Foursome Fun

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Andrea Jones viewed her appearance in the bedroom mirror—she was pleased with what she saw. Once free of the plain work suit and sensible shoes, her hair let down from the tight bun she adopted each working day, she became a completely different person.

Just that day, she’d overheard a few of the office juniors talking about her staid, frumpy appearance. And yet, that wasn’t the person that reflected back at her then.

Once she’d showered, Andrea put on the sexy outfit she had planned for Dexter’s surprise. Once dressed, she went to her dressing mirror and reapplied fresh make-up. The false eyelashes accentuated her piercing blue eyes that contrasted well with her dark brown hair with a chiselled fringe. The lip liner made her look a bit slutty—bordering on porn star model–but she knew that Dexter liked an element of filth in their relationship now and again.

Once her face was painted, Andrea turned her attention to straightening her hair. She wanted to look like the perfect object of desire for Dexter, who was certainly in for a very nice treat when he returned from work shortly. Not only was his favourite meal ready to be re-heated, but he was about to experience a long-held fantasy come to life.

Andrea admired her reflection—the outfit was perfect for the momentous occasion. The deep purple basque was a great fit, pinched her in at all the right places, and made her ample bosom look amazing, with just the right amount of overspill. Her black lace panties accentuated the length of her gorgeous legs. If the immature boys in the office could have seen her then, they would certainly have changed their opinion of her. She looked like a glamourous Anne Summer’s lingerie model—no doubt one that those inexperienced guys would want to fuck.

Turning her back to the mirror, Andrea checked that her stocking seams were straight. One last addition would finish the look to perfection. She pulled on the long black silky evening gloves and she couldn’t help but feel as horny as hell. In her mind, she looked damn good and it was no small wonder Dexter liked her to wear the heels that she’d chosen, because they really flattered her long and toned legs.

The pulsing between her legs increased with thoughts of Dexter walking in from work to see her standing in the hallway dressed the way she was. She imagined how she’d kiss and caress him before undoing his trousers and slipping his briefs down—the way she’d take his thick pole into her silken gloved hand then massage and tease it into full erection.

Andrea squeezed her legs together in a feeble attempt to ease the throbbing she was experiencing but it was to no avail. No… She needed something more than that.

Her fingers traced down the beautiful basque fondling her breasts as she did so. Her fingers slid down the fabric of the small panties she was wearing until they came into contact with her already swollen clit. Yes… That was what she needed—a little something to take away the almost unbearable yearning to have Dexter’s fingers exploring her hole before his tongue expertly caressed her pulsating pearl—his tongue strokes becoming firmer as she edged ever closer to orgasm. Then just at the right moment, though lord knows how he knew, he’d take her swollen nubbin into his mouth and suck. She’d scream out with ecstatic pleasure reaching the first of many an orgasm that was very likely to happen that evening.

Oh god, yes. Her fingers pressed onto her beating button more firmly as she reached orgasm. Please hurry home Dexter, Andrea pleaded in her mind. She needed him—needed to feel his hard cock wet with pre cum inside her, completely filling her up.

Chapter 2

Andrea was brought back from her sexual daydream by the sound of her mobile ringing. As she picked it up from the side, she could see that it was Dexter calling. Andrea answered the call.

“Hello, darling.” Dexter’s voice was as hot and dreamy as ever. “I’m so sorry, lover, but there’s been a power outage here at the office. As the senior consultant it’s my duty to stay here until a full repair has been carried out. I hope you’ve not gone to too much trouble?”

Looking back at the mirror, Andrea replied, “No darling, it’s fine. I’ll see you soon.”

Dexter rang off and Andrea once again looked at her reflection and felt the unending urge for Dexter’s body. “Fuck it,” she cried. “If Mohammed won’t come to the mountain, then I’ll go to him.”

While she called herself a taxi, Andrea gathered her bag and pulled her long black coat over what she had dressed in for their mutual enjoyment.

Oh boy, Dexter was going to get the biggest surprise of their time together yet. She was as rampant as hell and there was no way that all her hormones and cravings were going to waste.

Chapter 3

Andrea paid the taxi, slid gracefully from the car, and walked towards the entrance of the offices where Dexter worked. As she walked into the reception area the only sound to be heard was that of her stiletto heels click clacking on the marble flooring.

“Good evening, madam.” The voice from behind the reception desk was as sexy as the look of the man, thought Andrea. Well, if Dexter doesn’t want me, I’m bloody sure I’d let him have me instead, Andrea thought. I always did fancy trying a bit of black and tonic, and he’s fucking gorgeous. Yes… I think he could satisfy me without issue. I’m way too horny to go home without having my sexual needs seen to.

“You’re new here, aren’t you?” Andrea looked directly into his eyes as she spoke.

“I’ve been with the company about a month but this is my first night shift. I’m Tyrone by the way.” Tyrone eyed Andrea.

Andrea imagined what he was thinking… Shit, she’s hot. I wonder what’s hiding under that coat? She has great legs. I wonder how she’d feel about taking a length of me?

“Is Mr. Jones in his office? If so, please don’t tell him I’m here. I’m Mrs. Jones, and I want to surprise him.”

“Mr. Jones is on the 18th floor an

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Written by LJ Collins
Cargado September 30, 2021
Notes When Andrea arrives at her husband’s office, she gets more than what she expected.
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