Lick it up

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They layed on the clean sheets, as he reached over to kiss her, he slowly pulled down her shorts. Softly rubbing her nipple, ripped off her bra. Kissing her neck, then licking her ear whispering into it;
"I want to make love to you," he said.
Now, she lay there in her black lace panties, he feels it is moist down there. So, he grabs the panties and pulls them past her knees, to her ankles, then around her feet. Begins kissing her shin, calf, thighs, inner thighs; breathing close to her bare shaved pussy lips. Sticks his tongue inside her, in a circular motion around her clitoris. Both hands on her breasts, twisting her nipples, while making out with her vagina. His cock is so hard right now, she maneuvers into a 69 position, pulling his shorts off to realize, that was all he had on. As he nibbles on the clit and licking all around her labea, his massive erection meets her lips. She is sucking him, begin licking his balls, he has to back off to prevent premature ejaculation. She is so wet, he takes his middle finger and pulls toward against her clit, she quivers. With his other hand grips her ass, and rubs her soaked anus, without penetrating it. He lays on his back, she climbs up and lowers herself, onto his face, his dick is hard as a rock now. Fucking his face, he tongue fucks her right back. In & out, in and out. She try's to back off, but, he remains eating her pussy as she cums all over his face he slurps it all up. She then grabs his balls, softly massaging them, slides her finger onto his taint and just on the rim of his asshole, soft, and slowly. Her mouth wrapped around the crown of his cock, she starts sucking faster and harder. Pulling her hair, as she likes it, she starts tonguing his ball sack. He rolls her onto her back, first another make out session between his tongue and her pussy lips, then sucks her nipples, slides his huge erect penis into her vagina, slow. Goes in all the way, briefly stops, backs almost out, then back in he thrust inside her. She grips his waist as he pounds and pounds she begins to moan...
To be cunt·inued

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