Excerpt - Unorthodox Therapy

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Blaire waited patiently for Rachel to finish with whatever errands she was running. She didn’t have any other options. Standing stark naked except for a pair of knee-high boots with spiked heels, she couldn’t pull her arms down because the leather cuffs that encircled her wrists were secured to a chain that was hung from a hook in the ceiling of her bedroom. Whenever any guests were over, a plant hung from it, but now that there were no extraneous people in her house, a woman hung from it instead.

Blaire wished she could stand more erect and give herself a little more play, but the bar attached to her legs at the knee was very wide, spreading her legs and reducing her height by a few inches. She didn’t care for the way that forced her arms up so tautly, but she had to admit that having her well-trimmed and now soaking cunt available to anyone who might come in the room was exciting her beyond belief.

It wasn’t completely available. A thick, coarse crotch rope ran between around her waist and thought her legs, pulled so tightly that it disappeared into the wet folds. Knots had been tied through that part and positioned so that, if Blaire moved her hips just right, one of several knots pushed on her clit. Such pressure happened even if she did not move, because she was unable to stay completely still while bound and aroused, but no amount of grinding or gyrations would provide enough pleasure to provide an orgasm, so the buxom red head was trapped in a purgatory that made her aroused but eliminated any possibility of orgasm.

Whether she liked it or not was irrelevant, she knew, because Rachel had put her in this condition, and there was nothing she could do about it. She wanted to see her girlfriend/Mistress desperately, because the way she moved her trim body around Blaire’s bound form, no matter the position she was in, never failed to get her more and more excited. If that wasn’t enough, the way Rachel’s lips creased into a grin of satisfaction as she eyed her submissive struggling uselessly against her bondage.

Blaire was amazed at how she had gone from finding sexual activity with another woman repulsive to being so desperate to touch, smell, and taste her current Mistress. She wasn’t a pure lesbian – not that it was a bad thing – because she still thought men could be incredibly hot as well, but discovering her bisexuality had been a rather welcome and wonderful silver lining stemming from her captivity and torture by that evil bitch Melissa Parker and her partner Elesha.

Blaire forgot her situation for a second and smiled gently. The last she had heard, they were under the control of a sexist, sadistic, and horny Eastern European power baron named Turak. She didn’t know exactly what torture they would be enduring at any given moment, but that didn’t really concern her. With Rachel’s assistance, she had outwitted them and given them a taste of their own medicine. The last time she had seen the duo, they were both tied and gagged, stuffed with dildoes and butt plugs, with cum coating their chins from the cocks they had been sucked. She’d turned the tables on them because they were so confident that Rachel was on their side, and the looks on their faces when she faced them with a gloating smile as they struggled in their bondage had been priceless.

She heard a key in the front door, and a few seconds later the noise of it swinging open, followed by footsteps, reached her ears. Rachel said nothing, which didn’t surprise Blaire. Instead, she heard the miniscule noises of a person doing a few very normal things around the house, like sorting mail or putting away groceries presented themselves. Rachel seemed to find pleasure in making Blaire wait for her attention, something that puzzled her. Blaire didn’t really have the dominant vibe, but if she did she doubted it would be possible for her to restrain herself, knowing that there was a woman in the other room who wouldn’t (and couldn’t) resist her advances, whose body was available for whatever pleasurable or painful sensation she wished to visit upon it, who could be forced or enticed to put her mouth anywhere Blaire wanted to elicit the most delicious sensations.

But, Blaire thought, that was probably why she wasn’t the dominant partner here. Rachel knew how to push her buttons and make Blaire crazy with lust, envy, need, or desire, and she was doing it yet again. And she could do nothing about it. Sure, she could yell out, but the last time she did that, she’d worn a gag that had been soaked in apple vinegar. That was one of the worst six-hour periods she’d spent serving Rachel, and she wasn’t about to make that mistake again.

The fact that the deep humiliation that particular gag caused resulted in one of the best orgasms of their relationship was not something she factored into that decision, but it wasn’t far from the forefront of her mind either.

So she waited.

Her feet grew tired in the heels, and she longed to lower her arms, if even for a second. Almost three hours had passed since Rachel had put her in this position and, while it wasn’t even close to the longest that she’d been tied up, only her current condition mattered to her at the moment.

But still she waited. She couldn’t understand how Rachel could resist taking advantage of her helpless body, but somehow she was able to do so, and probably even found the authority it represented a turn-on in and of itself. It was as if a battle of wills was underway with Blaire at a complete and total disadvantage due entirely to her bondage. She was destined to lose and had been since Rachel locked the spreader bar to her ankle and walked out of the room without so much as a backward glance. Her cunt had gotten soaked in that instant, and it had never stopped pulsating in anticipation of what Rachel would do to it – whenever that might happen.

As Blaire was wondering just how much longer she could take it (it amazed her that there were so many le

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Written by J.M. Sauvage
Cargado September 18, 2021
Notes Elena has been undergoing a very different treatment for her drug addiction - being tightly bound every second of every day for several months. One of her counselors, Diane, has taken a liking to her and has begun to dominate her - something Elena loves and craves. But Elena, as a patient, is not allowed to orgasm - and she is growing desperate. She begs Diane to keep her as her full-time submissive.

Will she? Will Elena get to cum?
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