The Step Mom - Pt. 11

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Nick sat in his bed for several minutes after Julie left his bedside. He could hear her and his dad chatting downstairs. He imagined her shorts were still quite damp after having just cum at his bedside a few minutes earlier, while watching him make himself cum.

"Wow!" he thought, shaking his head. "Who ever would have predicted this?"

He got out of bed and walked naked down the hall to the bathroom, in need of a shower. He closed the bathroom door and stepped in the shower. The warm, soapy water felt great and he found himself absentmindedly stroking his cock again as he washed down there. "Save it Nicky boy," he said to himself. You may need that in the week and half you have left here before heading back to school. He dried off and wrapped the towel around his waist. He combed his hair and opened the bathroom door. Julie and Steve had just arrived at the top of the stairs.

"We are turning in early buddy," Steve said. "I have my early flight to the east coast tomorrow."

"Okay - have a good sleep and a good trip," Nick said. "I will still be in bed when you get leave tomorrow."

"Will do buddy. Keep an eye on Julie while I'm gone," Steve said.

"I'm sure he will!" Julie added, as the two of them headed to their bedroom.

Nick went into his room and threw on a pair of boxers and a tee shirt. He went down to the kitchen and opened the fridge - grabbing all the fixins' for a charcuterie board - salami, cheese, pickles, olives and crackers. He helped himself to a bottle of Cab Sauv from the wine rack in the kitchen and stepped outside on the patio.

He propped his iPad on the table and turned on Netflix while he ate and had a glass of wine. His thoughts kept finding their way back to the events of the summer.

First, watching his step-mom masturbate by the pool while he shot his load all over the upstairs window, wall and floor. Then watching her in the shower and cumming a ton in his hand. And then on her bed when she caught him watching, and invited him in to cum on her breasts. Then the mall "Holy fuck the mall!" he said to himself. "That was wild." The drive home. The patio furniture. The midnight cock-sucking by the pool with his dad up in bed. Then the whole fucking-his-step-mom-in-the-basement thing when dad came home early. He could only imagine what the next ten days would be like - especially the five days that Steve was on the east coast.

He went to bed and dreamt of all of this.
Nick woke up at 8:30 Monday morning. He yawned and stretched (and tried to come alive) while still in bed. His first thought of course was "Where's Julie?"

He got out of bed and stayed in his boxers and tee shirt that he slept in. He opened his bedroom door and stepped out into the hall. Julie's door was open but all was quiet. He checked the bathroom door to his left and it too was open, and all was quiet in there too. He went downstairs, expecting to find Julie in the kitchen or by the pool but, all was quiet in both of those places too.

"Hmm.." he thought. "I wonder where — " and his thought was interrupted.

"Hey Nicky boy!" Julie said, coming out of the living room, smiling a very mischievous smile.

"Hey there," Nick replied.

"So, your dad is already on the plane headed east," she said. He comes back on Friday afternoon."

"Ok," Nick said, wondering where she was going.

"Anything you want to do together while he's gone?" she asked. "Anything at all?"

"Like, go to the zoo or something, you mean?" he asked, smiling.

"I think you know what I mean," Julie replied.

"No holds barred?" he asked.

"Probably not," she said. "Within reason."

"Ok... how would you like to be dressed or undressed, at my whim?"

"Oh Nicky boy!" she squealed. "That sound like fun!"

"Okay then, go upstairs and — " he started but she interrupted him.

"But!" she stated "It's for today only. Then tomorrow it's my turn."

"Oh fuck," Nick thought.

"Deal?" she asked, raising her eyebrows and putting our her hand to shake on it.

"Deal," he said, extending his hand.

"So, how would you like me 'Master'?" she teased.

Nick's cock grew immediately.

"Go upstairs and put on that sheer white cover-up. The one you wore when you first masturbated for me by the pool." he instructed.

Julie smiled. They never spoke specifically about that first time but he obviously figured out that she was doing that on purpose, knowing he was watching from the second story window.

"And what bikini, Sir?" she asked.

"Oh No bikini. Just the cover-up." he instructed.

Julie tingled immediately.

"Yes Sir," she replied, and quickly went upstairs to change.
Nick's heart was beating a little fast, and his cock was certainly stirring. "She will do whatever I want?" he thought. "But don't go overboard buddy," he continued in his head. "She's in charge tomorrow."

Upstairs, Julie was naked. She loved being naked at most times but now... God she was already wet with anticipation at this new game she was about to undertake - with her step-son!! She ran her hands over her breasts, her nipples already hardening. She ran her hands down her tummy and over her mound, feeling a little stubble. She quickly trotted down the hall to the bathroom and range razor over and around her mound.

"I don't know what's happening to you today Kitty but you may as well be in top form," she said to her pussy.

She cleaned up the shaving gear and massaged some lotion over her naked body. She grabbed her little white cover up that Sir Nick had asked for and slipped iron, tying it tightly at the waist. She checked herself in the hall mirror before going downstairs to rejoin Sir Nick. Her areola were dark circles very clear though the cover-up and her nipples were at attention. "Here goes," she said out loud to herself.

She walked downstairs and into the kitchen. Nick had his head in the fridge, foraging for breakfast.

"Want me to make you breakfast?" she asked, then added "S

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