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I stepped back into Los Angeles for the first time in years, and I can’t say I enjoyed it. I was there for the funeral of a friend, about the only thing that would take me back into a big city. I made my way to my hotel, checked in, tossed my luggage onto the luggage rack and prepared myself for the next day. The funeral was a massive affair but well done. As I wandered through the large group of people who’d come to see my friend off this mortal coil, I bumped into someone who I was actually happy to see. She squealed when she saw me and gave me a huge hug.


Her name was Michelle. I’d mentored both her and her brother years ago when I lived there. Well, I’d mentored her brother, she’d always been a little headstrong and didn’t quite want to be mentored, but I gave her advice when I could. Back then she was 16 and smoking hot, a fact that I had done my level best to avoid noticing. Now she was in her mid twenties, and unfortunately for me, still smoking hot. I tamped down whatever feelings that started rising and hugged her back.

“What’s going on, chica? Been a while since I’ve seen you! How’s life treating you these days?”

She began to regale me with her life story, where she worked, what she was doing for fun, and I just drank her in. She was tall, about five foot and ten inches, light brown hair, and sky-blue eyes. Large, full breasts. C cup, maybe Ds. Wide hips and narrow waist, with long legs that seemed to go on forever. Just about physical perfection, and she was grabbing on to my arm and walking me to the food table where we could grab a bite to eat. We continued chatting while we ate, and I did my best to make sure that I never showed her just what effect she had on me. Hell, I’d done that years ago, because nobody wants to be a creepy pervert around an underage woman, so I had plenty of practice at being a gentleman.

As things began to wind down, I mentioned that I had to get back to my hotel. “Oh, where are you staying?” Her eyes gleamed at me. Wait, was I imagining things? Probably. I told myself to just play it cool, don’t be a jerk. I could go back and take matters in hand later.

“I’m at the Hilton off of Conoga and Victory. Got a good deal through some travel website, and hey, it’s not a bad neighborhood.”

“Oooo, that’s kinda close to where I live! Maybe I should come see you tonight!”
Once again I had to throttle my body’s urges, but I grinned at her and said “Well, I’ll just be watching TV and sipping whiskey. Kinda boring, to be honest.”

“That’s OK, we can catch up! It’s been years!”

At that point some other old friends came up and demanded my attention, so I told Michelle that I would call her and then allowed myself to be pulled away for more conversation and reminiscing. After a couple of hours I was pretty drained, and I headed back to the room. I changed into shorts and a t-shirt, just some comfortable clothes, when my phone pinged. It was Michelle. “What’s ur room #?”

I groaned. Well, I did tell her where I was staying, but I didn’t need to spend yet another night trying to control myself. Still, it was Michelle, so I gave her my room number and waited for the knock at the door. When I opened it, she once again leapt into a big hug. I closed the door while still hugging her, and this time I didn’t exactly let her go too quickly. I savored the feeling of this beautiful woman’s body pressed tightly against mine. She was wearing a light blouse and a dress that came down below her knees, and she had a backback slung over one shoulder. I let her go with a twinge of regret, and moved into the main body of the room. “You ever figure out how to drink whiskey yet?”

She giggled. “Nope. I’m a wine girl. Brought my own bottle with me! I knew you wouldn’t have any.” She pulled out a bottle of red wine and a corkscrew from her bag, and proceeded to fill a glass from the counter and sit on the couch. I settled down on the other side of the couch and once again drank her in. We chatted about her family, her work, my work, just catching up and filling in the blanks for a good hour. I sipped my whiskey, she drank her wine, and I watched as her cheeks became a little blushed.

“Hey, you going to be OK to drive home?”.

She waved her hand at me in a dismissive gesture. “I’ll be fine in a bit, Besides, I can always stay here, can’t I?”

I gave an exaggerated look around the room. “There’s only one bed. You propositioning me?”

She giggled again. “Well, I know you’re married, so you wouldn’t do anything with me, right?”

I agreed, yes, that would be bad, but the throbbing in my crotch came back with a vengeance. I really hoped she would be OK to drive, because I doubted I would have any willpower if she was that close to me all night long.

“Well then….. it shouldn’t be a problem, right?" She smiled at me. "Even though I don’t care if you’re married?”

My breath caught in my throat. I looked up at her and wondered if I had heard that correctly.

“Dave….” Her voice got a little softer. “I don’t know if you ever knew, but I had a crush on you when you were here. Big time. And I always wondered….”

“If I liked you too?” My words came out a little shaky. She nodded her head, keeping her eyes on me.

“Well, um…. Yes. You were gorgeous as hell. I did my best to make sure you never noticed.”

She smiled, and bit her lip. “I never knew anything. I remember trying to get you to kiss me. We’d be in your pool, and I’d be wrestling you and trying to get you to notice what I wanted, but you never seemed to want to do anything.”

I sighed. “Yeah, well, I didn’t want to be that guy. Y’know, perving out on a 16 year old. The temptation was there, but…. I wasn’t going to do anything.”

She bounced a little bit on the couch and moved closer to me. “So now that you know, and you know that I know…. What do you think you want to do?”

I looked at her,

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Notes This is a story that almost came true. Maybe next time.
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