Devil's Night

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The cool breeze sent dead leaves rustling across the courtyard. The sun had disappeared below the horizon many hours ago. Primitive lamps hung from the front of various buildings, lighting the thoroughfare of the humble, rustic town. Scattered members of the community were still out and about, concluding their business. Some were closing their shops. Others were saying goodbye to neighbors after a bountiful harvest meal. The streets would empty by the witching hour. It was All Hollow's Eve and soon haunts and demons of the netherworld would have free reign over the Earth.

Joseph marched across the town square with purpose, his mind and nerves in turmoil. He pulled his cloak around him tightly as his boots squished against mud and stone. The last few days had been trying, though he'd done his best to hide his troubled state from his dutiful wife. How could he tell such a pure woman of the awful things he'd seen? Of the scandalous things he'd done in his own mind's eye!

Theirs was a simple town and a simple people. They'd turned away from all modern things to live a life of hard work and faith. Their community consisted of a church, a tavern, a few shops, many farms and little else. Their days were spent in piety and reverence for all creation. This made the visions plaguing Joseph that much harder to bear. It was a mockery of their traditions. An affront to their entire way of life.

For three long nights, Joseph had not known peaceful slumber. Many times he'd been tempted to spill his seed while sweet Cordelia slept just inches from his trembling body. The visions drove him to lustful madness. Each night it grew more difficult to stay his hand.

Joseph could, at any time, have woken her to engage. Intercourse within the marriage bed was sanctified and his right as husband and man of the house. And yet, that was as far from his desires as Lucifer stood from the throne of God. His impulses had turned licentious and unholy. What he now craved was an abomination unto the lord.

He hoped the village priest could help dispel these fiendish manifestations. At his last sermon, Father Raymond had said, very specifically, that he would be available for confession later than usual on this night. It was not uncommon for men or women to contend with demons on the eve of All Saint's Day.

That's how Halloween had come to be known, after all, though no one in the village called it that. There were no glowing pumpkins. No candy or costumes. Only low voices and dim lights as Joseph closed the distance to the church. He thanked God as he witnessed candle light glowing from the cathedral's painted windows. Father Raymond was faithful, as always; a beacon of kindness and wisdom in a world growing ever darker.

He opened the large wooden door and stepped into the hallowed hall. Joseph pulled the hood from his head as he entered the lord's house; showing proper respect. Candles lit his way as he proceeded down the rows of pews. He continued to the front of the altar before turning and heading to the confessional. As expected, candles were lit outside the large, carved wooden booths. Joseph was pleased to see the curtain of the sinner's stall was open. He was in no mood to wait.

He stepped into the booth eagerly and closed the heavy curtain behind him. Sure enough, he could see a dark figure sitting on the other side through the latticed opening in the center. He was surprised that Father Raymond had no lamps or candles lit within. That would seem prudent on so dark and ominous a night. His figure could only be deciphered by the residual glow of the candles outside.

“Good evening, Father.”

“Good evening, my son. What troubles you?”

“Is it not very dark in these booths?”

“It is good to reside in darkness from time to time. To know darkness and solitude is to truly know one's thoughts. To strip bare the soul and see what lies at its core.”

“Indeed, Father, you've struck the root. I fear that is precisely why I sit before you tonight.”

“Speak the words and unburden yourself, my son.”

Joseph took a deep breath and sighed. He raised his right hand and made the sign of the cross over his face, chest and shoulders as he began. “Bless me Father, for I have sinned. It has been two weeks since my last confession. In that time, I have transgressed on each and every day, but it was not until these last few nights that the weight of my sins became unbearable.”

“Of what sins do you speak?”

“Impure thoughts. Demonic visions. Lustful longing for adulterous impropriety.”

Father Raymond shifted in his chair and Joseph heard the creak of wood as he re-positioned himself. “Demonic visions you say? Then, these urges you're experiencing are intense?”

“Very intense, Father, and the woman in these... hallucinations haunts me endlessly. She mocks, teases and seduces me into heinous acts of debauchery.”

“They may be more than hallucinations, my son, but before I judge, tell me more. Describe this woman who haunts your thoughts and dreams.”

Joseph paused a few moments, reluctant to go into detail. It would be embarrassing to share such things, but he knew if there was to be any cure for his malady, he must be forthright. “She is a fair skinned woman with markings all over her body. Some kind of scars or tattoos. Taller than most men and always dressed in sinful attire. The color of her hair is different each time. Sometimes she has horns at her temple, a cloven tail or even wings.”

Father Raymond waited, expecting more, but the booth remained silent. “Is that all, my son? Have you left nothing out?”

“She also has...”

“Has what?”

“...a large.... phallus.”

The word hung in the air and it was the priest's turn to pause before speaking.

“Joseph, I'm sorry to tell you this, but it's critically important that you know... You are in serious danger.”

“What do you mean, Father? What kind of danger?”

“I have seen this phenomenon before. Too many times, unfortunately

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Written by James Bondage
Cargado October 13, 2021
Notes A once faithful man is corrupted by a Futa Succubus.
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