the beautiful bush on her pussy

As the afternoon wore down they invited Gia to Friday night dinner. As one of the wives put it we drink, we laugh, we eat, we fuck, we drink and we fuck. Gia graciously accepted and asked if we could bring anything. One of the wives who had too much wine and girl sex chimed in…Come naked because you will take off your clothes and Melanies dam cat will pea on them. They all laughed and explained that the only thing to bring is a bottle of wine.

Gia came home and told me about all of the fun that she had and told me about our dinner plans.

We both got dressed and Gia wore a black cocktail dress with no back and that accented her perfect ass. She of course did not wear a bra or panties (come to think of it I don’t think that she packed any) We walked over to the neighbors house. We were the first ones to arrive our host and hostess warmly greeted us and told us that in Italy people arrive whenever unlike the states were it is a firm start time of 7pm. The host took Gia by the hand and the hostess took my hand and started rubbing the outside of my pants. As we were walking down the path towards the beach I could see that the host had the bottom of Gia’s dress lifted up over her ass and his hand on Gia’s bare ass. Once at the beach we realized that we didn’t have any drinks. By this time Gia had the hosts dick out and was making out with him. I came up behind Gia and whispered in her ear…I am going to head to the house with the hostess and get drinks are you ok? She responded with The Weather Is Amazing (which is our code phrase for sex prospects). I proceeded to lift Gia’s dress over her head and she was completely naked with the host which she was completely fine with.
The hostess and I commented on how hot it would be to see our significant others fucking. So she led me down a path to a gazebo that gave us a perfect few of Gia and the host fucking. The hostess unzipped my pants, gave me a blow job and sat on my dick while we watched Gia and the hostess do the same thing. We watched Gia and the host fuck in a few positions and then blow his load inside of her and then continue to thrust it inside of her and she released and came at least 2 more times.. At the same time I blew my load inside of the hostess. As she continued to grind on me and enjoy what I had deposited in her we heard the doorbell ring. All 4 of us got up and darted to the house. Gia was the only one who was completely naked and she was ok with that. As we got close to the house she stopped and gave me a kiss and says that she loves our life and

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Cargado August 8, 2021
Notes I had an amazing opportunity to move to Italy for helping to build out my company’s IT business. My wife who is a lawyer can’t leave the states for that long so she suggests that Gia moves to Italy with me.
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