The Bunker. Subterranean Dungeon.

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The Bunker is my favourite dungeon.

It comes equipped with a Custom fuck bed, Electronic hoist, Fisting bench, Flogging horse, Isolation cell, Medical examination bench/stirrups, Posture/restraint chair, rim stool, Sling on heavy-duty scaffold frame, Spanking bench, St Andrew’s cross, Stocks, Assorted crops/floggers/paddles, Cuffs, collars, hoods, and a variety of restraint gear.

Milady and I booked the Bunker for a few hours so we could film some shared content video clips there.

I've been asked to edit this post to clarify that all parties involved were consenting.

Milady and I have both been entertaining kinky clients and producing kink themed content for over a decade each and we've been together as a couple for 8 years now.

The way we approach BDSM play when we're together is very different to how we would play with a nervous first timer. If I asked her to verbally or in writing, provide me with a formal statement of consent for every activity we engaged in, she would think I'd completely lost my mind. Ongoing and enthusiastic consent need not be declared in a rigidly defined, word for word exact statement.

Omitted from the events that follow are extensive discussions between Milady and I prior to arriving at the dungeon where we reviewed the dungeon's website together and where we talked in between clips about what to film, which equipment and props to use and how to use them, where lights should be, camera angles etc.

The content we were filming was shared content. ie the clips are meant to be enjoyable for her clients and mine to watch and depict play that she and I are both comfortable with so that we could both sell the clips and both use the clips to promote services that we are happy to provide for our respective clients.

We don't use safewords when we play together as a couple because we're not doing any consensual non consent play. Scenes like that are usually against the terms of use of anywhere we could sell clips and are not a type of play we want to engage in with clients. If she says "no" or "stop" or anything of that nature, she's not acting so I'll stop.

We've played a lot together so we know each others likes, dislikes and limits very intimately. We do discuss before and during play and take great care to react appropriately to each others words, body language and expressions in order to make play mutually enjoyable and to tone down or stop any activity as necessary.

We filmed our first clip on the fuck bed with a set of stocks arranged at one end.

I folded the stocks open, arranged Milady's neck and wrists in the restraints, closed the stocks and locked them in place.

In stocks Milady looked like some ye olde world scold or adulteress condemned to a humiliating punishment at the hands of a medieval mob.

With her arms and neck immobilised and her face at my waist height she was in the perfect position for an irresistible rough throat fucking. If you're like Milady and love the feeling of having your throat used like a fuck toy while bound, the stocks are the apparatus for you.

The only thing that could make this more perfect would be a ring gag. The sounds of her choking and gagging echoed off the literally bomb proof solid concrete walls of our subterranean dungeon setting. Each time she choked or gagged, I'd pull out and wait for her to catch her breath. She'd take a few big gasps of air, spit out some saliva and open her mouth wide and ready for more face-fucking.

Soon I was standing over a puddle of Milady's saliva she'd noisily retched up as my cock ravaged her tonsils.

At least 10 metres underground, the bunker is perfectly sound proofed from the outside world. The phrase "no one can hear you scream" Was never more true.

And scream she did once I'd mounted her and penetrated her deep and hard on the fuck bed.

We moved to the swing for our second clip.

It's hung from a solid steel frame with four point suspension. The leather swing hangs from heavy chains. The excess length of chains hangs free from the four suspension points such that any movement of the swing sets of a cacophony of rattling and clanking chains.

In case you've ever wondered why ghosts rattle chains Haunting Aficionados have the answer.

In Charles Dickens' classic ghost story, 'A Christmas Carol' the ghost of Scrooge's deceased business partner, Jacob Marley was weighed down by chains. When Marley appeared to Scrooge, he told him that the chains he wore were a punishment and represented his sins of greed and disregard for his fellow man in life.

Milady, on the other hand, is extremely generous and always kind to her fellow man. She just loves being chained up and fucked 😉

The paranormal researchers tell us a snap shot of consciousness can be stored in earthly materials including tools or restraints. The psychic energy of a living human then stores a memory of the chains or the sound of the chains.

Meanwhile, on a more earthly plane of existence. The swing is great for rough fucking. The force of every thrust obviously propels the leather seat away and then gravity swings it back. Each thrust is thus massively amplified in power without the bottom in the sling needing to match the rhythm or push back at all.

Likewise the scene of our next clip. The slings suspended from an electric winch.

Like some heavy duty steam punk factory equipment, the winch control button clicks in with a satisfying clunk and the winch whirs loudly into action and easily hauls Milady up to waist height.

The high ceilings allow for winching up to head height too for rimming, oral etc.

The slings loop under her thighs and around her back under her arms. Unlike the swing which leaves only her pussy exposed, the sling exposes pussy and ass and would be perfect for double penetration.

This will definitely be the venue for our next gangbang party. Guys will be able to form two orderly queues. One queue in front and one behind her to ta

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Notes Milady and I visited The Bunker. A subterranean dungeon. We filmed clips on the spanking bench, with her in stocks and with her suspended on a sling.
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