Cum on me

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I don’t know when he snuck into my room but I awoke to find René massaging my throbbing clit and sucking on my neck.

Mmmm. I pushed my ass up against his dick which was hard as granite.

When did he sneak into my room? How long had he been here? Did he see me in the mirror? My mind swirled with questions. I wasn’t sure if I was dizzy from him poking my throbbing pussy while rubbing my clit or if it was the confusion of trying to figure out how a man who wouldn’t look at me, let alone talk to me was now in my bed.

“For as long as I’ve been in the states, I’ve tried hard not to touch you but then I saw your door open and when I peaked in and saw you playing with yourself, I couldn’t hold back anymore.” Rene whispered in my ear as if he heard the questions I had just asked myself.

I guided his hand so that he had two fingers inside me. He pumped and I pumped back. He went faster and I kept pace. The rhythm was getting frantic.

Ahhh! I’m about to cum. Feeling his thick dick sliding between my cheeks every time I pulled back from is fingers pumping me ferociously got me hotter and hotter. The heat from between my thighs was reaching a scorching temperature.

“I wanted to kiss every inch of your body on the first day I saw you.” René lightly pecked my shoulder with his lips and then grazed my it with his teeth. I flinched and the opposing sensations.

“As I’d watch you walk down the hall at the office, your beautiful curly hair would tease me, resting on the top of your plump ass accentuated by those tight skirts you wear.” He grabbed a fistful of my hair and yanked my head back to suck on my neck again. He nibbled on my ear and whispered, “You’re so wet Tiffany.”

Surprised he knew my name, I opened my mouth to let out a moan and his fingers found their way in before anything could come out.

Mmmm. I tasted good. His fingers tasted good. Slowly, he pumped my mouth with his long slender digits. He ran them across my lips on his way back down to my soaking wet pussy, even more hungry then it was thirty-seconds ago. This time it was three fingers in as he wiggled them back and forth. I was so wet you could hear a squishing sound as his fingers went from front to back. Two fingers began pumping again and that’s when I felt it, the unmistakable sensation right before…

“Whoa! Oh my god! I didn’t know you were a squirter. That’s so sexy.” René pumped harder and faster. I could feel the warm liquid from my squirt running across my thigh, soaking the sheets beneath me. And then the next wave hit. Before I could relish in the first eruption, I got hit with an orgasm the force of a tsunami. I had to cover my mouth with both hands to keep from waking the entire house and with the waves repeatedly washing, crashing over me, I might have disturbed the entire neighborhood.

“You are so naughty. I had no idea,” René growled in my ear his french accent oozing, dripping over every syllable.

He finally gave me a break from his fingers. I thought it was so I could enjoy my orgasm but as it turned out he had something completely different in mind. He grabbed one of my butt cheeks and slide a finger inside my tight dark hole. Anal sex.

Gasp. I hadn’t finished cumming from the finger fuck and then there was a new sensation making my orgasm build again.

“You’re so tight. I can barely get my finger in there.” René pumped my tight ass slowly, spreading my cheeks to make the entrance wider.

Haaaa! The sound came out of my mouth like a stolen whisper carried through the air. I’m relieved and my body relaxed when he pulled his long slender finger out but my rest was short-lived. His hand once again spread my cheek and I felt the massive head of his dick poke its way into my tight ass. Ahhh!

René paused. I could feel the head throbbing, pulsating as it stretched me with each beat. I don’t give my ass away to everyone and René certainly had no right to just take it and before I could protest, he forced the rest of his giant dick into my tight hole with no hesitation until he was balls deep. My eyes rolled to the back of my head and I moaned, groaned from deep within my throat.

Somehow he found the nasty girl in me. The girl that lives in the black and red of the Sexual RainbowTM. Very few men have seen me red which means no one has ever seen me black. That’s reserved for my fantasies but I couldn’t resist the full feeling of René’s dick and I began pumping on his thick monster. Little does René know, he has now unleashed the monster within this polite little french girl. I took my time with the first few strokes but once I felt open, I picked up the pace and pumped with so much force, he just laid there, arms in the air so as not to be in my way.

I pumped and grind until I felt the tell-tale signs I was about to cum so I put his hand on my tit and encouraged him to squeeze my nipple. He slid his other hand underneath and around my body to my still throbbing clit and flicked it, sliding another of his finger between my wet lips and into my greedy pussy. And that was it. That was the signal to every nerve in my body to begin firing. My body quivered and shook violently. I looked like I was convulsing. I couldn’t control it and René knew. He wrapped his arms around me and held me tight. He took over pumping. His moves were short and slow. He caught each wave, prolonging my orgasm each thrust. Never have aftershocks lasted so long. Somehow René knew how to keep them going until he was ready for them to stop.

“I’m glad I could make you cum naughty girl but I’m not done with you. I want to watch you ride.” He pulled out of my ass slowly and rolled over onto his back positioning, himself so he could see me and I could watch myself in the mirror.

Before mounting him, I paused to admire how hard his dick was and more importantly, how big it was. I gave it a quick kiss and lick but that wasn’t enough. I couldn’t resist. Without further introduction between my mouth and his dick,

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