A Sensual Release For Her

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Arching her back as she moans, Amy turns over to expose her palm size breasts to Wayne. Eyes locked, she takes his hands and places them on her breasts, sighing with pleasure. She begins to moan as he softly strokes each breast with his fingertips. He can feel her body responding. He grabs the baby oil next to the bed and slowly pours some on each breast. As he softly rubs her breasts, she bites her bottom lip and softly moans. He can feel her body tremble as his hands explore each breast and gently squeezing them as his hands effortlessly glide across her oiled skin. Hearing her moan, he begins to massage her nipples between his fingers, causing her body to tingle. Her body moves in erotic motion as he brings her senses to life. Within a few moments, her body releases in flooding ecstasy and her moans are evidence of pleasure she craved.

Giving her a few minutes to regain herself, his fingers softly stroke her skin up and down below her breasts. Watching her nipples become hard again, he daringly moves further downward keeping his eyes locked on hers. As if they were speaking with only their eyes, he could see that she needed and wanted him to pleasure her more. His fingers gently slid under the band of her skirt and her body tightened. For a second he stops only to see the look of desire in her eyes. His hand discovers the top of her panties, he can feel the heat radiating as he explores. Hearing her sigh, he continues to explore, softly stroking her panties as he moves between her thighs. Her body once again trembling, he slides two fingers inside her panties, feeling her warm wet skin. Wanting more, she spreads her thighs giving him full access to her soaked skin as he continues to explore her. With a gentle move, he parts her lips and slowly runs his fingers up and down her juicy peach as she sighs with pleasure. Stopping for a second, he places a finger on the tip of his tongue, tasting her warm sweet nectar. Gasping in erotic pleasure, she licks her lips, giving him permission to taste more.

Seeing she wants more, he slowly slides her panties off, exposing her freshly shaved skin. He moves between her thighs, placing his mouth just below her bellybutton and softly kisses and licks her warm skin in a downward motion. Inhaling deeply, he lightly blows across her wet peach sending electric tingles through her body. Hearing her sigh, he softly licks her in one stroke from top to bottom. Her body tightens. Her senses are maxed as he enjoys the nectar of her sweet fruit. Slowly moving his mouth up, he engulfs her clit, lightly sucking and licking at the same time. Her body is responsive, dripping nectar as he devours her. Looking up at her, he slides two fingers in her and begins to motion them in and out as he continues to massage her clit with his tongue. In a loud moan, she grabs the back of his head, forcing him down on her. She can feel her body heating up as he pleasures her. His fingers start moving faster with a little force. His tongue licking and flicking her clit. Panting heavily, she begins to feel a burning sensation inside, something she hadn't felt in quite some time. The burning intensifies as his oral skills command her erotic moans. Faster and harder, his fingers plunge in and out for several minutes. Moaning loudly, almost to the point of screaming, her body releases in a gush on his face as his fingers continue to plunge in and out. Several minutes go by as he continues his mission, and again she explodes on him. His chin drenched, her nectar drips off him as he pulls his fingers out. Gasping to breathe, she grabs his hand and pulls him up to her, locking eyes as she places his fingers in her mouth and pulls him down for a taste. Moaning and panting at the same time, they both enjoy her nectar before she licks his chin. She loves her taste and he loves how she tastes. "I want more", he whispers to her. "I want more too and I want to taste you", she whispers to him.

Written by genx.j
Cargado September 30, 2021
Notes A quick story of two people engaged in a sensual and pleasurable release for her.
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