Moving Day

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It was a Wednesday afternoon. I was sitting on my front porch having a refreshing adult beverage. All of a sudden a moving truck pulls up across the street. The driver side door opens and to the bewilderment of my eyes, this curvaceous woman jumps out. Omg, she had on these tight shorts, that look like they were painted on her. She had a white tank top on, that had a smudge of dirt on it. Her breast were so round and immaculately perky. I continued to watch ,cause I was sure others were about to pull up to help here. But after about 30 minutes no one showed. So I began to walk across the street. I introduced myself and asked if she needed any help? She gave the biggest smile and said thank you I appreciate that. We began to unload the truck and hold small talk. I couldn't help but to look her amazing titties that stared me in the face. She suggested that we take a break and asked if I would like something to drink. I couldn't turn her down. She said she only had some boxes of alcohol we took down. I said let me go get you some ice. When I arrived back with the ice, she was sitting the floor resting. I gave her the ice, and she took some cubes, and began rubbing them across her neck and breast. Her nipples instantly got hard. Then she took the remaining ice and rubbed them between her legs and on her pussy, as her clict through her shorts looked like it was about to explode. I couldn't say a word but it showed as my dick got rock hard in my pants. She asked, I know you have to be hot? I said it's a little warm, all the while, I was a lot horny. She suggested that I take off my pants to help cool me off. I certainly didn't put up a fight and obliged her. She looked with a smile and crawled over to me. Then she said, looks like he wants to help to. She then took a firm grip of my hard massive dick and began sucking it. I wett warm sensation almost brought me to my knees. I looked down at her as she whispered, I hadn't had dick in quite some time. I kneeled down to kiss her. She shyly turned her head. She looked right in my eyes and said, FUCK ME! She stood up, put her hands on the wall, poked her enormous ass out to me. I slightly spreaded her ass and slowly injected my hard dick into her. She whinced and began backing up against my dick. The slapping got louder against her ass. I reached around to grab her titties that felt so fuckin amazing. I began pumping harder and harder. She begged not to stop. She screamed out FUCK ME FUCK ME. Who was I not to give her what she wanted. And with one massive thrust, she yelled out out SHIIIT. She fell to her knees scratching the freshly painted walls. She turned around to me smiled. And she be to gulp my dick down. She sucked it so deep and fast, I was was about to bust. With one gulp and her mouth deep on my dick, I came so hard, it was like shooting into space. She swallowed every drop. We both looked at each other and began to finish unloading the truck.

Written by samrothstien45
Cargado August 31, 2021
Notes My New Neighbor Needed Help
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