Story 1: Mandy
  • Story 1: Mandy
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It didn’t start with your tattoo, but that was what caused me to tip over the line.

The moment you mentioned your little scorpion tattoo, I knew I wanted to see it. Well, I wanted to see you, but seeing your tattoo means I might just get a glimpse of more of you, and that certainly got my blood stirring. Your giggle when you said you needed to be somewhere more private to show it off did a number on me as well. When you pulled me into your room and slid your pants down off your hips to flash the ink, my eyes weren’t really focusing on the artwork. Well, not the ink artwork. Your body was the artwork I was admiring, from the skin of your hips to the side profile that put your breasts on display.

I was mesmerized. I reached out and brushed my fingers over the scorpion, but I was watching you. “Simply breath-taking” I murmured, wondering just how far you would let me go. Would you let me touch you more? Would you let me kiss you? As my touch changed from fingers on your skin to my hand brushing against the small of your back, I could see you open your mouth just a little bit. I saw your pulse beating under your skin, and I was certain that you wanted me as much as I wanted you. I wanted to be certain, so I pulled you close to me, and kissed you softly. You kissed me back, both of us hesitating just a little bit, but growing bolder as the kiss went on.

You wrapped your arms around my neck as I kissed my way down to that sensitive spot where your neck meets your shoulders. I kept my hand on your back, while my other hand slowly worked its way to that sheer, tight shirt you were wearing that was driving me nuts. I wanted to feel my skin against yours, the way we used to do back when we were younger and life seemed limitless. I slid my fingers under the shirt, lifting it until I could cup your breast in my hand. I kissed you again, holding you tight front and back, and I could feel your heart beating like crazy in your chest. Your nipple was getting hard, and I brushed my thumb over it. You gasped at that, and I pulled your shirt off and dropped it on the floor. Mine joined it, and the feel of your skin against mine as we kissed made my head spin.

I kissed my way down your body, kissing the tops of your breasts, then the bottom, until I softly kissed your nipples, sucking them into my mouth and listening to you moan. My hands were slowly pushing your pants further down, and I ended up on my knees in front of you as I trailed kisses across your stomach, then lower. When I kissed the very top of your sex, I felt your legs trembling, and I slowly pushed you back to the bed. Once you were seated, I kissed my way down your legs, my hands stroking your skin, slowly pushing your legs apart until I could begin kissing my way up your inner thighs. My fingers brushed against your sex, and slowly I stroked your lips until I could kiss my way up and press my lips there, so warm and now so wet. I slowly slid my fingers between your lips, sliding them up and down, feeling you quiver as I circled your clit and then slowly slid my finger inside you. Your breathing was fast, and I could feel you tremble as I began kissing and licking you, my fingers moving inside you, my tongue flicking and circling and teasing. Your hands grabbed my head, pulling me in closer as I made love you to with my hands and my mouth. I could hear your breathing start to get ragged, and then the orgasm hit you. Your clit was throbbing under my tongue, and you pushed my head away as you got overly sensitive there, but my fingers stayed in you, moving in and out, your body clenching around them, until the shaking began to subside.

The sound of your orgasm had hit me like a thunderbolt. I was mad with desire. I was so hard for you it hurt. I wanted to give you pleasure, and I wanted to take pleasure from you. Hearing you cum, hearing my name on your lips as you cried out made me drunk with lust. I don’t even remember pulling my pants off, all I know is that I was there pressing the length of myself against you. I could feel your wetness dripping down my shaft, and I started sliding up and down, feeling your body against mine, my mouth kissing and sucking on your skin anywhere I could reach. As I slid down, you shifted your hips so that the very tip of me was right at the opening of you.

I looked down into your beautiful eyes as I slowly slid myself inside you, inch by inch, until I was completely sheathed in you. You were panting, making little noises as I begin to thrust into you, slowly. You felt so good, better than anything I could have imagined. I wanted to make this last forever, this joining of me to you, this lovemaking with a beautiful woman who I had desired so badly. My thoughts were a blurry haze, all I could think of at this moment was you. My hands went to your hips, and I gripped them as I quickened my pace. You lifted your legs, and I shifted my position, going deeper into you, and you began making louder noises with every thrust. I heard your breath getting ragged again, and the second orgasm hit you, and this time I could feel your sex squeezing me, gripping me, stroking me tighter as your body clenched and spasmed, and I couldn’t hold back anymore. I wrapped you in my arms, and with a cry I exploded into you, my pleasure and yours joining together until all we could do was lay there, breathing hard.

As we lay there, our heartbeats slowly returning to normal, I looked at you. So beautiful. So much of what I desired. I kissed you softly again, and you snuggled up to me, pulling me tighter. You spoke with a voice that was still quivering from our lovemaking. “Dave…. Stay with me tonight?”

Oh, Mandy. Yes.

Written by dm1911
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