Chatham Vacation

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Ahh, the joys of vacation. A time to sit back and recharge the batteries. I headed to the Cape with a few buddies and got to the rental early. I unpacked and grabbed the largest room and packed a small cooler full of icy cold Pacifico’s. I slid into my Birdwell Beach Britches and headed to the beach which was a short 1/8 of a mile away. The day was super hot and the walk generated a bit of moisture between my legs which lubed up my crotch.

I got to the beach and put down my chair and towel and cooler. I lube up my toned body with Hawaiian Tropic 30SPF. Making sure to hit every crevice of my toned and muscled body. I rub it into my face and put my Ray Ban Club Master’s on. I cracked a Pacifico and took a long drag. My Ray Ban’s hide my eyes from the talent on the beach dressed in their skimpy bikini’s. Of course, I always believed they wouldn’t be wearing these skimpy outfits if they did not want us men ogling over their toned and tanned bodies. Who can blame a guy from looking at the magnificently beautiful women in suck skimpy outfits?

I enjoy a few more Pacifico’s and lean my chair back and close my eyes after I put my Ray Ban’s away. I fall into one of life’s greatest pleasures: A nap on the beach. I drift into my slumber to the waves crashing and the faint sound of Yacht Rock which is playing from my Bose Mini Sound Dock. I dream of many things and mostly erotic stuff like getting laid or earthing out a pussy and wake about an hour later, a bit groggy from the nap and sweaty from the sun baked nap. I wipe my face with a towel and grab an ice cube from my Yeti. I rub it along my face and the cold water wakes me up and pull my head out of the fog from the buzz of a few Pacifico’s and the sun bronzing my toned body. I pull myself out of my chair and head to the water.

The cool rush of ocean water immediately lowers my body temperature and stiffens my nipples instantly. The salt water feels good against my body and I dive into wave after wave as I swim outward to deeper water. I body surf back in and land at the surf refreshed and cooled off. I head back to my chair and plunk down again and crack other Pacifico. The ice cold beer is one added refresher to the afternoon and I pull my towel over to wipe my eyes but let myself air dry in the sun. I put my Ray Ban’s back on and pick up where I left off: Ogling the talent on the beach. A few Pacifico’s later and with the sun beginning to fade into the late afternoon, I decide to head back up to the cottage. I pack my things up and grab one last cold Pacifico which I enjoy on the short walk home. The flap of my flip flops kick sand onto the back of my legs until I hit the short boardwalk.

I get back tot he cottage with about a half a beer left and I drip my things by the outdoor shower and rinse them off. I place them onto the deck before going inside and grabbing a bath towel before I head back to another of life’s pleasure: The Outdoor Shower!

I set inside and place my towel on the hook, I turn the shower on before I shut the door and it latches closed and pull my Birdwells down. I put them under the shower stream to rinse them off and then hang them to dry on another hook. I take my iPhone off the bench and pull on some Tom Petty and jump under the warm stream of water as “Southern Accents” fires up. I lather up my hair with coconut scented shampoo and rinse. As I grab the soap, I begin lathering up my chest when I hear a knock on the door. I peak through a small crack but do not recognize the woman on the other side.

“Uh, Can I help you?”, I ask, “I think you can see I am showering. I will be out in a few.” And she says, “Well, you are renting from me and I wanted to see if everything was okay.” “Yeah, everything is fine, can I talk to you in a few minutes? I should be done soon.” I reply and she says, “Sure”. I scrub my face trying to get the suntan lotion off and go under for a rinse. The stream of water must have been blocking my ears as I did not hear the latch to the shower make noise and when I finish wiping my eyes of soap and pull away, I am startled by her in the bay next to me. “Whoa, you scared the shit out of me! What are you doing?”, I ask as she stands in her red polka dot bikini in a tanned and toned body, her already blond hair has bleached highlights from the sun kissed summer and she says, “Well, I was admiring you on the beach and I am pretty sure you were admiring me back but I couldn’t tell from behind those sunglasses.” Cupping my cock and balls in my hand at this point, I rely, “Maybe I was but does that give you the right to come in while I and showering?” She replies, “No, but maybe I can make it up to you”, as she reaches behind and unties her top. The red polka dot bikini top falls to the floor and her white skin and pink areoli contract brightly from her dark tanned skin. “Um, what did you have in mind?”, I say. She steps toward me in the stream of hot water and says, “For starters, how about a kiss?” I drop my cock and balls and reach around her narrow waist and pull her in for a kiss.

She smells of coconut suntan oil and her lips taste like Sun Bum Ocean Mint Lip Balm and the combination of her scents makes my cock grow a bit stiffer. Of course, the sensuous tongue work between us helped create an erotic moment as well. I place her in the stream of the water and watch her hair get wet while her nipples perk to attention. She leans her head back and pulls her hair tight and comes in for another kiss. “Mmmm, you smell great!”, she says as she kisses my neck and shoulders. Her soft lips feel good against my wet skin and I savor the moment for a bit as her hands work her way toward the small of my back and then work to the front as she grabs hold of my semi-hard cock. The water acts as a decent lube as she strokes me hard.

She pulls me around her so my back is receiving the water stream and she looks at me while stroking me off and says, “I was

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Notes A Chatham vacation turns sexual before it even starts!
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