Lust filled quicky!

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I was nervous for a while and couldn't get my head round it, and it was annoying me and frustrating me as it was stopping me from doing what I wanted, and in this moment I wanted to fuck, and thats all I could think about.

When my mind was distracted I felt amazing and pictured it in my head what I wanted now and things that had happened before, my knickers would be wet, but when I spoke to him even if it was just hi and how are you, my body ached for him to touch me and he knew that, my pussy would puff up and my clit would be extra sensitive when my juices would start to flow, he always had that effect on me.

I kept changing my mind on what I wanted to do and felt like I was messing him around and it hurt me, even though he was sweet and nice about it and understanding I still felt like a bitch, but I decided tonight was it!

"Lets meet tonight!" I text him and he quickly replied, "you told me you couldn't? Is everything ok?" My fingers couldn't type quick enough to reply... " I want you, I'll be 10 minutes and we can meet" he looks at the message and replies ok and im relieved but absolutely terrified at the same time.

I wear my new dress and some ankle boots and have my hair down with its natural wave in it feeling good, I make my way to meet him and im happy to be going, my nerves disappear as I get closer to him, BUT, as soon as I'm near him and then I see him my nerves make my body tremble and he cuddles me, "you're ok, we don't have to tonight, its not a problem" he holds me tight as he tells me this but my lust is boiling over and I need to get him naked, "its ok, lets hurry before I change my mind" I let out a nervous giggle and we walk back into his apartment.

He tells me to go in first and he would meet me in a second, I walk straight into the hallway and up the stairs into his bedroom, im pacing the floor as he comes in and gives me some water, he opens a window and let's me calm down for a minute.

As soon as my mind is in check I see him smiling at me and I almost run to him and kiss him and he holds me close, passionate and clumsy kissing, its been to long but he still tastes as good, we barely catch our breathe and next thing im on my knees staring up at him as I unbuckle his belt to get into his trousers to feel his cock, he's already nice and hard, I lick and tease his balls and kiss around his cock hearing him moan loudly above me, he grabs my hair and trys to fuck my face while I tease him, he loves his balls being teased when I suck him off.

He starts getting naked while I'm on my knees and I wait until I get him onto his bed before I slide my dress up over my head and reveal my panties and push up bra, he smiles and looks at my body hungrily, eyeing up my tits and waiting to nibble on them, I get him on his back and take my underwear off showing my bald pussy to him and he licks his lips, I climb onto the bed and straddle him, I cant help but suck on his cock again it really is tasty to me and he loves me deepthroating on it.

I try and catch my breathe and kiss up his body, across his stomach and chest, kissing and licking his nipples before I kiss him again, he rubs his wet cock across my wet pussy and slides it in with a little bit of effort needed, I moan loudly and that hot sensation and sting shoots up my body, he puts it in deeper and takes his time, but my pussy is drenched already and I cant help but moan with every thrust he slides in me, and I grind on him and keep him in and it only makes me worse, it feels so good suddenly I need to stop incase I orgasm.

He holds me and kisses me with tender cuddles before telling me to get on my back, I do quickly as he moves in between my legs and puts his face into my drenched pussy, he has a technique with his mouth that drives me wild, he nibbles and sucks on my clit and sucks and licks my lips that are realy sensitive, its heavenly and then he sticks his fingers inside me and I yelp and moan louder, he knows were my g spot is and he knows he could make me squirt like a fountain but he's only doing it to tease me and I love it.

He climbs up towards me and I kiss and lick his lips and chin, tasting my juices on him and hearing him moan is such a turn on for me, he slides his cock into me and I wrap my legs around his waist, he loves when I hold onto him like this and I look down and watch him fuck me, its been so long and I feel my pussy explode with an orgasm but its a strong one but subtle, I have to tap out and he instantly stops.

As he pulls out and holds me my body starts to shake all over, a mixture or the intense orgasm and my nerves waking back up, he cuddles me and holds me and I feel safe in his arms, I start to get upset with the mixture of emotions. He helps me get ready and doesn't stop kissing or cuddling me and I slowly start to feel better.

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Notes Sometimes a lust filled quicky can help you, especially when the dick is so good
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