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*Preferably play as back ground music- My body is a cage - Arcade fire*

Her back pressed to wall, hands wrapped around his neck, his figure towering over her, their hearts rhythming with an unspoken sync. The space of only air left in between them, so close yet so far away. Both their eyes closed, she whispered into his ear “If it’s the last time.. Kiss me like it. Make me remember today for the night…tomorrow, I want to forget this”, she subtly licked the side of his neck as she retracted from her risen toes back to her feet. He bit his lip and took a deep breath “I don’t think I can stop tonight.”…
“Then don’t stop”
“I can’t”
“Please don’t”
She grabbed him inwards to a crashing kiss locking the only space left with a deepened twirl of their tongues. Their breaths intermixing, hands trailing from the small of their backs to the beginning of their necks. Her finger nails scratching at the surface of his skin causing strands of repeated pain that felt phenomenal. The craving, the hunger and the desire evident with every single touch and tug.
They took small strides to the bed, their lips still in motion. Tugging and grazing rough with each kiss that deepened further than fathomed. She broke the embrace as she nudged him to sit and slowly got on her knees, gazing at him with the need just as the first time had her going. She kissed his legs, rising upward to In between his thighs, placing pecks and nibbles on his hot skin as she slowly brushed her hand along his hard. He took a hold of it as she continued with her unbroken gaze, watching him admit defeat to her touches. She kissed his tip, tasting his pre cum as he watched her do so with the same euphoria as the first. She slowly grabs his hand and places his finger tips on her head, permitting him to guide her. He placed both his hands on her head and bend down with a hasty kiss, tasting himself on her and he let her go.

She subtly smiled as her hold tightened around his length, she trailed her warm tongue along his length and watched as he fisted the sheets, without missing a beat she took him in deep her mouth, motioning herself in broken paces, feeling him respond to her every stroke and lick. She fondled his nards with repeated pressure and not, him falling apart enlightened to the pain and pleasure a simple touch gave him.
He bend down and grabbed her by her hips as he helped her get on and straddle him. Her thighs across his he could feel her wetness dripping on to him. She was sucking on his neck, slowly grazing her fingers and circling it around his nipples. He nudged his face in between her breasts, inhaling her scent in. He licked the valley between her breasts and he simultaneously inserted two fingers into her depths in a sudden motion, a hasty moan escaping her lips, he sucked on her nipples and she left a trail of broken breaths while riding his finger rhythming to the movement he guided her to and fro to.
He flipped her on her back and moved his face onto her entrance. He placed slight pecks as he trailed downwards. She suddenly bought her hands unto her wetness covering it, He look at her skeptically. She removed her hands leaving two fingers pointing out. She dipped her two fingers into her depth, lathering her fingers with her cum. She slowly brought her fingers to her mouth and lathered her lips with her cum… the games she always liked to play. He crashed on to her lips and licked it clean and thrust his tongue into her hungrily wanting to feel her more and further deep in.
Without breaking the kiss, she grabs his hard and strokes it out and nudges him to her entrance. He obliges and gives her what she wanted. A hard, single stroke, rough, deep, mind-boggling penetration. The effortless sync as he takes her in deeper with every stroke, his length pulsating further to the feel of her walls clasping on to him tighter. He grabbed her breast with one hand and he subtly grabbed her neck his finger digging into her clavicle, just like she always fancied it. He kept building further into blowing up with hard growing repeated strokes. Her arcing her back further to grant him deeper access as she wrapped her legs around his nudging his further in. He crashed on her with a speeded pace and kept pounding in deep as her kept whispering “ Fuck..I don’t want to stop, don’t make me cum”… “ Cum for me, please. I want to feel you cum for me” she said in broken words. He grunted in a ringing fashion that stayed ringing even second as he came loads all over her. His drizzle all over her and soaking the sheets. She closed her eyes and kept breathing to regulate herself.
Without missing a beat he dived down in between her legs, kissing her, nibbling, tubbing on her strands of hair, fingering her deep in earning screaming moans as she tugged hard on his hair arching her back. He fingered her with two’s and three’s clawing on her walls hitting her in the spot watching her whimper and crash into his touch splaying her cum on his face and he licked her in clean feeling her drench calm him down. The sound of sweet release.
Her toxicity, his personal heroin.

Written by apassionforlust
Cargado August 15, 2021
Notes The last act of lustful passion between two individuals who are deemed toxic for each other. A sense of completion by only an act of ground breaking intimacy is everything or is it not. Feel the need, the want, the desire that surpasses every ounce of logic. A sex so euphoric, logic seems uncalled or more over unasked for.
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