Landlady Lust and Love Story

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I went to Delhi to do a job and then rented a room. The landlady was insanely sexy. I wanted to fuck her. so what did i do?

Friends, my name is Vicky. I am 28 years old. I am a resident of Chandigarh. After reading the stories in intuition, I also thought that I should also share my real story with you. That's why I have brought my story in friends

I was fine looking. My height is 5 feet 7 inches. My complexion is blonde. So the story begins from Delhi when I went to Delhi for a job. My job was in MNC company. Initially, I was accommodated in a hotel by the company so that I could adjust there easily. I only had 1 week. in which I had to find a room for myself

I was also trying to find the room. Soon the weeks began to pass. I saw an advertisement in the newspaper in which one room was vacant for rent. I called on the number given in that advertisement. As soon as the phone was received, some lady there picked up the phone.
As soon as I picked up the phone, I asked him- Do you have an empty room?

So a mad voice came from there and he said - Yes, the room is empty.
When I asked him to show the room, he said – You can see the room tonight.
After finishing the office work, I reached there to see the room in the evening.

I reached there and on reaching I rang the doorbell first. As soon as the doorbell rang, a woman came out from inside. When I saw them, my eyes were wide open. What a mad body he had, he was like a model in appearance. When I looked at him from top to bottom, I just kept looking. His figure will be 36 32 40. The size of his moms will be 38D. Her breasts were very big and full and the waist was very thin and the ass was also very full.

On seeing me, he said - yes, what do you want?
So I told them - I had called you for the room.
So he said - come, let me show your room.
She turned and started walking.
And I started following him.

When she was walking her ass was shaking like a pendulum. Seeing this sight, I was shaken.

Vasna Aur Pyar

He showed me the room. The rooms were very good. I told him that I liked the room.
Then we both introduced ourselves to each other. I told him my name and he told me his name.
Her name was Barkha. Her name was also beautiful like hers.

Then we completed all the formalities and I came to stay there from the next day.

I was setting things up there when Barkha also came there, she started asking me where I am from.
So I told them – I am from Chandigarh.

Then she started telling me - do you cook your own food?
So I said - no, I will eat food outside.
Then she started saying - I will cook and give you food.

I also said yes because I too was getting home cooked food.

Then a man came there and he started asking Barkha about me. He was the husband of Barkha. There was a huge age gap between the two. I would be 32-34 years old to see Barkha and her husband was looking around 45.
Barkha had maintained herself a lot.

Now it has been a couple of months since I lived there. Barkha and I used to get along very well. Barkha used to cook very well. I used to praise his food and sometimes he would laugh and say – you are very good.

One day a lot of noise started coming from Barkha's house. Barkha and her husband were fighting amongst themselves. He was fighting a lot with Barkha after drinking alcohol. There was a lot of debate between both the husband and wife.

They often used to fight among themselves, but that day they fought a lot among themselves. The people around had also gathered quite a lot.
I went there and rang the bell of his house and only then Barkha came out of the house crying.
Then she saw that there are many people outside.

Then he told me - Vicky sorry, today I will not be able to give you food.
And he closed the door loudly.
I went back to my room.

It went on like this for some ten or fifteen days. Neither did she give me food nor did she see me.
But from his house I could hear the voices of fighting.

Then for a few days no sound of fighting was coming from his house. I was lying at my house on holiday when the bell of my room was heard. When I saw Barkha was standing at the door. I was immediately shocked because Barkha appeared to me after a long time.

I asked him to come inside.

Then she came inside, Barkha started apologizing to me. She
started telling me – forgive me for not giving you food for so many days. She started crying as soon as she said this.

I went to her and said- Madam, why are you crying?
So she started crying and saying that she and her husband got divorced.
Hearing this, my senses were blown away. I told him - when did all this happen?
And she started telling me crying - I got divorced from my husband only last week.

Barkha wiping her tears started saying – I am much happier now than before.
And angrily she started saying - that drunkard had made my life difficult.
She started saying – now I will go freely in my life.

And then she started saying - Vicky can you help me?
I said- madam what help do you need from me?
So she started saying - I want some money in advance!
I told him - how much money do you want?
She started telling me - can you give me ₹ 25000?

That day so many dice were kept in my house, so I gave it to him after withdrawing the money.
Barkha was very happy and hugged me and started telling me – you have supported me in such a difficult time, I will never forget your favour.
He put a kiss on my cheek.

I was shocked right away.
Barkha told me – now we will eat food together.

After that day, Barkha and I started spending a lot of time with each other.
Barkha told me – now we will eat food together.

Since then Barkha and I used to eat food together in the morning and evening.

Now Barkha was much happier than before. Now Barkha would come to my room anytime and used to chat a lot with me. Sometimes she would come only in the morning when I was sleeping and would come and start cleaning my room

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