The Rules (aka FWB)

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I would like to share this real-life event presented to me of only having sex.
No commitment, no love, no bragging, telling others, & certainly do not text!
She added, "Follow these rules 100%, I'll continue to desire anything you please!"
The way we hooked up was from her sexy sister who also loves to fucking tease!
I was thinking this is too good to be true, a week passed by & I received a text by phone!
She arranged for us to meet at a popular spot to eat; that's when I realized it was on!
At first glance, I loved her thick thighs, shapely hips to go perfectly with her plump ass!
She's a close molding of my mental model with a slight hint of an elegant, lustful class!
We chatted for a bit, ate our meal, shared a dessert, & then I asked, "So, what's next?"
She softly said with a smile, "let's go to your place to have an incredible night of sex!"
So, I got in my car, she got in hers, & followed me very close behind.
The trip was short, but I wish I could tell you all the thoughts going through my mind!
We made it to my place, I inserted the key to open my door in the back.
Although this was new, I could hear my heart beating, & my dick was ready to attack!
As we made it to my room, I opened the door, then I slowly turned around.
She puts her finger to my mouth whispering for me to not make a sound.
I placed my hands on her swaying hips not even realizing she was undoing my belt!
Now with both of her hands, she started stroking my dick; oh man, how good did it felt!
We are both naked at the edge of my bed; she pushes me flat & started giving me head!
I'm hard as a rock! She licks my rim, my rod & back up; she slurps & yes, my dick she sucks!
A while passes by, she lifts up her head & said, "Oh, yeah! Are ya ready to Fuck!"
I remembered thinking to myself, "I can't believe this erotic, pornographic ass shit!"
She crawled around my bed, positioning herself to mount upon my happy dick!
Teasing my rim again, this time with her warm, wet pussy as gravity pushes her body down!
Our strokes are now in unison! A sexual bliss of fucking as she moves her hips around!
She begins to moan, her performance picks up, the grinding is passionately intense!
She is fucking me faster while grabbing my ankles, & her back is slightly bent!
I assume the time was getting pretty close for her having an orgasmic burst!
Those sounds she was making were sexy as hell! I thought that I might have shot first!
We took a brief break to regain ourselves, cause now it's my turn to shine!
While rubbing on lube on my still hard cock, she asked if I'd fuck her from behind?!
I aim to please! I begin pounding her puss! How and the hell does she keep it so tight!?
I'm trying my best with every aggressive stroke to hold my shit, so we can fuck all night!
One hand on her shoulder, the other on hip, I'm deep fucking her as best as I could!
I could feel the sperm loading at the tip of my shit! She's told me it felt fucking good!
Harder & faster, I'm trying to keep it all in to enhance the sensation & explode!
I kept pounding & pounding until that very moment her vagina purposely implode!
She quickly turned around, yanked off the condom, and started to suck me dry!
The sensitivity made me curl up my toes! I damn near want to cry!
She sucked & sucked! Her mouth was hot! My back is now stuck to the bed!
The last thing I remembered before passing out was her continuing to give me head!

The next day came; I received a text!
It said, "Thank you so much for giving me a great night of sex!!!!"
It continued, "I can't wait until we do this again!!"
I replied back, "if it was up to me, we would fuck every night my friend!!!"
We both picked another date & the sex continues…..

Written by jtimes3
Cargado August 25, 2021
Notes This poem is a true story of a deal I made with a lady back when I was a bouncer at the strip club! We were FWB for about 3 months but to tell you what happened will be another story. Till then....
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