Driving my stepdad mad with lust so he'd fuck me again

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Antonio had never made me feel like that, like I was wanted and I was going to be taken without regrets.

He had made me feel ashamed of my body and between him using me and my prostitute mom being abused by her Johns, I had somehow convinced myself that sex was humiliating and sickening.

But then with Dominic, my stepdad, it had been so good, so perfect, so… healing.

I didn’t remember having reached down to my clit and starting to play with myself, but I must have. I could hear the squelching sounds of my wet flesh getting molested by my own hand.

I hadn’t felt the urge to masturbate in so long and now here I was, furiously friggin’ myself, pumping two fingers in and out of my pussy while my mind replayed my little affair.

Yet no matter how I moved, I was unable to get the exact same sense of fullness and satisfaction with just so little.

I needed a man in my pussy. I needed my mom's husband, specifically, and his cock, his hands on my hips, his mouth on my breasts, pulling my hair and manhandling me for his sexual convenience.

I needed to be devoured and consumed by the fires of his lust.

I bit down on my bottom lip, silencing the needy calls for him every time I recreated the sensations he had given birth to in my body.

I knew I couldn’t be found out like this by either of them, just like I knew I was going to have to give up on my love for Dominic. He was not mine to keep and it would destroy mom if I tried to take him from her. It would probably destroy him too, considering how he had battled with himself before giving into my demands and fucking me.

He had once asked me if I would regret giving him my body. Was he now regretting having had sex with me, I wondered? I couldn’t bear the thought.

I swore to myself that I would exorcise not only Antonio, but also my stepdad from my heart and body and not let them rule over me. I swore that I wasn’t going to need anyone at all and a bunch of other nonsense I that didn’t even feel right, much less true, but that I swore I would do anyway.

Because I needed to be stronger than this.

And yet when the door opened and I heard Dominic's sharp inhale, I instinctively spread my legs wider so he could see exactly why I had been hiding in the bathroom.

“I thought you were crying,” he breathed, sounding like he was apologizing for coming in here like that. “It sounded like you were crying. For- fuck,” he cursed, completely losing his train of thought.

Was he watching me, I wondered? He had to be, I did not hear the door close. God, how I hated my blindness, now more than ever!

But I didn’t stop, like he probably hoped I would.

No, I could not do that. I was just as powerless against our ill-fated attraction as he had been in his lust for me.

Instead of abiding by my recent vows, I threw my head back and I used my other hand to spread open my pussy lips, moaning softly. I wanted him to see the hole where his cock had been buried, hoping that it might make him want to fill it again.

“Sarai, stop it,” he panted, trying once again to resist me.

I understood why he was trying so hard. I did. I knew it was wrong, for a married man to fuck his own adoptive daughter, but it did not feel wrong at all. It felt right to have him inside me.

It felt right for him to come soothe the pain a bad man caused me. It felt right to call for him when I burned with need.

I didn’t have anyone else to turn to, who could better understand me and give me what I needed?

And Dominic seemed to want me too, because he had yet to leave the bathroom, so if we were both willing, what was the harm in it?

Mom didn’t have to know.

“Help me, Dom,” I begged, rubbing my clit harder. “I know you want to fuck me again. You’re even looking at my pussy now, aren’t you? It is yours if you want to stuff it full of cock again. Hurry, please, I am so wet for you.”

In a split second, he was on me, his big, strong arms raising me up from the floor as if I weighed nothing.

“Why are you doing this?” He barked, low and dangerous. “Your mother is in the other room, asleep, and now you know, without a shadow of a doubt, that I am your stepfather. You cannot be doing this, you cannot be this-”

“What? This needy for you? You said I would regret it. I still don’t. I never will,” I promised him.

I ran a hand along his length. He was hard and hot again, burning for me the same way I burned for him. I began to stroke his cock, determined to jerk him off until he couldn’t handle it anymore. I could tell from his involuntary jerky humping into my palm that I was driving him mad with lust. Good.

“Fuck me again, you know you want to. Fill my tight, warm pussy with your cum.”

Frustrated, he pushed me hard enough to make me stumble, and something that was both apprehension and anticipation began to brew a storm low in my belly.

I had some idea of what was coming next, confirmed by him gripping my arm and twisting it up behind my back.

This was how I had gotten him started the last time too, by pushing him down a rabbit hole of desire by means of sheer provocation.

He would fuck me again, I was sure of it.

Dominic steered me into the bath tub, pressing me against its cold tiled wall.

“Lean against that and bend over, girl. Call me “daddy”, too.”

“Daddy,” I purred. “My hot, possessive, daddy.”

I was not ashamed of my need. My sanity depended on this mad sex with him.

“Your hand was between your legs. Now I know that the bitch in heat in Antonio’s villa was not really you, that it was just a role you had to play, so there’s no way you were fingering your pussy and thinking of what happened today.”

I swallowed hard, shocked that the attempt at humiliation hadn’t worked at all. On the contrary, it added a little edge to the taboo scenario. Not that it needed any more. There we were, me and a man twice my age who was married to my mom, hiding in a seedy motel’s bathroom. I had my pussy in his face, h

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Written by Hazel Grace
Cargado October 27, 2021
Notes So what if the stranger who saved me from was no stranger at all, but my stepfather?

If anything, it made him more perfect for me.

I needed his touch to overcome my past. I needed him to provide me with a safe environment to play out all my fantasies.

But first, he needed to survey the damage he'd done to my body when he first took me as his lover. He needed to come to terms with his lust for me too.
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