The Real Arrangement

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Celeste and I worked together for a number of years. She was 38 and married with three children. I was 22. I supposed we satisfied the needs of each other at the time. At her age, I am guessing that, she wanted some excitement outside the monotony and responsibility of marriage. Conversely, I was young, hormones raging with a strong desire to fuck as much as possible. I was in no serious relationship and I was not looking for one. My time and energy was focused on working full time and studying part-time, centered on pursuing an electrical engineering diploma. So for the idea that an older married woman would offer sex anytime I wanted with no strings attached was the perfect scenario for me.

As we worked together, access and availability was easy but on this one particular afternoon things changed. It was about 3:45pm. Although it was still quite early, the owner had left for the evening to pick up her kids from school. This was a routine occurrence as she had two teenagers adjusting to life in high school. The organisation at the time was a very small start-up working out of a three room section of an office building on the outskirts of the capital city. The layout was simple, I was in my work area which was at a level about three steps down from the other two rooms.

During the day I was usually alone in my little area. Interaction was limited and persons would only visit to get information on outstanding orders or reasons for productions delays etc. This was a fairly busy day and I was looking forward to leaving to head to school. Classes were usually from 5:00 pm to 9:00pm and then I had a commute of about an hour before I got home. So I was anxious to clean my work area, shut down the machines, change from my work attire and head to out.

As I was cleaning up at about 3:47 pm I heard the “click” of the front door closing. The sound was very discernable but I knew that we were closed for the day and yes a bit early but the chances of a “walk in” customer was “remote to never” at this time. Almost immediate after hearing the door, Celeste appeared at the top of the steps. She looked at me and I returned the stare. She wore a white long sleeved blouse and green skirt. The skirt was a bit short to be considered work attire but I never complained when she wore it. It highlighted her great legs and complimented her shoes. As she walked down the step she motioned me to come closer.

When we were a few inches apart she unzipped my “all in one” coveralls, reached in and pulled out my cock. Needless to say that I was already erect. In fact, erection was in effect as she appeared. She was also keenly aware that during my work shifts I wore very little below my coveralls. I could have afforded too. The production area was always cool and very comfortable. On this particular day I only had on a pair of boxers below, it was a very liberating feeling.

She led me gently by my cock across the room towards a small “L” shaped desk in the corner. It was customized so it was slightly taller than the average office desk with an accompanying stool. In the few seconds it took to reach the desk I wiggled out of the top of the coveralls and was now standing with them around my ankles. I usually like full nudity but I know these circumstances were different. The purpose was raw and immediate. She hiked her skirt up enough to expose her ass and panties, bent over the table and lifted a leg on the stool. I spat in my hand and rubbed the head of my cock. Clumsily, I pulled her panties to the side and drove my cock right up inside her. At 22 you tend to be impatient. I could tell she was aroused as the instant my cock entered, it was drenched with her juices. The fucking was intense. I shoved my cock in her violently over and over again. There as a cacophony of sound. Noise as her hips hit the counter with every thrust forward. Noise as my hips collided with her ass, as the stool dragged on the floor and the grunts as I impaled her time and time again. It was like “surround sound” of sex.

As I held on to her hip with my right hand, my left hand wandered up her blouse and cupped her breasts, rolling her nipple between my thumb and forefinger. It was not a light or gentle touch. I grabbed and I pulled desperately trying to gain any leverage I could as I fucked her. With the end approaching I stepped out completely from my coveralls and kicked it aside. I could feel the fountain of milk begging to erupt. Pre-cum was leaking and I knew it was only a matter of time. Involuntarily, as I approached climax, my right hand reached for her hair and I pulled her head back, up closer to me while simultaneously leaning forward to reach her. As the first jet of white lava erupted from my cock I intensely licked her left cheek and slid down to her neck and shoulder. Wave after wave of orgasmic bliss caused me to convulse violently filling her pussy with hot white cum.

Apparently my cock acted as a natural plug and as I shuddered with the last remnants of my orgasm and pulled out, the flood gates were opened, releasing my joy juice to the world. It leaked out of her at an alarming rate. Clearly, my tanks were full. Some smeared on her panty, skirt and inner thighs before ending as globes on the floor. She remained motionless for some time and as the effect of my orgasm wore off I regained some sense of composure. I attempted to make a hasty retreat as now my focus had changed to getting to school. I organized and left for the afternoon.

School was in walking distance to my office so it did not take me long to get there. I was early by about 30 minutes so I decided to do some revision. When you work full time and study part time you try as much as possible to maximize all the time you have. As I began to look through my bag I suddenly realized that I had left a handout back at the office probably on the same desk where I had just ploughed through my work colleague. Reluctantly, I left and headed back to th

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Notes Young stud finds out that a couple was using him to live out their sexual fantasies.
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