Dinner Surprise

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This past winter was a very unique one, especially because of everything that was going on in the world with covid. It was a rather quiet holiday season, except for New Year's when I experienced an evening that I will never forget.

I was sitting next door at my mother-in-law's, waiting to have dinner. She always threw a New Years Eve party, which consisted of nearly 20 guests packed into her place. This year there were a few less guests, but still a pretty decent amount. I usually got bored at these dinners, because most of the family members would sit and chat about stuff, and I usually sat down towards the end of the day, playing on my phone.

This year was no different, as I sipped my beer, and browsed social media. While I was doing so, I noticed someone sitting across from me, and looked up to see my wife's aunt Elena, sitting down. She looked over at me and greeted me, while smiling. She looked great, wearing a red top, which showed off her amazing set of tits, as well as a skirt that stopped just above her knees. She sat down, poured a glass of wine, and began to chat with everyone.

I've always had a thing for Elena, since the first day I met her. She was kind of sort of my wife's aunt. I say kind of sort of, because she used to be married to my wife's uncle. He abused her, and she ended up divorcing him. She continued to stay friendly with everyone in the family, since he was such a major asshole. She eventually remarried, but her new husband was older, and pretty lazy. My wife still looked at her as her as an aunt, although I looked at her in a different way.

Elena was a real sweetheart, always trying to help people out. She worked her ass off, and barely ever had any time for herself. She was a great looking woman, especially considering she had given birth to three daughters. She was in her mid 50s, and took good care of herself. Like I mentioned earlier, she had a great set of tits, which I had often fantasized about, as well as a great ass. I've always had the hots for her. Since I had first met her, I had wanted to fuck her. My wife knew exactly how I felt about her, and didn't mind. We had a pretty open relationship, and as long as we were honest with each other about everything, we could pretty much do what we wanted. My wife had already hooked up with one of my best friends on a couple of occasions, but that's a story for another time.

For the last three years or so, I had been helping Elena out at her house. I run my own landscape company, and had been maintaining her place because her husband had retired, and basically didn't do much anymore. He spent his days, drinking coffee, reading the paper, and watching tv. Elena still worked, because she wasn't the type to sit around and do nothing.

Now, throughout the entire time that I have maintained her property, I never charged her a dime. Like I said, I really wanted to fuck her, and was trying to always be on her good side. I think I was doing pretty good job of it, because we always got along very well, and from time to time I would playfully joke around with her, complement, and even flirted, and she would do the same. I think deep down inside, she was just lonely because she really got no attention at home.

As we sat and ate some appetizers at my mother-in-law's dining room table, I decided to use the restroom. I lived next door, so I got up and headed over to my place, to take a little breather. I would do that from time to time, because these dinners dragged on for hours, and sometimes you just needed to take a break. I headed next door, and used the bathroom, before heading back over to my in-laws.

As I came around through the yard, I found Elena standing outside smoking. I went over and chatted with her, while she smoked, and we joked around with each other. I could tell she was in a good mood. She had consumed a couple glasses of wine, and I'm sure that was helping. As we chatted, she bought up my work, and began to ask how much she owed me. She did this often, and we would often get into a playful argument, because I would refuse to take her money. We chatted about it for a bit, before she finished the cigarette, and we headed back inside.

About an hour later, I decided to take a breather again, and went outside. Elena was outside smoking, and I joined her. We chatted for a bit, and she once again began to ask about paying me back. She was insisting that she either was going to pay me or give me something because it was the holiday season and it wasn't fair for me to be working for free. Again, I told her that I didn't want money but she was persistent. It was probably the wine that was pushing her, but it was cool. As we went back and forth on the subject, I stood and admired her. She looked so damn good in that top and skirt I just wanted to throw her on the table in the yard and fuck her.

While she continued insisting that she had to give me something, I started getting this crazy idea. It was probably the beer I had consumed, but I decided I was going to take a shot and see what would happen. She continued telling me that she had to do something for me, and as she did, I said fine, if she wanted to give me something so badly, she could. She smiled as I said that, and asked what I wanted. I knew it was now or never, and without saying anything, I leaned in and planted my lips on hers.

As I did, I expected to get pushed away, and even smacked, but instead was surprised by her reaction. She stood there, and let me kiss her, which was extremely surprising to me. I kept my lips against hers for a few seconds, before breaking the kiss, to see how she would react. I was shocked and surprised, as she didn't say a thing and just stood and stared at me. With that, I decided to head back into my in-laws house. Elena came in a few moments later, and sat back down across from me. She looked over, smiled, and then went back to drinking her wine. I figured I was okay, and continued to

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Notes While attending a boring new years dinner, I have some fun with my wife's aunt
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