Give a Hero a Chance

Por cwbc
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Dust explodes into the air. It's suddenly so hard to breathe. The height marks of your nephews on the wall are suddenly a memory.

The distant pops of rifles, have slowly become bangs and booms that endlessly tone in your ears.

The ringing that once signified a good concert, now and will forever signify a pit, that was dug in half a heart beat by a shell launched indiscriminately into your garden.

The men are timeless in their youthfulness, shouting for submission. Their greedy eyes choosing who is fit to keep, and the rest to be discarded.

It's Sunday, the 15th of August, 2021 and you're about to find out if you're pretty enough to endure the rebirth of a country.

This is where her story begins.

Written by cwbc
Cargado August 19, 2021
Notes erotica, based on current events. I don't know what will happen to her next until I see the next headline.
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