A long look at a penis reveals some nice features

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I was dating him for a few weeks and the sex was great as we began our early and young relationship. I enjoyed blowing him as his cock was very nice and not too large. I admired a lot of his attributes but his cock was a thing of beauty. Have you ever looked at a cock up close?

Its best to have it soft at first and clean. I encourage my guy to get a monthly Manzillian which may sound painful at first but trust me guys, your lady will love the smooth surface! Second, grab your balls and pull them upward and wrap around your soft shaft. I love the way his balls feel, also waxed clean. I then look at his cock head. It looks like a fish head as its bulbous head is thicker than the shaft and I must preface that I love uncovered wagons over covered wagons, to me its a clean thing. Anyway take the soft cock in your hand and let go of the balls. You will feel him get a little harder now and you will want to start stroking him hard but don’t. Just look at the cock. The head has a tint of purple and the rest is a fleshy and healthy pinkish color. It is such a soft organ and I start stroking him hard and I see his balls tighten just a bit as he firms up.

About now, my panties starts feeling a little hot as my pussy warms up to the pleasure i am giving and the pleasure I hope to soon be getting. As I stroke, I tighten my grip a little making my hand feel like a tight pussy or maybe even an asshole and I like how his veins bulge from the side of his shaft. I imagine them rubbing against my insides and pinging the sensitive nerve endings found there.

I add a bit of spit to help lube him up and watch it catch the ridges of his veins and form a nice easy lubrication to jerk him off with. I get him nice and hard with my hand and then release. His cock looks cute as it bobs up and down with the blood coursing through it. Now I take his shaft and straighten his cock out and pull it gently towards his stomach. I admire the underside of his cock and the wrinkly pocket it makes holding his ball bag and love the underside of his cock head. The way is folds under and looks like an upside down heart, a sign of the love he gives me when he fucks me and a nice sensitive area of his cock that I know he loves to have explored before, during and after he explodes.

I lower myself to the base where his shaft meets his ball bag and I lick upward and my eyes lock into his as he enjoys a wet lick of his cock. I follow it all the way up to his tip and then go back down as I hold him by his cock head with my thumb and forefinger. He enjoys this licking of his cock and knows the best is yet to come.

I straighten his cock out now and grab him by the base. My other hand wanders down to my pussy where I gently pull aside my pink satin panties and start rubbing my labia’s a clitoris. I start with my mouth over his cock head and suck in while swirling my tongue around in circles. He can’t help but jerk back a bit when I rub my tongue ring against the underside of his cock. His most sensitive spot is being pinged with the silver ball pierced into my tongue. I stroke his shaft at the same time and make sure to let enough spit escape my sucking action to lube him up.

I lower all the way to the his base and pull back and pull off, the sucking action releases a loud “Pop” and a spit string flies off his cock and down my chin. I smile at the pop and enjoy the building wetness between my legs and I finger myself.

I jump back on him and suck at a feverish pace, the tip of his cock banging off the my tonsils and my eyes roll back in my head like a shark devouring a seal and suck and slurp and suck and slurp. He presses my head into him and I stop with him filling my mouth but do not gag as my throat is now open to his luscious cock. I pull back for air and stroke him while I catch my breath. He is thoroughly enjoying my blowjob skills and spit is dripping off his cock as I stroke him quickly. I see pre-cum beading at the tip and bring my tongue in for a taste and I enjoy the bead of pre-cum stretch off his tip and I flip my tongue upward. He tastes good now but not near as good as the creamy load I will enjoy shortly!

I jerk him off with one hand and wipe the spit from my mouth with the other and lower my hand to my wet pussy and bury two fingers inside my sopping wet cunt. I go back onto him and cup his balls while continuing to finger myself and I bob back and forth on his meaty shaft.

I feel his balls tensing up and I know the end is coming soon so I pull my mouth off him and start jerking him off intensely. He arches his hips as I tug his shaft and for a quick moment I feel his cock expand ever so slightly larger as his man seed pumps from his balls, through his shaft and releases a creamy, thick white pasting load of cum on my nose, eyes, chin and tits. I pull his shaft slowly and milk his cum from his body and rope after rope spray onto me. I love watching the cum pump out of his cock and splash onto me. I will have plenty of time to lick it up later but for now I just enjoy the white spray of cum coat my body. Parts in a Jackson Pollack fashion: no pattern or symmetry, just a creamy batch of cum spraying uncontrolled from his cock in a random pattern.

I feel him start to go soft in my hand and I gently keep stroking, pulling every last ounce of cum from his shaft and it beads as it comes to the tip and dribbles out when gravity takes over and lands on my silk bra covered tits. I bring my mouth up and clean him off and savor the first taste of cum which will turn into more after I take care of my man. I lick the underside of his tip, the most sensitive part and he shudders as I do. Having licked his cock clean, I lean back and begin the methodical cleaning of my body next.

I start with clearing my eye with my finger acting like a windshield wiper to swipe his man sauce off my eyelid and bridge of my nose. I pull the dab of cum down to my mouth and lick my fingers cl

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Notes Take the time to savor your partners privates. And enjoy what it has to offer!
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