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My wife and I have been together for about 22 years. About 7 years ago we really started to explore our fantasies and what turned us on. So I brought up cuckolding. Started out like all fantasies, we watched porn about it and talked about what if. I told her it would turn me on so much to do it for real she of course said she could never do such a thing. Around four years ago she took a weekend trip to vegas with her bestfriend to see a concert. No nothing happens in vegas just a little back story. So they are a little tipsy after the show walking around and they see some half dressed muscle bound hunks taking pictures and went over. The wife takes pics with them and the bff says whats your husband going to say? She says watch this and texts me the pics. I respond with wow you look so sexy with them. My wifes bff now very curious goes what does he mean? My wife goes ok ill just tell you. My husbands fantasy is to watch me get fucked. Her best friend says no way! So you can fuck anyone you want as long as he knows. My wife says yes but i dont know if i could and the conversation is quickly changed. Lets jump a few months later the wife is going out for a girls night in town and im at home hanging out with a few buddies. Of course bff is with her as well as her sister and some other people we are very close with. The night is pretty normal my buddies leave at about 11 and i know ill get the come get the drunk girls call at about 230 after drunk tacos time. About 1115 i get a wierd text from my wife that says biff just told some guy i think hes hot and now hes hanging around lol. I text back sounds great have fun half joking because i know she never does anything. About 1145 i get curious and text having fun? 3 minutes later from biffs phone i get a pic of my wife on the dance floor with some guys hands all over her ass and them kissing. The text says she's having fun leave her alone. My dick went instantly hard. About 1230 i get a phone call from the wife. She asks whats that called when someone fucks your wife. I say cuckold. She says to someone its called cuckold and she hangs up on me. 140 i get a text video from my wifes phone. On the video is dance floor guy. My wife voice says what did you just say? Guy says you're husband is gonna regret this. She says regret what? Guy says when i fuck you. video goes dead. 215 i get a text from biff. Eating tacos come get us. I jump up and head out. After the absolute longest 7 minute drive of my life i pull into the parking lot. As i pull up my wife and dance guy get in the back. He says go park over there in the back and starts undoing his pants. My wife says this is my friend joe im gonna suck his dick. He pulls it out and her mouth is around his cock before we are in the parking spot. She starts sucking his cock like it has the cure and he moans nice and loud. He looks right at me and pushes her head lower and says im really glad i met your wife tonight. She sits up with a face covered in spit and precum and says me too and drops right back to work. Im just sitting in the front seat with my phone flashlight on so i can see everything and not miss a second of this. She starts moaning pretty good and I notice he has her gstring down and is fingering her pretty good. She cums and sits up. She looks me in the face winks and bend over to offer her pussy to him. He doesnt waste anytime at all and starts fucking her hard in the back seat of my SUV. I look outside the car and realize that all of my wifes friends her sister and all of joes friends and half of the taco shop is all outside a few feet from the car cheering my wife on watching her cuck me. I say omg everyone is watching and my wife immediately cums. She says good and rolls over on her back. Joe starts fingering her again and very very quickly she cums and squirts all over my car. I yell out omg she just fucking squirted and the crowd of about 25 people cheer. Joe starts fucking her again and picking up speed. A few minutes in he plants both of his feet firmly on the car door and pushes his dick as deep as it can go and came deep in my wifes pussy. He pulles out and sat down. She sat up so her cum filled pussy was facing me and just stares. I cant take my eyes off her red swollen lips just as they start to leak thick white cum. She says well cuck you gonna do it or not? I couldn't control my body my mouth just fell into her and i started eating. Joe laughs and kisses her goodbye. He gets out of the car leaving the door open and says to his buddy hey the husband is licking up my cum and they both laugh and get their car. Joe yells call me as im still eating her pussy. She cums super hard pushing most of his load into my mouth. After she stayed in the backseat and I drove us home in silence. As soon as we got home she asked me how did you like it. I stood up and showed her my rock hard cock. We've been addicted ever since.

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Cargado September 11, 2021
Notes First time being cuckolded real story
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