Sarah and Luke share Nikki

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Luke shut the door behind Nikki and Sarah as they both stepped into the bedroom. Nikki was naked, a petite redhead with wide hips, and green eyes. Her pert tits were each topped with a pale pink nipple. Sarah was slightly taller than Nikki, a gothic brunette, long black hair over her shoulders, tattoos on her hips and shoulders. Nikki eyed the bed and quickly made herself at home, flopping onto the sheets, rolling over spreading her legs. A hand trailed between her thighs and Nikki was sliding her middle finger between her already moist pussy lips. Luke noticed idly that her cunt was shaved, save for a small strip of pubic har. Little slut she was, of course she was wearing no underwear.

Luke and Sarah stood and watched Nikki pleasure herself on the bed, each enjoying the show for different reasons, each turned on. Luke’s hard-on was evident through his shorts, out of the corner of his eye he noticed Sarah’s hand straying across her breasts, brushing each nipple in turn, clearly turned on by Nikki’s show.

Nikki eyed the pair seductively, brushing her hair from her face. Sarah and Luke started towards the bed in unison, Sarah headed between her thighs, Luke moved across the bed so that his dick was in each reach of Nikki’s willing mouth. Sarah pushed Nikki’s willing thighs apart, and began lapping Nikki’s pussy while Luke slid his dick into Nikki’s open mouth.

As Sarah pleasured Nikki with her tongue, Luke cock slipped out of Nikki’s mouth but she grasped it in her free hand, pumping it eagerly, gasping with pleasure as Sarah’s head bobbed between her thighs. His cock was wet with her saliva. He slid his hands across her pert tits, letting his fingers play across each nipple. Sarah was still lingering between Nikki’s thighs, kissing her inner thighs lightly. Luke pushed his dick back into her mouth, his hand on the back of her neck supportively. She let him fuck her mouth, running her tongue in loops around the head of his hard cock.


Sarah lifted her face from Nikki’s cunt, wordlessly she and Luke swapped places, each knowing what the other wanted - Sarah wanted her pussy licked; Luke wanted to get his dick inside Nikki’s tight little twat.

Luke spread Nikki’s legs, opening her pretty pink gash to him, wet and ready to be fucked, Sarah had done good work on her pussy. Nikki slid a hand around his dick, guiding him into her; He took his dick from her, gently slapping the head of his dick against her pussy, making her shiver with anticipation. Luke fingered Nikki, her yelps of pleasure muffled by Sarah’s cunt.

While Sarah straddled Nikki’s tongue, letting her play with her eager cunt. Luke’s gaze dropped to between Sarah’s thighs, admiring her pussy with its neat V shaped pubic hair, the shape of her hips and her round boobs, still held in place by her bra. Her chest had a sheen of sweat, lying between her tits. She had her eyes closed, mouth slackly open as she gyrated on Nikki’s face.

As the head of Luke’s dick slipped inside Nikki he felt her small body tense; her cunt was willing but tight and needed more lubrication before she could take his cock inside. Spreading her legs wide he slid between her thighs, kissing her stomach on the way down, arriving at her pussy, his tongue playing against her labia, tasting her, quickly finding her clitoris already engorged by Sarah’s earlier efforts. Sliding an index finger into her, he used his tongue on her clit, causing Nikki’s hips to jerk and push against him. Nikki’s hands ran through his hair, her fingernails raking his neck and shoulders. He felt her thighs tighten around his shoulders and back, having the desired effect. Luke rose from Nikki’s cunt, eager to sink his dick into her. Sliding his cock between her thighs, he was gratified to feel Nikki’s little pussy stretch around the head of his dick; teasing her with the head before slowly and inexorably sliding inside her.


Sarah was quickly starting to reach a climax, Nikki’s face was buried in her pussy, and Nikki was grasping Sarah’s hips tightly. Luke reached out to stroke Sarah’s tits but she playfully swatted his advance away but instead wrapped her arms around his neck on him for support as her orgasm came, her muscles tense and her thighs quivering as Nikki made her cum hard. Her legs weak, Sarah flopped back on the bed, glazed and sweaty. Luke’s cock was still inside Nikki so he began to fuck her hard; holding her thighs apart, Nikki yelping with pleasure as he took her.

Nikki slid off Luke’s cock, her cunt wet and sticky. Flipping over onto her stomach, she raised her milky white ass, wiggly seductively, inviting him to take her from behind. Losing no time, Luke slid a hand between her thighs, brusquely pushing them apart, causing her to gasp in surprise. His fingers lingered between her pussy lips, as he fingered her soft cunt again, feeling her hips buck and writhe against him, ready to take his cock back inside.


With Nikki’s face buried in the sheets, ass up, she tried to rise on to her hands and knees in anticipation of being fucked doggy-style. Luke firmly pushed her back down, imposing his will on her. Nikki was submissive then, he roughy held her around the waist as he slipped his cock into her from behind, grasping her firmly around the hips, while he pistoned in and out. All Nikki could do was brace herself as he fucked, going to town on her little cunt, her moans muffled by the pillow she buried her face in. Transfixed by fucking Nikki’s tight little pussy, Luke looked up to see Sarah lying back against the pillows, enjoying the show while she had two fingers inside her cunt, bringing herself to another climax watching Luke and Nikki go at it. Turning his attention back and enjoying having an audience he slid into Nikki hard; feeling her body react to him; her arms were spread out, seeking support from his re

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Notes Nikki seduces Luke and Sarah, and gets more than she bargained for. Not based on real events.
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