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Mr and Mrs G, a sexy couple I've seen twice before in London for hotwife filming sessions, invited me to come and visit them for 2 days in Algarve, Portugal.

Of course, I said yes and we made all the necessary arrangements.

The day before Portugal I spent the day cycling naked around London zone 1. Every year I join the WNBR World Naked Bike Ride to encourage people to cycle and safely share the roads with cyclists. It makes for an eye catching spectacle of a few thousand strong nude peloton to capture the attention of the general public. Some previous WNBR posts here. A good cause and a good opportunity to whip throngs of excited tourists and photographers into a frenzy with my Bigdownunder.

At one point a hens party on a double decker bus pulled up next to me at the lights and the blushing bride to be and her tipsy pals were all sliding off their seats aquaplaning the vinyl upholstery on their own wetness at the thrill when I leaned in to blow a big wet kiss against the bus window.

I'd attached a handle bar bag for quick access to my business cards for just such a moment so just as the light went green I slam-dunked a fistful of cards in the open bus window and rode off wiggling my naked buttocks provocatively to squeals of delight.

That evening I went to torturegarden. I had an early flight so I just dropped by TG for a quick foray into the dungeon room wherein I administered a throat fuck to a young lady and was somewhat upstaged by a shaggy behemoth resembling Khal Drogo with arms bigger than my thighs holding his Khaleesi in the bicep curl position.

After a few hours I headed home to get some rest. On the way out I bumped into Harriet who was just arriving. If you're in London and fancy a duo with me and a very busty fetish professional, choose Harriet. Look at those boobies!

A brief but very fun return to TG in my new Belstaff biker boots which looked awesome with my leather pants, Belstaff jacket and a mesh top I ordered custom made from Spank Fashion at the last London Alternative Market.

I flew in to the airport at Faro and Mrs G was waiting for me in arrivals glowing with fitness and good health like a poster girl for the energising quality of life in Algarve. Some of that energy was also excitement at the prospect of round 3 with Oz Bigdownunder.

I was very pleased to see her too. Mrs G is beautiful. Slim, perky, irresistibly fuckable. Her cheeky smile and the gleam in her eye said "I want you". She's a girl who knows exactly what she wants and likes a man who does as he's told most of the time. But sometimes takes control, bends her over, grabs her by the hair and rides her hard.

I just barely resisted the urge to pull her tight, white pants down over her gorgeous ass and fuck her there on the tiled floor of Faro airport arrivals.
We made it to the parking where Mr G was waiting to drive us to my hotel.

They dropped me off at the hotel agreed a time for me to come to their house in the evening.

I spent most of the afternoon by the swimming pool relaxing, reading The Witcher - Lady of the Lake, and made a quick detour to a medical centre to get a covid test as per requirements for re-entry into UK. I did say "don't go to deep" but I think karma was listening. The words "too deep" are quite flexible in meaning and interpretation. In this case she impaled my nostril like Vlad Tepes.

At the agreed time, I got a taxi to Mr and Mrs G's palatial residence and was received by my cordial hostess.

Mrs G, looking so hot in her lingerie I wasn't sure whether to ravish her or fry an egg on her.
I got the grand tour. Huge open plan kitchen and living room, spacious bedrooms, numerous bathrooms, a cinema, a pool table, swimming pool, fully stocked bar and a gym.

Over the course of two action packed and fun filled evenings Mrs G and I gave each other oily nude massages on her massage table, had passionate sex on just about every available surface in her house including the pool table and suspended from the TRX in her gym, took breaks to relax and sip champagne in the bar and back in action.

In between luxury mega mansion porn production part 1 and 2, I spent the night at my hotel, had breakfast by the pool and proceeded directly to the nearest nudist beach to spend some quality time as nature intended. Slathered in SPF 50, under a clear blue sky on an endless, white sandy beach, reading about Geralt, Ciri and fantasy friends in faraway lands beyond imagination revelling in swords and sorcery and monster slaying adventures.

Then back to the hotel after a delicious Portuguese seafood feast at a restaurant overlooking one of the prettiest beaches I've ever seen.

Each time I see Mrs G I find her sexiness has evolved in some new and spectacular way.
She's completely uninhibited with me now. She always knows exactly what position she wants, how fast and hard or slow and sensual and which toy, or combination of multiple toys, she needs.

An especially winning combination of toys was her butt plug which as a vibrating tip and also rotating balls under the soft surface of its base used in tandem with a clit sucker toy and my cock in her pussy. Somehow with the butt plug in she was able to take me much deeper and harder.

Mr G was in Heaven watching and filming us. He has an iconic filming location, enough high end camera equipment to operate a burgeoning porn studio and a porn starlet model beyond photogenic. With a talented photographer, her apertures and my focal length, we made up the triple crown of cinematography.

The featured image above is one of the outfits Mrs G wore. Bordelle Kea Ouvert lingerie.

Mr G was so impressed with my endless stamina and prowess he absconded with my underpants and ran around in them trying to get my mojo to rub off on him. (aka got a bit tipsy and put my pants on by accident). And then reimbursed me for pants rental by way of a pair of brand new Christiano Ronaldo boy shorts.

You know you've been

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Written by Oz Bigdownunder
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Notes Mr and Mrs G, a sexy couple I've seen twice before in London for hotwife filming sessions, invited me to come and visit them for 2 days in Algarve, Portugal.
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