Loving Wife [F32] gets fucked at the Beach [M36]

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"Just trust me,” she said, pulling his hand behind her.

She hopped over the cobblestones, carefully balancing on the balls of her feet and led him down the pathway. The sound of the waves was getting closer, and the place was getting darker until they finally arrived at the little secluded beach that she was so keen on showing him. “Isn’t this nice?” she said, opening up a picnic blanket. “It’s a little secret bay. All to ourselves.” Matt took a quick look around, turning his head and observing the beach from one corner to the other. She wasn’t wrong in saying that she found a secret hideout, but he wasn’t convinced that he could call it a beach.

The little patch of sand outlining the waves was not much bigger than a double bed, and it had high cobble walls wrapping around, leaving only a tiny opening from where they came through. There weren’t any light posts either and had it not been for the moon’s reflection and some distant hotels that shined the faintest of lights, they would have been in pitch black.

Cara and Matt had been together since high school, almost fifteen years. Neither of them wanted to have kids, and their love had grown deep for each other. They had a strong bond together, one that few couples managed to achieve in their lives, and they complemented one another like butter and bread. But, despite their free-spirited lives, their attraction towards each other was starting to dim out. They’d been over the honeymoon phase a long time ago, and a calmer light had now replaced the fireworks that once filled their chests. Their sex life wasn’t really fun and exciting anymore; nothing about it was new. Their touch remained the same, their words were the same, and the whole sequence felt like it had been used way too many times.

But, they weren’t just going to give up on each other that easily. They took a week apart, distancing themselves from each other and giving their hearts space. Igniting that feeling again of missing each other, and along with that, Cara made a little mental list of things they should do together to spice things up. And having sex outside where someone could easily see them was high on her list.

She crossed her legs and sat down onto the blanket, casually reaching for a bottle of red wine from her tote bag, “Do you want a glass?” she asked, pulling out the cork. Matt looked down at her seemingly innocent blue eyes, and his face melted into a smile. “Of course, how can I say no to this gorgeous creature?” She shook her head and rolled her eyes while he sat down by her side, and for a brief moment there, it felt like they’d gone back in time. She took a sip of wine, swirling it around her tongue and then looked over to Matt. “Do you like it?” she asked, leaning close to him. “Yeah,” he said, taking another sip to confirm his thoughts. “It’s smooth and sweet. Just like your lips,” he whispered, leaning in close to her face and gently tasting her lips.

It wasn’t long after their kiss that the bottle of wine had finished, and their thoughts got a little blurry. Cara went in for another kiss, but this time she poured her soul into it. She ran her hand through his hair, pulling his face close to hers and pressed her breasts up against his chest. Gently rocking her hips against his thighs and teasing him as best she could. Matt moved in even closer to her, wrapping his arm behind her neck and pulling her in. His breath softly landing on the side of her cheek as his wine-stained lips brushed hers.

Cara closed her eyes and shifted her full focus onto Matt, ignoring all the distractions surrounding her. The distant noises seemed to fade away, and the crashing waves sounded softer as she lost herself in the moment. He brushed his thumb over her pink lips, and she kissed it gently, pressing her lips onto the tip of his finger as if to tease him about what else they could be doing. Then she lowered her back onto the blanket, and Matt wrapped his leg around her, pinning Cara down onto the blanket.

She slid her hand down his chest, over his belly and onto his crotch until her fingers were massaging his growing shaft. And Matt followed her lead. Pushing his fingers past the edge of her dress, he greedily filled his palm with her heavy breasts. Slowly massaging around her budding nipples and pulling the fabric down to one side, forcing her right breast to fall out of her dress. He wrapped his fingers around the bottom of her breast, squeezing them and brushing his thumb over her nipple. Soft at first and then harder. Biting it in between his teeth and playing around with his tongue. Then, he moved over to her left breast and repeated every single step. Massaging it, sucking it and biting on her nipple, all while she kept kneading Matt’s crotch, making him grow harder and leaving very little room in his pants.

He moved his hand down to the belt, opening the buckle, pulling it out of the loops and placing it beside him. Then, he unzipped his pants and lowered them slightly, allowing his cock to bulge out proudly. “Get naked with me,” she whispered, “no one can see us here anyway.” And before she had even finished her sentence, she pulled up her dress and slid it out of it. Letting her skin glow under the moonlight and showing off her light pink lingerie set before quickly removing that too.

Matt kept staring at her naked body as she leaned down onto her elbows, arching her back and stretching out her legs. So many different emotions rushed through his head. He was excited and impressed that she had the guts to stand completely naked out in public. But most of all, he was horny for her. His dick was throbbing and begging to be let out, and the only thing he could think of was how badly he just wanted to fuck her right there. He took another look around him, assuring himself that no one could see them, and then took off all his clothes.

Cara pushed his shoulders down onto the blanket and straddled her legs over him, carefully placing the tip

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