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During the snowstorm that left many without heat and power, my wife and I found a way to keep things hot. A friend of ours snapped me and asked what we were up to. I told him we were just hanging out and drinking a few beers and he asked if we’d pick him up. We live in a small town and he was only a couple of blocks away so I said we’d be there in a few minutes.

I guess a little back story is needed here. My wife, our friend, and I have had a threesome a couple months back. It was our first and we all had a pretty good time. My wife has gotten into being an exhibitionist over the last couple of years and I love it. We used to post pretty much daily on Reddit and she even had a premium Snapchat for a while until a couple of people recognized her and we didn’t want it getting out in our small town. After our initial threesome we had all agreed we wanted to do it again. Our friend, we’ll call him “Jake”, had hit us up a couple of times but we were too busy to get into anything. That was until the snowstorm hit.

We picked Jake up at his house and decided to hit a backroad and have a few drinks. We were listening to music and talking, having a great time, the snow was beautiful. My wife was driving, I was riding shotgun and Jake was in the backseat. Jake suggested my wife should take her top off. She looked at me and I told her I thought it was a great idea. Being the exhibitionist she is, she didn’t hesitate. She pulled her shirt over her head, letting her gorgeous c cup tits flip out. Jane leaned up to have a look so my wife leaned back in her seat so he could see them well. He asked if he could feel one and she said “of course”, she loves getting attention.

So we’re reusing around, my wife driving topless, I can’t keep my eyes off of her. Every bump we hit in the road, her tits bouncing perfectly. Jake complains that he’s not getting to see the show, my wife suggests he could drive and watch her in the mirror, he immediately agrees. They switch seats and away we go. A few weeks prior to all of this, I had created a game using a spinning wheel app. It’s basically truth or dare with every dirty question and dare I could find on the internet. I suggested to them that we play it and they were both down.

I start the game, it was a truth that I can’t really remember unfortunately. My wife spins and the question was what her biggest fantasy is. She says, Bukakke, I already knew this but Jake was kinda shocked. We explained it all to him about how she loves sucking cock and being cummed on. He thought that was very hot. Now it’s Jakes turn, spinner lands on guys choice, we both agree it’s time that she loses her pants. She never hesitates and take them off, revealing her perfect slit and beautiful bush. Jake has to stop the car so he can get a good look at her. She slowly runs her finger up and down her pussy, commenting on how wet she is. I reach back and feel it for myself, I comment that she’s dripping wet. Jake asks if he can feel and we agree to it, he runs a finger slowly inside her and she lets out a quiet moan. He tells us her how hot she is and we take off driving again. I spin the wheel and it lands on “remove a piece of clothing”, I opt to lose my pants. I pull my pants off and my hard cock springs out. It’s now my wife’s turn again and it’s a truth. The question was about her favorite position. That’s a tough one for her because we have great sex in every position but says probably doggy style if it just us but that she likes being spit roasted in a threesome. Jake comments on how hot that is and he spins the wheel. He’s dares to kiss someone for 60 seconds, we laugh and agree that he and I won’t be kissing. My wife leans up over the console and they begin making out. I sit and watch as I stroke my cock, it was very hot. I then spin again and it lands on the same dare, she suggests Jake take his cock out, he pulls his pants off and we begin making out. As we’re making out she rubs her hand down his body and finds his cock. She starts stroking him while we’re making out, so hot! Her next spin landed on ladies choice, she decided she’d like to give us both blowjobs. We both agreed that would be a good one. We leaned our seats back as she climbed onto the console. She took my cock in her mouth and went to work, it felt amazing. Jake began licking and fingering her pussy while she sucked my cock. Listening to her moan with my cock in her mouth almost sent me over the edge. I told her to stop and switch before I came, she rotated and too Jake into her mouth. I couldn’t resist tasting her pussy myself, hearing both of them moan was incredibly hot. We decided after that it was probably time to take this back to our place but not before daring her to jump naked into a snow drift, it’s was hilarious but watching her tits bounce as she ran towards it was very hot.

Jake drove us back to our place to continue the fun. My wife, still naked other than my jacket, led us into the house. We went straight for the bed room where she stripped the jacket off. Jake and I sandwiched her between us, Jake behind and me in the front. I kissed her neck as Jake rubbed her fat ass and kissed her shoulder. Jake then ran his fingers between her thighs, finding her wet pussy. I moved down to her tits and began sucking and biting on her hard nipples. She began stroking my cock while moaning from the pleasure Jake was giving her. Soon it was more than she could take, she pushed me back onto the bed and began sucking my cock. Jake knelt behind her and buried his face in her juicy ass. After a few minutes of this she told Jake to fuck her. He stood up and slid his cock into her soaked pussy, she let out gasp as he filled her. He grabbed her hips and began thrusting inside of her while she feverishly sucked my cock. I could tell she was about to cum because she was having a hard time concentrating on sucking me. I laid there and watched as her eyes rolled back in her head as she came on Jakes cock. I to

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Notes My wife and I playing games with a friend and it led to a threesome
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