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This hot lady sex story is of a chubby kind sister-in-law living in my neighborhood. Her eyes showed that she was very anxious to kiss me. how did this happen?

Friends, my friend Bunty has again brought a new sex story for you hot lady.

There lived a sister-in-law in my neighborhood, who was a very chubby kind of lady. Her name was Shayla.
Shayla Bhabhi used to have a lot of itching to get her pussy licked. Her eyes used to tell that she was very anxious to kiss me, but she never told me with her mouth.

I too had never seen sister-in-law with that eye.

But just now when a new sister-in-law came to live in the neighbourhood, I got along very well with her. The setting of sex with them also happened.

A few days later those new sister-in-law told me that Shayla sister-in-law wants to kiss you. If you say then I will say yes to Shayla sister-in-law!

Hearing this, I became very happy. My happiness knew no bounds.
I hurriedly said yes to the sister-in-law - yes sister-in-law, you will tell them to keep your pussy ready… tonight I will bring my cock.

She went away laughing.

Now the laddoos of chudai were bursting in my mind. Today I don't know why time was passing so hard. The evening seemed long. This was probably the result of my restlessness.

As the evening deepened… it was eight o’clock. I was ready after eating food and waiting for everyone to sleep.

After some time, I called my sister-in-law and asked - will you come?
She said- yes come.

What was it then… I walked away with my stand, to fuck sister-in-law's pussy!

As soon as I reached there, I saw the sister-in-law was wearing a red sari and red roses were lying on the bed.

I was very happy to see all this. I entered the room closing the door.

Seeing me in front, my sister-in-law hugged tightly, hugged me, started kissing me.
I also answered his kisses with kisses.

Then both of us started kissing by putting our mouth in our mouth.
I lifted my sister-in-law in my lap and took her to the bed.

It seemed as if both of us had just got married and both of us were celebrating honeymoon.

The whole atmosphere of the room was heated. Sister-in-law was also looking amazing in a red sari.

His big boobs were peeping out of the blouse. Thin waist, thick ass, red lipstick on rosy lips, were adding to her beauty.
Today the sister-in-law was wreaking havoc.

While pressing my sister-in-law's milk, I said- Sister-in-law, where was she hiding till now, why have I not seen it till today?
Sister-in-law said abusing – keep quiet, brother-in-law, dog… I was next to you, you did not see me. Since when I was waiting to kiss your cock… now my king… get me on top of your cock quickly and remove the fever of my pussy. Since when have I been waiting for your Lauda. Today I tell you what is the heat of the pussy.

Saying this the sister-in-law climbed on me and started kissing.
I also started enjoying the kiss of sister-in-law.

For about 20 minutes sister-in-law kissed my lips.

Then I lowered them and climbed on top of them.

Now I started kissing on the lips of sister-in-law and while kissing, I was pressing both her nipples.

Sister-in-law Chudkkad Bhabhi was getting hot. I was having a lot of fun too.

Then I pulled the sister-in-law's sari and took off the sari including her petticoat and separated it.
Now sister-in-law was lying in front of me only in blouse, bra and panties.

peeping through the blouse of sister-in-law, he was telling me to free us too.

I put my hand around the neck of sister-in-law's blouse and pulled it.
His blouse was fitted with crackle buttons. When the force of my hand was felt, it opened openly and in front the milk of sister-in-law was seen trapped in the bra.

The mother-in-law's mother-in-law was clearly visible in a skin-coloured net bra.

I opened my bra and freed the moms.
As soon as I opened my bra, my sister-in-law's big oranges started bursting in the air and started stinging in my eyes.

I broke down like a hungry lion at the mother-in-law's mother. By pressing one of his mother's nipples in his lips, he started sucking loudly. Started mashing the other with his hand.

I was going to suck both the nipples of sister-in-law in turn. She was lying on the bed enjoying me caressing my hair.

I made both my mother-in-law's mother-in-law red by sucking it.

Then she asked me to take off my clothes - take off my clothes too, madarachod.
I said - sister-in-law, you take off yourself!

When I got up abusing, she took off my clothes and broke down on my lad.

Bhabhi put my cock in her mouth and started sucking.

When the cock went in sister-in-law's mouth, the sound of ah ah started coming from my mouth.
Sister-in-law was sucking cock like a marketer. The cock started going up to his throat, from which the sound of 'Fach Fach... Gon Gon...' was coming out.

Sister-in-law was getting sucked very fast while taking my cock inside out.
Till today no one had sucked my cock like this, today sister-in-law had taken my life out.

Sister-in-law continued to suck cocks for about five minutes.

A voice started coming out of my mouth - ah ah uh ... eat my life ... suck my cock ... ah and suck it, shovel.

I was moving the sister-in-law's head rapidly in and out. My cock was going till inside his mouth.

I could no longer bear it; I shot a pitchfork in sister-in-law's mouth itself.
Sister-in-law Randi drank all the juice of my whole.
Sister-in-law ate the semen as if a cat had got to lick the cream.

Sister-in-law was still sucking the cock.

I said with a long sigh - still my heart is not filled, what do I know!
The sister-in-law, while licking the cock, looked at me with intoxicating eyes and said - where is my king now... still the whole night is left. Today, after how many days you have come, how can I leave it like this!

I said - give me a chance too.
Sister-in-law laughed.

Now I raised my sister-in-law and started kis

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