Penetrating My Lady Liberty

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Living life as a single woman in a big city is tough. Traffic sucks, parking is non-existent, and I have to walk up three flights of stairs with groceries. Welcome to New York City, or should I say Zoo York City. Every night while watching the news, I see headlines like the man killed at 3 am or a woman sexually assaulted downtown. Don’t get the wrong idea, I LOVE my city, but it could use a makeover.

I’m originally from New Jersey, the twin brother of New York. I love NJ, but it's something about the bright lights in New York. The city that never sleeps! What is there not to love? The bright lights in Times Square, the amazing food in Hells Kitchen, and the pizzaaaaaa! Yes, the pizza, particularly the ones near Penn Station but the dollar pizza works too.

Although I’ve been living in this area for years, I’ve never done touristy excursions. Life has been way too busy, but I plan on doing it all. My co-worker has promised he will take me to the Statue of Liberty. Apparently, he is really good friends with a ranger that can give us an exclusive tour. Let me tell you; my co-worker is so gorgeous. I would've agreed to tour a field of shit if he invited me. He always smells so good, and I love how he looks in a suit. Did I mention his beard? God, his beard is begging to tickle my pussy.

While at work the next day, I walked to his desk and said, “Terrance, when are we touring the statue. I want to be a tourist in my own city.”

Oh really,” he responded. “We can do it this weekend.”

“This weekend works! Call me,” I said, walking away.

As I walked, I felt his eyes undressing me. I know he wants me, and I might give him everything he wants this weekend.

Later that night, after finally finding a parking space and walking up three flights of stairs in heels, I hopped in the shower. As the warm water ran down my spine and straight black hair, I thought of Terrance. I thought about how it would feel to kiss on his full lips and feel on his big dick. God, I hope his dick is big or at least medium. I won't do well with a micro-penis.

As I stood soapy and wet in the shower, the thought of Terrance made my insides sizzle with lust. Thoughts of me riding his dick as he spread my ass cheeks to push his dick deeper made my pussy erupt with moisture. I reached out of the shower and grabbed my 6-inch dildo off the sink. I slowly let the dildo drift down my stomach and between my legs. I twirled it slowly on the lips of my pussy and my clit, while using my index finger to rub circles over my hard nipples.

I placed the dildo suction on the bench of my shower. Spreading my legs, I slowly sat on it, reverse cowgirl style, while imagining Terrance was inside of me. “Fuck me, baby,” I moaned. He was deep inside of me, at least in my mind. I began to ride my dildo faster, jumping up and down on it, wanting to feel all 6 inches penetrating my soul. “Yes, Terrance, Yes, I moaned as I climaxed, spraying my female juices all over the shower. I squirt when I’m turned on. Firehose squirt, my pussy erupts like a volcano, and my juices flow like lava.

The next morning, while I walked past Terrance's desk, he poked his head up and said, “We still on for tomorrow?”

“I wouldn't miss it for the world,” I responded.

Our eyes connected, and for that moment, the attraction we felt for each other fogged the air. For the rest of the shift, I continuously pondered the same thought; what should I wear?

The next evening, I took a shower and put on a pair of jeans, a spaghetti strap top, and sandals. If I must say so, I was looking good. 8 pm came, and my phone rang.

“Hello?” I am downstairs beautiful,” he said. “I’m double parked; I couldn't find a space.”

This fucking area and the parking. “No worries, I responded. I am coming down now.”

I walked down the stairs and saw his Mercedes in front of my door. As I walked to the car, Terrance got out and opened the door for me. He was wearing blue jeans, a white tee-shirt, and a blue NY Yankee fitted hat. He hugged me before I got into the car, and the smell of his cologne was made to seduce women.

“You smell amazing!” I said.

“You look and smell amazing,” he replied with a smile.

As we drove to the ferry, we had an amazing conversation. We laughed and joked the whole ride. “I have a special day planned for us,” Terrance said as we pulled up to the ferry.

“Oh, wow, it's no line,” I said.

“Tonight must be our lucky day,” he replied.

As we walked up to the ferry, the driver came up front and began to speak to Terrance. “So, you are the lucky lady for tonight’s festivities,” the driver said. Surprised, I looked and noticed the ferry was empty. “Yes, I think I am,” I responded with a huge smile.

We boarded the ferry and rode the waves of the New York Bay. Terrance held and kissed me throughout the ride. His kisses were soft, mature, and passionate. He kissed like we were in a relationship, and at the bare minimum, his kisses were a promise of more things to come.

When we arrived at the statue, the ranger met us out front. He introduced himself and walked us inside. The statue was empty. Terrance arranged for us to have a private tour. The inside was beautiful with so much history and so many stairs. We toured every single inch of the statue and finally made it to the crown. The view of the New York skyline was beautiful. The lights were captivating, and at that moment, I realized why I loved this city so much.

The ranger looked at Terrance and said, “ok, it's all yours; call me when you are done looking around.”

The ranger left, and Terrance and I stood, holding hands, taking in the beautiful views. Terrance began to kiss me passionately, and I could feel his love with every twirl of his tongue. He grabbed my ass and sucked on my neck before I stopped him,

“We can't do this; its cameras in here, ” I said.

“Don’t worry,” he responded. “The cameras don't work.”

He began to take off his clothes in front of me. I

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Notes A sexual escapade inside the Statue Liberty takes a surprising turn!
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