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I was never the type of guy to look lustfully at a friend’s sister or wife or anything like that. Call me old school or simply respectful or maybe I consider some things off limits. This was all true up until I met Rita, the wife of someone I considered to be a good friend.

My good friend Danny and I met just after we finished high school. We were around the same age but came from very different educational backgrounds. I did reasonably well in school, saw education as the only way to progress and set some goals for myself. He on the other hand was not as focused, heavy into gym, not educated enough for an entry level job but with connections managed to land a starter job at a very reputable company. We connect via sport as we both play in a neighborhood sports team. Not serious sport but enough for the guys to get together and hangout, have some fun and be as competitive as we could be. From time to time I would drop by his home and very often I would talk with his girlfriend at the time, Rita.

Outside of sport we still managed to remain close, hanging out occasionally meeting for drinks and playing the occasional pool. We would be at each other’s homes regularly and celebrated the holidays and other special occasions together. He saw me cope with two, at the time, very bad break ups and I even assisted him with finding work when he was unemployed. From my perspective I considered him a close, trusted friend.

One particular Christmas after visiting my parents, my wife and I was driving past his home and saw his wife outside. Wishing to extend the season’s greetings I stopped the car and we exchanged greetings and I drove off. Without missing a beat my wife said “Oh my… she wants to fuck you”. Of course, I really could not see that and how exactly my wife knows these things I would never know but I have come to realize that she is usually right and I am usually wrong. Intuition I guess. Anyway, that idea was forgotten by the time I drove off and reached home.

Fast forward to several years later. I had spent the night by my parents and was heading to work. This was rather early in the morning. As I was driving past my friend’s home I saw Rita busily heading to the convenience store. I slowed down and asked her where she was heading and she quickly explained why. It turns out she was trying to change cash into smaller bills for Danny to use to go to work.

Months pasted before Rita and I would talk again. This time she called to borrow money. She said they were having issues paying some bills and was wondering if I could help. I discussed the matter with my wife and we decided to assist. I have a simple rule when it comes to lending money. Lend what you can afford to lose. Friends tend to not respect payback options and the friendship usually suffers. I dropped the cash for her. Months would pass again before she called and again asked for money. Again I loaned it to her with no expectation of a return.

One day she called me to talk. I found this to be very strange as she had never really done this previous. We spoke for quite some time but the long and short of it was that the relationship had deteriorated and she was ready to leave and head back to her parents place. I told her to think things through. I know they were together for a number of years and I know that relationships can be challenging. They have their ups and downs and it requires some work.

We spoke several times over the course of the next three weeks. During one of those conversations she confessed something to me. Admittedly, when I first heard it I was shocked and left in disbelief. Apparently, when things took a turn for the worst Danny accused her of having a relationship with me. What an absolutely foolish thought. All this time he was quite normal around me. I mean quite normal. Admittedly, her confession disappointed me as it clearly showed that Danny did not really know me or know his wife. I was angry but not knowing how to react I left the matter alone.

In a week’s time, Rita called me to ask for help to move back to her parents place. I did my best to help and we made several trips back and forth to move her personal belongings. As she was about to jump out of the car, on the last trip, I looked at her and said “Seeing that he already find you guilty of being unfaithful call me when you’re ready.”

It was about a month after. I was at work and a text message came through. Two words “I’m ready”. Never did I think she would take me up on my offer but I guess I was wrong. After the adrenaline rush and the instant erection I was now going to do something that I never thought I would do in my entire life. I would fuck a friend’s wife. When “on shift” I usually stayed by my parents so as I came from work, I showered, got dressed and passed to pick her up. I did not have a real game plan. I was thinking dinner, some drinks and see what happens.

We hastily arrived at the restaurant and was quickly ushered to a table. The conversation was light not to intense. Very little flirting or suggestive comments. I did ask one simple question to put my plan in motion. I asked her if she was certain this is what she wanted. She nodded her agreement and we left. While driving we reached the turn off to the hotel and I asked again if she was certain. She nodded again, two for two.

We arrived at the hotel, I paid for the room and off we went. I was not nervous but contemplative. Not the best mental approach when you are going to fuck someone. We got to the room. The layout of the room leaves little doubt as to its design intent. Action or leave. The next series of actions was a bit mechanical but we both knew we were there for one reason i.e. sex. To be honest, the idea of revengeful sex was not bad and in fact a bit arousing. As we continued we both got undressed quickly. No sultry, sensual, seductive undressing. It was like two strangers getting naked in front each other. In an instant, she was

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Notes After being accused of infidelity Rita tries it.
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