The Covenant of a Love Dream Once Deferred and now Attained... Love and Eros!

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The contours of her body are but sweet nectar to the eyes, a stupendous sight to behold, this palpable nectar quenches the parched pupil's glaring and ogling thirst, the iris captures and archives this physical magnum opus to encrypted memory..

The series connected convex and concave body meanders would make Da Vinci surely stumble over his pendulum swinging and lust dripping tongue.

It would inspire the gentleman to erect an 'Anatomy Par Excellence ' shrine in ode to this fine physical specimen.

The dimensions of the mounds and curvatures would surely coax even an oathed man of the cloth, vowed to chastity eternal, to salivate at the prospects of foregoing all values and pledged allegiances to the clergy.

Often, when said vixen saunters down the road, she is but an apparition that leaves many a men gawking, gaping and breathless.

Such is her beauty, that even the most well versed in soliciting dames, veto the very thought of making an approach and swiftly tether their now suddenly wilted vestibule of courage to the palisade fence there yonder to ensure a stationery static.

In order to muster up the gall for her to grant you an audience, you must first know and deem yourself worthy.

Your confidence and demeanor must radiate and spill out from your pores, with the full knowledge that deep down in the well of her emotions and wishes, that she longs for the day when a brave and confident Mustang Whisperer can utter the requisite sweet nothings in her ear that will reverberate within the panging hollows of her heart, with decibel laden treble clefs of the most sincere intentions to protect, nurture and serve.

The dominoes she once held up as guard, will topple headfirst into submission and thus she will be disarmed, her silo of armaments will be newly furnished with giddy and fluorescent haloed hymns, that bounce within the confines of her heart.

All the pain induced welts and keloids of yesteryear, will be saturated and remedied by the promise of peace in attained in presence.

The calcified cataract that once sheathed her line of sight into a realm darkness and left her bereft of Hope.

So dire it led to a point that she'd convinced herself that she's colour blind, as she couldn't ascertain or bear witness to the beautiful concert of kaleidoscope colours clung together in layers, like a band of merry mariachis strumming tunes on their guitarrón’s about the power of dawn, the concept of having withstood heavy and ominous clouds of fear, doubt, past hurts unforgiven and future thoughts turgid with anxiety.

A score of days and nights roll by and now the time of reckoning has come where the newly forged union needs be christened and duly consummated, their nerves are fluttering about much like the myriad coloured palleted butterflies would flutter, glide and hover amidst the rich scents and accents of the auspicious and blossoming orchids, of all manner of fauna and flora.

In the middle of a warmly sunlit boudoir, with the Egyptian curtains flapping from fresh sea gusts, the atmosphere is filled with the cawing of seagulls and distinct soundtrack of the oceans ebb and flow.

He strides towards her and gently grabs the nape of her neck and pulls it hither along with her, he then approaches her face with a warm gust of breath and salaciously gaped mouth and envelopes her lips with his.

A scintillating shiver then shoots in synaptic bursts down her spine and leads her to arching her back and thrusting her pelvis forward into his, where she unintentionally chances upon his turgid silhouette of a stiff and throbbing love muscle beneath his flowing white linen trousers.

To the touch of her pelvis, this throbbing musculature pulsates and yearningly pangs for the warmth and moisture of her clandestine cavern, where solace and pleasure will be duly and surely be dispensed, reciprocated and replenished in kind.

Her lips quiver with an anxious thrill, the force and essence of arousal courses through multiple tracks of veins and sinews of her body, thereby stiffening the peaks of her areola, along with her since dormant, sheathed, hermetic and nympho mound which rests juxtaposed between the kaleidoscopic slivers of her pink, purple and black hued labia minora. Looking like they are in full bloom.

The orifice of her vulva starts to trickle love juices over the precipice of her entrance of glory.

The juice flows thick with come hither pheromones and approval of how he's effortlessly commandeering her petite and crimson blushed body.

He then snaps the clasps of her brazier asunder and the straps slip off her shoulders as if to caress her goosebumps.

The opulent lace brazier then liberates the perky mounds of her bosom, they are turgid and beckon the requisite gent to sow his masculine oats and generously offer the fruit of his loins.

Her nipples stand erect, wondrous and flush with the crimson of blood.

Coupled with an animalistic urge and vehement desire to be ravaged and taken by a sensually charged, ravished and worthy counterpart.

This brisk and carnal energy flows to all the requisite and sensuous erotic bits.

He takes to cupping her breast in his tender fragility informed palm and envelopes her nipple with his lips much like he would a freshly picked lush and ripe Atkins mango, he infuses gentle nibbles intermittently, with the shimmering glint of a rascal gleaming forth from his eye.

He proceeds further south to the gap of sanctity and ceremony between her thighs, where he starts to tease her with kisses that coax her to gush.

She writhed with eager but bashful anticipation.

A pleasantly pungent waft emanated from her vulva, and it veiled his face encouragingly so, as if to anoint him worthy and welcome.

Her slit now effervescent with thick and glistening moisture, whilst also revealing the yearning opening in breathless anticipation of being filled and stretched by his endowed and phallic rod which has now purse

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Notes You are welcome to join in unashamedly in lustful voyeurism, as we peek in to witness the sexual of a young couple yet to to have sex for the first time, the realisation of ideals long forgotten but manifest.
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