Stress relief is a must

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I was stressed out with uni work lately and my days were disappearing, i needed a break and wanted to blow off some steam, but lately that meant watching repeats of trashy tv and drinking tea, very exciting stuff.

I looked through my phone and my phone pinged with a message from my lecturer friend, "hey cheeky, saw you popped online there, hope your ok and not to stressed out like i am, remember I'm always here for the good and boring stuff x"..... my heart melted in and instant, i thought this is perfect timimg or an amazing coincidence.

I got showered and tidied myself up, straightened my hair, put on my ripped jeans and tucked a lomg sleeve t shirt into them, added a belt and my comfy biker boots, i grabbed my bag and phoned a taxi, i was needing a break and thought why not surprise him aswell.

I arrived at his house and saw the car was in the drive, perfect timimg, i smiled and thanked the driver before getting out and walking up the steps to his door, i was nervous giggling and realised how cold it was now as i knocked on the door, i heard some footsteps and the key turn in the door, when he opened it he went from curious to shocked, "surprise!" I said smiling, he was standing there smiling and grabbed me and gave me a huge cuddle and it felt like he didnt want to let go of me, he brought me in and took me to the kitchen, were he made me tea and we chatted for a bit, "you cheeky bitch, i didnt expect this at all!?... im happy you came here" he was sounding so happy and so was i but i couldnt stop staring at him, he had loose fitting jogging bottoms on and a t shirt that showed off his figure, he doesnt have muscles but i like it anyway.

We walk into his living room and its full of papers and laptop with folders here and there, he has been working hard, he clears a space for me to sit in the couch next to him but i laugh and sit on the floor and kick my boots off, we relax some more and he makes me another tea and him a coffee, when he comes back in im on my back legs bent, knees together, innocently looking though my phone, i just hear him sigh and when i look at him he has that look on him that I've missed,"if you stay like that its giving me so much temptation, its been to long" he says as he hands me my drink and sits back down.

I sit up and giggle and what hes said but in my head I'm agreeing with him, its been far to long but don't know if i should push it, i get onto my knees and crawl over to him, pressing myself against his knees as i open them up and lean forward, "is this tempting or should i stop?" He puts his coffee down on the table next to him and puts his hands down on either side and just smiles, i slide my hands up his thighs and grab his joggers and slide my hands in, I'm not wasting any time, hes soft but it wont take long.

He slides his joggers down and kicks them off to the side, as i see his soft cock start to twitch to life, i lick my hands to make them wet and start to work on him as i kiss and lick his balls, hes moaning already and my pussy is aching for him, i take his semi hard cock into my mouth and start to deep throat him, he loves hearing me gag and i love hearing him moan, hes getting so much thicker and im starting to struggle, i take his cock out my mouth and stand up, i slowly turn round and show him my ass, i undo my belt and lower my jeans slowly, bending over in front of him showing off my pussy and i hear him groan at the sight of it, i take them off and start to tease him by grabbing my ass cheeks and spanking myself.

I sit down on his lap with his cock between my legs and start to grind against him, and tease him with a lap dance, bouncing myself up and down against him like we were fucking, he started to get soft again, " something wrong?" I asked him, " i had to stop myself from cumming there, dont worry keep going" i started to laugh and kept going, his hands were on my hips playing with my thong, i slid it to the one side and rubbed my pussy juice over his cock, i guided him to were i needed him and sat on him, his cock felt amazing as it slid in, i kept grinding on him and teasing we both moaned and i couldn't help myself.

The next thing i feel is him bucking his hips into me like a jack hammer, fucking me hard and deep, i let out a yelp as he keeps going, next minute I'm being pushed over as manages to get us onto the floor and fucking me from behind, he knows this is a game over for me when he fucks me like that, hes grabbing hold of my hips and fucking the life out of me, getting rid of all that stress thats been building up... i feel something cold and wet on my backside and then a sharp sting, he's just stuck his thumb in me and im loving it as he fucks me hard, "i want you to cum on my cock, you little slut" i love the dirty talk and its turning me on more, "please fuck me harder then, i need this" i feel him go from the jack hammering to hard deep thrusts and i feel myself tremble and collapse into mush on the floor, "i havent finished yet with you, grab your ass cheeks and spread them wide" he says to me as im cumming but i obey and do it, he takes his dripping cock out my pussy and sticks it in my ass, hes nice and gentle and its even more tight with me cumming, as he starts to fuck me again i rub my clit with my hand and finger myself, enjoying how wet i am, it doesnt take long and the thrusts are long and deep, grunting with every thrust into me and before long slamming a huge load inside my ass, he leans over and hugs me as were both out of breathe, "feeling better?" He asks me, as he slides out of me, "much better now, im just glad i out that smile back on your face" i look over my shoulder and give him a kiss.

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