I Had Sex During a Vacation in France

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I never really though that sex during a vacation could happen to me, but life is full of surprises.

“Are you sure that you want to go?” asked Mason. “You don’t want to reconsider and stay with me for the summer?”

“I’ve been studying the whole year. I need some time to relax in France,” I said.

“You gonna call me every day and miss me?”

I rolled my eyes with my back to him while packing. “Yes, Mason. I’ll miss you.”

“Don’t forget who bought you the plane ticket and sorted out your accommodation.”

How can I when you constantly keep reminding me? “I won’t.” Pity you won’t pay my student loan.

Mason dropped me off at the airport and smothered me with kisses so that everyone around can gawk at us. I cracked a smile before going through the terminal and turned to wave. He blew several kisses and gesticulated that I should call him. I nodded and turned around.

When the plane touched down in Paris, I felt like the torment drained from my mind and body. My shoulders felt lighter and smiling felt genuine. Drivers brisked their cars, and shoppers snapped their heads left and right, trying to decide which shop to enter. The sun illuminated the city and caused sweat to form on my hairline, but the gentle breeze brushed it away.

“Oh, wow,” I said, looking at a portrait an artist drew in front of me in the bustled square.

“You like?” he asked.

“It’s fantastic. That painting looks exactly like the photograph.”

“Thank you. I’m Jean,” he said and extended his hand.

“Adriana. Nice to meet you.”

“What a beautiful name to match your beautiful face.”

I felt my cheeks heat up. “Thank you. That’s nice of you.”

“You are so beautiful that I would love nothing more than to do a portrait of you.”

“Thank you, but it looks expensive. I’m a student, so I don’t have the money.”

“No payment. I do it for free. It would be my honour.”

I smiled. “Oh, wow. I’m flattered.”

“I tell you what. Let me finish this portrait, and I take you for a cup of coffee to get to know your personality so that I can really capture it in the painting.”

“Sounds good.”

I stood next to Jean and watched him finish the painting. The intensity in his face revealed his concentration and passion for art. There was nothing sexier to me than a man who had tremendous passion. My heart raced as I thought about going for coffee with a stranger, but it was a mixture of excitement and anxiety. More excitement. I was on vacation after all, and what’s a vacation without a little spontaneous adventure?

“What are you studying?” asked Jean at the coffee shop.

“Design. I love it.”

“Oh, interesting.”

“That’s one of the reasons I chose France. It’s a fashion capital and because of the romance.”

“Oh, so you like romance? I thought somebody as beautiful as you would have a boyfriend.”

“I do.” I sighed.

“Are you not romantic with him?”

“If I were, he would be here with me.”

“What’s the matter?”

“He’s rich, so he buys me things and wants me to reward him by doing things his way. I like doing things my way and when I want to do them. He also expects me to be with him all the time.”

“He’s possessive?”


“Okay, I understand. You like freedom. You want to express yourself without any restrictions.”


“Perfect. Now, I know exactly what to bring out in your portrait.”

“Were you serious about doing it for free?”

“Absolutely. I suggest we go right now while the image of the portrait is fresh in my mind.”

“Go where?”

“To my apartment. That’s where I do some of my best work. It’s quiet and has plenty of space. You’ll feel comfortable.”


Jean opened the massive door of his apartment and walked in first. The wooden floor was rugged, and the creamy walls had an alcove and a fireplace. Portraits on stands were covered with sheets and surrounded the empty lounge. A chandelier suspended from the ceiling and candle wall lights completed the renaissance atmosphere.

Jean handed me a cup of coffee. “Why don’t you stand right there?” he said. “Look straight ahead, and you can sip the coffee if you want.”

He pulled a cover off a stand and drew. After fifteen minutes, he called me to look. My lips parted, and my eyes widened as I looked at the head portrait. “Oh, my God. That looks exactly like me.”

“You like?”

“I love it.”

“You want me to carry on and draw the rest of you?”


“Okay, go back and put the coffee down.” I obeyed. “Would you mind taking off that top?”

I’ve never done that before. What the hell? I took off my top and stood in front of him in my bra. He carried on drawing and called me ten minutes later to look again. I smiled and shook my head. It amazed me how he managed to capture my body shape perfectly and to get the lighting just right.

“Would you mind taking off your pants?”

Something about Jean’s apartment and his professionalism made me feel comfortable and pushed my comfort zone. I stood in my g-string and bra in front of him so that he could complete the portrait. He finished twenty minutes later.

“That is incredible,” I said, looking at the complete portrait.

“I think it’s okay.”

“What are you talking about? It’s amazing.”

“Remember, I said to you that you want freedom and to express yourself without any restrictions?”

“Yes, I do.”

“This is almost there, but not quite.”

“What do you mean?”

“I know that for you to feel full freedom, you have to let go of everything that doesn’t show you completely.”

“You saying you want me to pose completely naked?”

“That’s the image I had in my mind back at the coffee shop. You’ll see. It will be a masterpiece.”

Hearing the word masterpiece made me smile because I was the subject. I’ve come this far. Why stop now? I unclipped my bra and pulled off my g-string. A smile appeared on Jean’s face as he peeked over the portrait.

He finished and showed it to me. My perky breasts were perfectly shaped, and my little bush dr

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Notes Adriana meets an artist in France during her vacation and ends up getting more than sex.
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