Sex with friend's girlfriend in Sydney

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Sex with friend's girlfriend in Sydney

Read in Hindi sex story that my friend's girlfriend often used to come to our room. His round bum used to get me very excited. I wanted to fuck her.

Friends, my name is Neil. Today I am writing this Hindi sex story, it is of my friend and my friend's girlfriend Umayya.

Let me tell you about myself first. I was 24 years old then. My height is 6 feet 2 inches. Even now I go to the gym, so my body is also well maintained. I live in Sydney in Australia.

Here in Sydney, I used to live with my friends, so a friend living together had a setting with an Indian girl. His name was Umayya.

By the way, we were only 3 boys at home, so we used to live freely.
But sometimes when Umayya used to come to the house with my friend, we used to live well.
However, we had no problem with Umaiya's arrival.

Due to his arrival, we all also got to know a little bit about Umayya.

Now let me tell you about Umayya.

Umayya was a 22 year old girl, very beautiful, slim body, fair complexion, had pink lips.
He had highlighted his dark hair somewhere.
His height was some 5 feet 5 inches. Mmm is 32 inches and the sexiest part of her was her ass.

Umayya always came wearing jeans, so the shape of his ass looked great from it.
Wasn't too big, but had an ass that made the cock cool.

When I met him for the first time, I had taken all the measurements of his body. He had also kissed her in the eyes.

I used to think about my friend that this brother-in-law has become fun.

Whenever Umayya came to our house, I used to have a brief conversation with him.
She was also a good girl to speak.

But because I used to have a friend with Umayya, I could not talk much with him.
Sometimes when all our friends were sitting and drinking beer etc., then Umayya also used to give company.

In this cool atmosphere, the two of them used to start flirting with each other.
As Umayya used to sit on my friend's lap, there used to be a kiss between them.

I used to enjoy these things, but did not think much about these things.

A few days later my friend told me that Umayya wanted to stay with me in this house.
The reason for this was that he told that Umayya's house was some distance away, so it used to be a bit difficult for these two to meet.

At first I thought Umaiya's arrival would cause trouble. If the girl comes into the house, then she will have to live in a little way. Even now, he used to roam around wearing Frenchies.
But then I thought let's see.
I said yes to him.

Now Umayya also started living with us, so I started talking to him a little more.

Sometimes when my friend was sleeping or going to his job, Umayya would sit with me and start talking about various things here and there.
Sometimes I would sit to watch TV or cook food, she would also come there.

Slowly in a couple of months we both became good friends.
I noticed that whenever she felt that I was out of my room, she would quickly come to me to talk to me.

Now Umayya started living at home wearing very simple clothes, meaning if someone would wear a loose top and lower, then sometimes he would have come in necker or shorts.

When I saw his legs and thighs in his short clothes, I did not feel like taking my eyes off his smooth legs.
His legs were very clean and smooth and creamy fair.

When I came to see Umayya's spinning ass, I used to wish that I would get a chance to do it completely naked.
But being a friend's girlfriend, I was hesitant to try anything.

One day I was thinking of having a beer while sitting in the living room in the evening. There was no one else at home except me and Umayya.
Both the friends who lived with me, meaning Umayya's boyfriend and another friend, both had gone to their jobs.

I took the beer bottle out of the fridge and sat outside in the hall and turned on the TV.

Hearing the outside movement, she also came out.
She was wearing a yellow top and a tight gray lower was inserted at the bottom.
She didn't do makeup at home at all. Her beauty and style were such that she did not even need makeup.

That day, her pink lips looked like she was saying that, let's see what… why don't we suck.

Umayya came and said - How are you Neel… for how long have you come?
I said- I'm fine, Umayya... I'm just going to come now. Tell me how are you.. is there no one at home?

Umayya- yes man… and I am getting bored alone. Since the college holidays are over, there is nothing special to do.
Me- let's sit here, pass some time… I'm drinking beer, you don't have any problem, don't you!

Umayya laughed and said - I have no problem, which one are you drinking for the first time in front of me.
Me- Hmm... it's not only you today and I'm drinking in front of you for the first time, otherwise your boyfriend is often with you. Will you drink too?

Umayya- No man, you know that I get intoxicated even after drinking a little.
Me- So what happened then, we are at home… and I am not together.
Looking at me, Umayya said in a different way – he is afraid.

I laughed at his style and we both started laughing.

I thought in my mind that maybe this is giving me a line.

I started drinking beer and we both started talking.

After a while Umayya asked me- Neil, you don't have a girlfriend?
Not me.
Umayya- So this is your neck was bitten by a mosquito?

I was a little flustered by this. I was not even aware that this happened a few days ago while kissing with a girl . He had kissed while biting hard on the neck, due to which this mark was made.

Seeing me in a bit of confusion, she started laughing and said - hey man, why are you shying so much… it goes, it happens.

I am not shy by the way, but I was starting to feel some discomfort when such a thing happened all of a sudden.
Then the second thing is that till now I was not so open with Umayya. She was my friend's girlfriend, so I used to keep myself under control and talk.

But now U

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