My First Boat Ride

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I was sitting at home one Wednesday afternoon when my phone went off. I checked to see who it was and noticed that I had a text message from one of my coworkers named Alex. Alex and his friend Tony were inviting my husband and I out for a trip on his boat the following Saturday. We had worked together for quite some time and Alex made a lot of money. He was a single guy, and enjoyed his toys. He had motorcycles, fast cars, and a very nice boat. I had never been on it but had seen pictures of it.. From the pictures that I had seen, it was a very nice boat, and included a bed, small kitchen area, bathroom, and a second level, that you can sit in. I had always been curious about getting on a boat, but never have the opportunity. Alex had said that he would invite me one day, and he was finally doing so.

I mentioned it to my husband, and he immediately had no desire to go. He had been hell-bent on all this Covid stuff and basically refused to leave the house. It was actually getting quite frustrating, because we hadn't gone out in several months, and that was really taking a toll on things. Things at home weren't the greatest, and it seemed like we bickered with one another, more than anything else. I had tried in vain, to relight the spark, but he was never interested. He spent more time watching the news, and talking about Covid, than anything else. I don't think I had gotten laid in several months, and it was super frustrating. I had toys, but that wasn't the same thing.

We argued about the invite, and I told him that I was going, whether he wanted to or not. He wasn’t very pleased, and told me to go by myself, and gave me this whole lecture about getting sick. I wasn't hearing it, and needed to get out of the house to enjoy myself. I sent Alex a message, and told him that I would see him and Tony, on Saturday. We made our plans, and I couldn't wait.

Saturday arrived, and I got ready to go. I put on my swimsuit, along with a pair of shorts and tank top. Once I was dressed, I called an Uber, and was soon on my way. I arrived at the dock, about a half an hour later, and Alex was already on the boat, prepping things. I joined him, and he gave me a tour of the boat. It was way more amazing in person, then it was in the pictures. If you had ever watched the Sopranos, then you had seen the boat that was used in the show. Alex's boat was a little smaller than that but similar in design. I was excited, as Tony arrived a little while after I did, with a cooler full of drinks. He boarded the boat and after doing a couple more things, we were on our way.

We headed out into the bay, and as Alex drove the boat, I went out onto the back deck area with Tony to get some sun. I took my tank top and shorts off, so I could tan in my swimsuit. I sat on one of the bench seats and as I got some sun, Tony walked over and handed me a drink. I figured it was a bit early, but what the hell, we were here to have a good time and enjoy the day.

I sipped the drink, and enjoyed it while Tony and I chatted. We made our way through the bay, before eventually reaching the outlet, and heading out into the ocean. It was my first time cruising in the ocean, and thankfully the seas were fairly calm, so I had nothing to worry about. We made our way out pretty far, and once we reached a certain distance, Alex stopped the boat and the guys did a little fishing, while I continued to tan. As I tanned, I noticed both guys occasionally look over at me and smile. I knew they were checking me out in my swimsuit because they were used to always seeing me covered up in my work clothes. We spent several hours doing this, and in the process I ended up having a couple of drinks because the sun was making me pretty hot.

As the alcohol started kicking in, I began being a bit more chatty. I always had a habit chatting and really relaxing myself when I drank. The guys noticed and began to chat it up with me. Slowly, the chatting became very friendly and they began to complement and flirt with me. I was enjoying the attention, especially since I got none at home, and went with it. I began to complement and flirt back with the guys and the three of us really enjoyed ourselves. They were making me feel good and I truly enjoyed it.

After a while, Tony suggested rubbing some lotion on my back, because I was starting to burn up a little bit. I said sure, and as I got up to reposition myself, I could feel the drinks really hit me. I plopped down onto the bench seat, as Tony got behind me and began rubbing lotion on my back. He took his time, making sure to really rub it in slowly, relaxing me in the process. As he did, he continued to complement me and flirt. I was really enjoying it, and at that point I let my guard down. While he rubbed me, Alex went to refresh our drinks.

As Tony rubbed my shoulders, he began to playfully joke around that we were in the middle of the ocean and I should drop my top in order to avoid tan lines. At first, I declined but he was pretty persuasive and before I knew it, he untied my top. The straps slowly fell, and me feeling so great from the drinks, just let it fall. I was now topless and didn’t care.

Tony didn’t waste any time running his hands to my chest and rubbing lotion on my tits. I don’t know why I did, but I let him and made no effort to stop him. While rubbing my tits, he lowered his lips to my neck and began to kiss and suck on it. My neck was my soft spot and it drove me wild. His lips felt amazing , and at the moment I didn’t care about anything else.

He did that for a little bit before repositioning himself on the seat in front of me, where he lowered his mouth to my nipples. He licked and sucked on them, while squeezing each of my tits and rubbing them in his face. As he was doing that, I noticed the hard on his swim trunks, and began to rub it, before pushing him back onto the seat. I then got onto all fours, and began to pull on his swim trunks. He helped me take the

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