The List.

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Allison is taken by surprise when she exits the bathroom to find their room clean. The laundry had been folded and put away. The clutter put into it proper places. Incense burning in scents of rose and sandalwood. Kevin waiting with nervous anticipation. He makes eye contact and says “can we talk?” Allison replies “of course.” He lays all his desires out in front of her. He presents her with a list. She can tell he’s nervous. He tells her he’s afraid she will think he’s a sicko, or a pervert or even worse, leave him. He explains to her as his desires drift towards uncanny sexual release. He can tell by the look on her face, that she cares. She understands, and she wants him to be happy. He lets the words of passion, love and raw sexual energy loose from his lips……telling her everything he wants to do with only her. His dreams cannot be ignored any more. Kevin sheepishly explains that he doesn’t want this with anyone else. He wants to satiate his fantasies with her, and only her. Allison after hearing his plea for her consent agrees to help him release these desires.

After a quick shower for both Allison and Kevin, they meet in the fresh made bed. Both naked, Allison notices he has taken the time to arrange the pillows in a peculiar way. She’s sure its for tonight’s events. Allison curiously asks “where do we start?” Kevin excitedly hops up and tells her to lay back and relax as he gathers somethings. Kevin returns with Allison’s vibrator and a small bottle of lube. He tells her he wants to try mutual masturbation. She understands and positions herself accordingly. Head slightly propped up with pillows, on her back, knees up and legs apart. Kevin reminds Allison that part of this exercise in pleasure is seeing what’s happening. She tells him to turn on the lights and enjoy the show. Kevin brings the lights up just enough to see everything and positions himself head to toe next to Allison’s wonderfully naked form. He begins by slowly playing with is flaccid penis. Allison follows suit slowly touching her warm honey pot. He watches her hard intently as it tickles and rubs it way around her engorged clit. She teases herself, barely making contact with the sensitive areas between her legs. He was so caught up in watching Allison tease herself he didn’t notice he was at full mast. Kevin wraps his hand around his hard taught cock and lets out a moan, watching Allison buzz and grind her way to heaven. Kevin is afraid to make eye contact, scared she will see something disgusting. He was taken aback as he mustered the courage to glance when her eyes met his directly. Allison’s motions towards the ignored bottle of lube laying next to Kevin’s nude body. He reaches out and squeezes a few globs of clear scent less liquid in his hand. Massaging it up and down his throbbing hard cock. She looks at his eyes and can tell it feels fantastic. His eyes are darting between her eyes and the other glorious sights happening before him. Allison beautiful huge tits slowly pulsing in waves as she begins to succumb to the oncoming orgasm. Kevin is so distracted attempting to catch every detail of Allison’s body trying not explode with pleasure, that he has slowed his slick stroking to a snails pace. He can her neck begin to tighten, her thighs begin to pull shut against her will, then she lets out a low almost animalistic moan as her hips begin to buck in wave after wave of ecstasy. His eyes locked on hers as she begins to slowly twitch her way to a more relaxed state. Kevin can see the euphoria in her stare, the deep pleasure filled experience they just enjoyed glowing in her deep eyes. Allison heaves a huge sigh of relief as the waves slow to a halt. Kevin still in awe at what he witnessed had stopped stroking his still hard cock altogether, just taking in the wonderful show he was allowed to witness. Allison is snapped back to reality by the slick wet sounds of Kevin’s hand furiously stroking his purple throbbing cock. As their eyes meet yet again, his pupils dart away catching a view of her amazing sun-kissed breasts heaving up and down as her labored breathing from the now gone orgasm fades. Kevin is whipping his hand up and down but doesn’t seem to be doing himself any good. Finally Allison’s impatience gets the best of her, she sits up on her knees breasts swinging in sync to her movements. Kevin looks at her as she inches closer between his legs. Allison holds up a single finger as to communicate to continue going and she will be right back. A moment later she enters the bedroom again and assumes her position on her knees between Kevin’s legs as he’s full spread eagle massaging his own balls and still teasing his slick shaft, softly grunting. Allison slows his hands and sarcastically says, “let me try or we will never get through this list.” Kevin removes his lube covered hands and lets Allison take control. As Kevin slightly reposition himself to get more comfortable, Allison put on a single rubber glove. Kevin questions her with a bit of sarcasm, “uhhh, what is that for?” Allison coyly smirks as she tells him he made the list, and he gets what he asked for. She spreads a small amount of lube into the rubber glove and continues to drip the goop across Kevin’s pulsating rod. The lube is cold and forces a shiver to run up Kevin’s spine. After what felt like an eternity, Allison finally wraps her warm non-gloved hand around the base of his anticipation filled cock. Kevin is watching her intently as she slowly begins to slide her hand up and down, up and down. He pays close attention to the movement of her massive breasts as they swing in unison to her stroking. Allison’s eyes follow Kevin’s as she begins to rub with the gloved hand the soft spot of skin between his tight scrotum and puckering asshole. Kevin lets out a deep, guttural moan. He knows he’s close to the edge, so does she. Allison takes the tip of her middle finger of the g

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Written by khizzle23
Cargado September 12, 2021
Notes Allison and Kevin work on his long list of fantasies.
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