Sarah and Nikki, Lauren and Luke too

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Nikki grinned, arched her back in pleasure and swung her legs over the side of the bed. Sarah, who had been watching the whole show while stroking her pussy, stood up and got off the other side of the bed before following Nikki to the shower. Nikki turned before disappearing into the bathroom and winked coyly at Luke. She left the door open as he heard the water start.

Luke stretched his arms and rolled his neck. His dick was as still as hard as it had been before and frustratingly, he still felt horny, despite having pumped his load into Nikki not too long before.

Naked and tattooed he flopped onto his back and laid on his back, arms behind his head for a few minutes, gazing at the ceiling and reliving the past hour or so of mind-bending gymnastic fucking with Nikki, a petite dyed redhead with large blue eyes and beautiful round tits, and her friend Sarah, a pretty, curvy gothic brunette, and a dreamcatcher tattoo on her hip and another on her wrist, who had been very happy to suck his cock and pleasure herself while she watched him lick Nikki’s pussy but - for some reason unknown to him - wouldn’t let him stick his dick in her.

Luke suspected that Sarah wanted to fuck Nikki herself - it made no difference to him after all, Nikki had been enthusiastically riding dick less than twenty minutes ago, grinding her hips against him - her eyes closed in ecstasy as he made her cum, so she was clearly happy no matter who was fucking her.

Nikki and Sarah were clearly enjoying their shower and he heard giggling from the en-suite shower room. Luke stood up - weighing up whether to impose himself on them - maybe he could get Sarah to take his cock after all. He turned as he heard the door open behind him as Lauren, a slim, pretty, petite blonde entered. The room smelled of sex, and sweat, a heady perfume for Lauren, turning her on.

She was naked - wide hips framed a tidy white blonde thatch, which matched her short cropped blonde hair. Her round pert breasts were each topped with a delicate light pink nipple and she had a sprinkling of freckles between her breasts. Luke took in her appearance and saw that she was smiling as she closed the door behind her. Lauren slowly walked up to Luke - so close that he could feel her breath on his chest - before she sank to her knees in front of his erect cock, almost as if in worship, apprising his length approvingly, as if wondering how much of it would fit inside her.

Looking up at him for approval and pushing her hair behind her ear, she wrapped her lips around Luke’s dick, taking him in her mouth. Luke closed his eyes and let her get down to business - Lauren knew what she was doing, and was good at it, no approval required. He opened his eyes and looked down at her - she was watching him, her blue eyes playful. She was enjoying herself, eagerly taking his length in her mouth, stroking his balls with one hand, running her tongue up and down his rigid length. One hand held the base of his cock, the other was placed flat, stroking his stomach. She rolled the head of his dick around in her mouth playfully, relishing in being a slut, getting ready to be fucked like one as well, her pussy no doubt wet already.

Luke’s had his hand stroked the back of her neck, as he rocked his hips back and forth, gently fucking her mouth while she sucked his cock, a perfect unity of pleasure between the two of them. Feeling an orgasm starting to rise within the base of his balls, he pulled out, his dick slipping wetly from Lauren’s open mouth. She gasped and gaped for air, licking her lips as he swollen length slid from her mouth, before standing, and moving over to the bed.

He was admiring the smooth curves of her hips, the pale skin around her belly, pert and shapely tits. Lauren was smiling, seeing him drink her in, she cocked an eyebrow at him, now inviting him over. Clearly without needing to be asked twice, Luke moving in close behind Lauren, placing one hand flat on her hip and running the other down her back. Lauren arched her back in anticipation, ready for him.

Luke’s erect dick nestled between her thighs and he could feel her warmth. His weight rested against her, and he could feel Lauren’s body tensing, her pussy lips opening, accepted him inside her.

And then his dick was deep inside her, wetly sliding in and out of her tight, yet accommodating pussy. Still lying on her front, Lauren was writhing and moaning her appreciation, burying her face in the sheets, her arms were stretched out above her head, gripping the edge of the bed.

He had both hands on her hips now, holding her steady while he fucked her, feeling her moving in time with his cock inside her twat. Lauren was helpless, held in place with his dick inside her, Luke using the full length of his dick to satisfy her - he withdrew until he saw the tip of his cock slide out of her cunt, then quickly slid back inside as far and as fast as her could, feeling the warm slap of her skin on his. He was going to town on her pussy and she loved it, her body reacting to every thrust of his dick into her, moaning, writhing and pawing, eyes closed and her pretty mouth open, panting for air.

Realising that he was less than a minute from unloading his cum inside her, and that he wasn’t ready for that to happen yet, he slid out of her, his erect cock sticky and glistening wetly with their combined bodily fluids. Lauren was breathless on the bed, face down, her legs slightly parted, her inner thighs wet with her juices, her wet pink hole fresh from being full of his cock.

Luke stood back and wordlessly slid one hand underneath her thigh was as Lauren, taking the hint, eagerly rolled over onto her back brushing her hair out of her face and smiling coyly at him, as if she knew what he had planned. Lauren splayed her legs wide, revealing her pretty cunt - slippery and wet. He bent over her, cupping each of her soft tits, running his tongue around each of her erect nipples, feeling

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Notes A continuation (in a way) of the story involving Nikki and Sarah except this time Nikki gets involved. An over-the-top and dialogue story involving a lot of people having sex - lesbian action, creampies, and blowjobs.
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