Bi Cross-Dressing Couple

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Chapter 1

Patrick and Vanessa met a little over five years ago at a Soho nightclub. The attraction had been instant between them from their very first meeting.

Dressed in a classic black dress and heels, Patrick explained that his name was Patricia when on nights out like that.

Vanessa, a female by birth, dressed in a blue pin-striped suit, white shirt and tie, complimented by a blue Gatsby hat informed Patricia that she liked to be called Vernon when she was dressed as a man.

For most people, their attraction would have seemed unusual, and possibly frowned upon, but in the cross-dresser club it was the accepted normality, and expected of everyone who went there. In fact, people weren’t allowed into the club unless they had cross-dressed. It was the club’s strict policy so that everybody felt safe and comfortable—enabling their clientele to play out their alter egos without any fears.

The two of them found a vacant booth and talked until the club closed at 2a.m. Each enamoured of the other discussing at length their bi-sexuality—Patrick’s love of adopting a female persona and Vanessa’s love of pretending to be a man. They both enjoyed having sex with women and men, so they had a lot in common.

They’d barely been apart from one and other since that day. Wedding bells chimed not six months after their first meeting, and little Archie, their son, was born a year to the day later.

Life couldn’t have been sweeter. They had the openness and mutual arrangement that either of them could carry on an extra marital same-sex relationship whilst they had regular date nights together as Vernon and Patricia.

On one particular evening, Vanessa dressed and ready, took Archie to his grandparents for the night while Patricia prepared herself at home for their date which would no doubt end up being a crazy fuck-fest at some point.

Revelling in the feel of the new silk underwear Vanessa had bought for her, Patricia slipped into her dress and heels before fastening the velvet choker around her neck.

Collecting the pashmina and clutch bag, Patricia made her way downstairs and did a final check of her hair and make-up in the hallway mirror before stepping out into the warm evening air and into the car where Vernon was waiting for her. Vernon looked dashingly handsome with his dark hair slicked back, and only the slightest hint of make-up.

As was customary for such an outing, they’d made bookings for a show, dinner and an overnight stay in a hotel.

Having dropped their bags off in their hotel room the couple hailed a taxi to take them to the theatre.

Timing it to perfection, there was plenty of time for a drink in the bar before the performance began.

Whilst ordering the drinks, Patricia caught the eye of a particularly good looking man sitting alone at one of the tables. The stranger’s gaze met Patricia’s. He eyed her up and down with what seemed like keen interest. Did he know that Patricia was really Patrick? The intrigue both amused and excited Patricia. Vanessa had quite often commended him on his womanly appearance before they went out, so it would remain a mystery. Or would it?

An announcement that the show would start in five minutes echoed around the bar from the tannoy system. Once they’d finished their drinks, Patricia and Vernon made their way into the auditorium and sat in their allocated seats.

Taking her pashmina from her shoulders, Patricia placed it across her lap as she sat. Shortly, the curtain rose and the show began. They’d been looking forward to the musical for a long time.

Feeling someone sit to her left, Patricia glanced quickly to see that it was the man she’d eyed in the bar just a short time ago and felt herself flush with the physical attraction she had for him.

Looking back towards the stage, she couldn’t help but feel that his eyes were peering at her. The attraction was mutual.

Within a matter of moments a hand from her left slid under the silk pashmina to stroke her outer thigh, raising her dress up as it did so—the pressure of the fingers increased once the owner of the hand realised that there was no objection.

Patricia could feel the arousal mounting. Her dick twitched inside the satin cami knickers she was wearing. Adjusting her position in the seat slightly gave her pursuers’ hand more of an opportunity to feel and explore to greater lengths.

Now at the front of her thigh, the hand pushed upwards, finding the knickers and proceeded to rub the satin over Patricia’s ever hardening rod. Pre-cum oozed from its head. Fingers found their way into the knickers to stroke the wet head then slid down the shaft until they reached Patricia’s balls. Quickly they were cupped and fondled. Ever so slowly the other hand began stroking her rod with a steady strong grip.

Patricia, taking part of the pashmina, covered the groin area of the unexpected pursuer and slid her hand underneath. She found the fastening of his trousers and deftly undid them so that she too could give her admirer pleasure.

Parting the top of the stranger’s trousers, Patricia moved her hand inside to find his meat, and she wasn’t disappointed. His crown, already out of his pants, was large and wet. Using her fingers, she stroked the pre-cum he’d oozed up and down the head.

Both parties grew stiffer as they enjoyed each other’s touch. Hands wrapped around shafts, gripping slightly firmer, stimulating the other’s pole slightly faster. But not so much that other people would notice them as they both edged ever closer to orgasm.


Vanessa, or Vernon, as he was at the time, was not oblivious to the situation taking place next to him. He reached into his jacket pocket for a pack of tissues he had put there. He was sure they were going to be needed in the next few minutes—that was a given. Even in the dimmed lighting of the theatre, Vernon could see the pleasure on their faces and feel the slight rocking of their row of seats.

Vernon’s own pleasu

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Written by LJ Collins
Cargado October 13, 2021
Notes When Patrick becomes Patricia, and his wife, Vanessa, transforms into Vernon, they still get plenty of hot bi action.
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