Beverly’s Wild Pussycat

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Hardcore sex of the wild pussycat. Flirting was hers to have and to hold, she would seek for men in places you wouldn’t dare to think of. This girl was so wild that even in the morgue she was shagging men, believe this shit. She didn’t give the least bit of care when she desired a man and wanted him to screw, she would also fuck women anytime she pleases. She was a bisexual protagonist and give not a shit about people’s opinions of her. She was a wild pussycat in search of men’s dick that would keep her company ever so often.

Hot sex was her heart’s desire. Right now, she was on the hunt for the perfect man for the job. She needed a man who could axe up her pussy into small pieces that she would have to put back together. She didn’t want a man to be lost inside her, but to fill her up completely. Beverly wanted to feel his length and strength burning in her erogenous holes. One man was bold enough to take up the challenge to be her main squeeze for the night, could he handle her, or would he run for cover?

Beverly backed him into the corner of the empty room situated at the back of the morgue. She wasn’t wearing any underwear and most definitely she required a big dick under there. Her tongue began playing an instrumental piece of music on Lloyd’s dick until he was pulling it away from her to see how much of it was left. But Beverly was a very wild pussycat and no amount of cock could make her tame. She was a badass nymphomaniac with the main purpose of having men begging her to stop manhandling their dicks.

She spread him across the wooden table where her tongue started tasting him nice and slow; this he loved, he wouldn’t mind her doing this to him all night. Yet, this was just to make his dick relax for a moment. She was chewing off his pink head until the health of his dick was at stake, but Beverly didn’t care, she continued leading the dance. She began finger fucking him in the ass, he was somewhat nervous at first but now he was enjoying it.

“Girl, who teach you how to fuck a man like this?”

“I taught myself. Far too long men have been grinding the hell out of us women, now I’m returning the favour, do you like it?”

“Damn girl, I love it.”

“I bet you won’t say that when my pussy starts biting your dick.”

“I didn’t know your pussy have teeth, I thought it only had a tongue.”

“Well, I assure you that my pussy is going to gnaw and bite your cock until you will only see it but can’t feel it.”

Beverly was making sure that she pleased herself with Lloyd’s throbbing dick. She planned on screwing him until his sperm bank ran low and there was nothing more to give.

“Girl, at least give me a chance to taste your pussy and finger fuck it for a while, just like you’ve done to me.”

“Go ahead.” Immediately, Beverly opened her fat juicy pussy and he buried his entire face into it, tasting, eating, feeling and also smelling.

“Boy, stop smelling my pussy, what is wrong with you?”

“Girl, nothing is wrong with me. I just love the odour from your pussy. Did you perfume this pussy or what? Most of the other pussy’s I’ve eaten smells more like salty fish, but yours smell like a rose in the garden, and yet, it tastes just like salty fish.”

“You talk too much,” She told him and began spanking his firm erection with her twisted tongue moves.

“Damn girl, this is some first-class techniques you have here. Do that shit again and hold it there, don’t stop.” His sperm decorated her face as she tried to move away, nevertheless, she wiped her face and was still flinging down her hot and spicy foreplay on him.

Beverly was moments away from going wild, but Lloyd was getting impatient by the minute. “Girl, I only have one round left in my chamber to fire and my dick hasn’t tasted any of your gummy pussy yet.”

Hearing Lloyd’s complaint, Beverly climbed onto him and eased her warm pussy on his dick gracefully. She began ram-jamming his manhood like a farmer tilling the soil. Lloyd tried staying with her trying to stroke her with urgency. Beverly was too wild for him as her pussy started to gallop like a horse running along the track.

Around the corner, she went and he was right there with her until she was on the straight again. Now she was whipping her horse harder than before, she made a major turn that caused his dick to dance with sweetness. His cock was grinning, even his testicles were enjoying the ride, but how long he could keep up with her was the question he asked himself. The sex was now blazing high and burning out of control as she was using her pussy to squeeze the life from his dick.

“Damn girl! What are you trying to do to my cock? I still need the use of it after tonight.”

“There’s no cry for help in the games that I play. And while I’m fucking you don’t interrupt me again. If you can’t measure up to me just enjoy the ride.” Beverly ended. She continued to abuse Lloyd’s dick with her pussy chopping it without mercy. She hoisted off it then slammed herself on it again and he thought his boner was broken. Her ride was getting fiercer with each passing moment. This was really hot sex; her pussy could not be tamed, it was too wild. He decided to try another tactic by ramming his hood into her as hard as he possibly could, but he was only hurting himself.

This wild pussycat was decorating his cock with steamy embraces. He had popped off his other round and he couldn’t find anything more to give her wild pussy. Beverly became blinded by ecstasy. She slurped on his dick head until some life was brought back into it. She knew just how to keep him standing for her greedy pussy to feed. Steam was coming from her pussy; even the kisses she was laying on him were hot.

Beverly hopped off Lloyd’s boner like a person jumping from a train then her fingers reached into her pussy trying to complete the task he had started. He told himself that he would cross the finishing line in fine style, so he grabbed her and attack her from the back, stabbing

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Written by Suzy Ferret
Cargado September 7, 2021
Notes Hardcore sex of the wild pussycat. Flirting was hers to have and to hold, she would seek for men in places you wouldn’t dare to think of. This girl was so wild that even in the morgue she was shagging men, believe this .
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