Claire, Alice, Katy and Jessica get their man

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Luke walked into the kitchen, expecting to see Claire spreadeagled but instead was met by the sight of a naked Jessica, kneeling on the floor, waiting for him to arrive. Claire curtly instructed Jessica to suck his dick; so that he wouldn’t cum as quickly once the real show got underway. Luke eagerly dropped his shorts, Jessica was a slim pretty blonde, with generous tits, her hair was tied up in a high ponytail. Jessica licked her lips. Sliding his already stiff cock into Jessica’s willing mouth, Luke gasped as the tip of her tongue slid along the underside of his shaft towards his balls, her mouth was soft and wet, her tongue wrapping around the head of his cock. She held on to his hip, guiding him towards her, her other hand strayed between her thighs, gently fingering her pussy.

Claire brushed her dark hair from her face watching Jessica having her mouth fucked with a sense of satisfaction - the little slut - she thought. Her pussy ached to be fucked herself but she congratulated herself on this plan; Luke would last longer, which is what she wanted; the longest fuck session possible with her girlfriends. It’d be no good if he spunked his load in a few minutes then fell asleep, she thought, she had big plans for the night ahead and they all involved his cock. He needed to come in Jessica’s mouth - not too quickly hopefully - then she could introduce him to her friends, and their hungry pussies.

Claire was caught in a reverie, thinking about the night ahead, and didn’t realise that Jess was enthusiastically - maybe be too enthusiastically Claire thought - sucking off Luke’s cock. Luke had his hand on the nape of her neck, pushing his dick into her, fucking her mouth. As Claire watched, Luke slid his glistening cock out of Jessica’s mouth and she stood, turning, and pressed herself against the kitchen worktop, bending over and presented her pussy to him. Luke grabbed her hips, holding her steady, then with no preamble slid his cock straight into her cunt, slipping between her slippery pussy lips. Jessica pushed back hard against him and started grunting and moaning with pleasure as he started to fuck her hard against the kitchen worktop, her arms splayed out for support, gripping the edge of the surface, nipples hard and round tits swinging in time with his powerful thrusts into her body.

Claire was taken aback by Jessica’s brazenness, and Luke’s apparent willingness to fuck anything that moved. Before Claire could do anything else, Luke was grabbing Jess’s ass, breathing heavily, his body tensed as he orgasmed quickly inside her, pumping his creamy hot cum inside Jessica’s willing twat. Panting and sweaty, he brushed the hair from her face, while Jessica got her breath back. He was spent for now but his dick was still hard inside her, and Jessica’s legs were wobbly when he finally slid out of her, with a slurp of bodily fluids. As she leaned back against him Jessica’s lips brushed against his, thanking him wordlessly.


Claire gazed at Luke’s dick in awe, stiff and hard as a rod, sticky and shiny from their combined body fluids, noticing smeared lipstick around his shaft from Jessica’s abandoned blowjob. Jessica tottered into the next room, Luke’s cum dribbling down her inner thigh from her freshly fucked cunt, her fingers trailing absently between her thighs as if she could still feel him inside her. Although over quickly, Luke’s savage fucking of Jess and spunking inside her meant that his performance the rest of the night was now a certainty, Claire thought, and while he hadn’t cum in her pretty mouth as she had planned, in her little pussy was just as good. Claire wondered how much cum was left in him, and was eager to find out.

Luke turned away, having admired Jessica’s naked ass leaving the kitchen, and having got his breath back, under Claire’s gaze helped himself to a drink. Claire patted his ass well done. He’d need to keep hydrated, she smirked to herself.

Naked, Luke turned to face Claire, admiring her round tits held in a black bra, her shapely thighs and wide hips, oozing sex appeal. With her black hair tied back, she had a dominatrix vibe to her, something that Luke appreciated. She saw he was watching her, and smiled lasciviously, knowing what she had in store in the next room.

Luke’s interest in her was aroused however, and she let him approach her, sliding a hand around her waist. She pushed his other hand between her thighs, letting his fingers brush the lacy material of her panties. His dick, previously as hard as a rock was still semi erect, warm and sticky against her hip. As he kissed her neck he slipped an exploratory finger inside her panties and down between her pussy lips, finding her clit, Claire let out a gasp of pleasure, watching Luke fuck Jessica had made her cunt wet. She lowered her panties a few inches, let him openly finger her pussy, quickly bringing her quickly to a quivering climax, as her knees went weak and she leant against him for support, panting as the waves of pleasure faded. Quickly regaining her composure Claire took a deep breath, rearranged her hair and straightened her bra. Claire’s demeanour suggested that it was all about the girls tonight; no matter what, they came first, and she was sated for now. Reaching for a brightly coloured strap on dildo, she dropped her knickers to the floor, and winked at Luke.


A few minutes later, Claire strode into the front room, leading Luke by the hand, still sporting his erection. Claire’s was wearing the strap-on dildo, which was bright pink and jutted out in front of her like a proud bowsprit, secured with straps around her bare hips and ass. Claire grinned broadly. Her round breasts bobbed in her bra as she waggled the dildo playfully, eying the three girls in front of them, deciding which one to fuck first.

Alice and Katy were sat on the leather sofa, in various states of undress, a few glasses of wi

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Written by gruber2019
Cargado August 16, 2021
Notes A deliberately over-the-top, completely unrealistic and dialogue-free story involving four horny girls and one heroic guy having a great time getting to know each other. Imagine watching intense group sex porn but in written form. Blowjobs, hard fucking, lesbian strap-on action, pussy licking, culminating in bukkake action. Not based on real events.
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