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I had gone home to see some old friends, people I’d known for years who I managed to stay in touch with and try to meet at least once a year if possible. Normally the wife came with me, but work schedules didn’t quite match up with vacation schedules, and so I was driving solo. That normally sucks when you have to drive across parts of the country where the exits can be miles apart, but this time I was enjoying myself, playing music and singing along as the miles flew by. Before I knew it was in my hometown. I’d made plans to stay at a friends house, and I had dinner plans with a few people. I pulled up to my friend John’s place. John and his wife had just gotten a divorce, which hurt because they were both good people and I hated to see them break up. Their kids called me their uncle, even though we weren’t related. Hell, the boy was named after me. When I knocked on the front door, John opened it up with a grin. “What’s up, Brother?” Hugs all around, back slapping, then a beer and a cigar on the porch as we caught up with everything we’d missed over the past year. After a while, John looked at me with a somewhat regretful look. “Hey man, I know I said you could stay here, but Lindsey is about to drop the kids off and they’ll be taking the spare bedroom. Unless you want to crash on the couch?”

I pondered a bit. “Sure, I guess I could couch surf. Better than paying out the ass for a fleabag motel. I guess the new living arrangement is kind of interesting?”

He chuckled. “Yeah, it’s taking some getting used to. Old habits are hard to break.”

I nodded in agreement and finished my beer. After a while, as the nub of the cigar burned out in the ashtray, I saw a car pull up and Lindsey hopped out, followed by three little blonde-headed kids. The kids bum-rushed me for hugs, and we spent a goodly amount of time just playing around. Kids are a joy, especially when they’re not yours. After a break in the action, where I hung my namesake upside down and pretended to bonk his head into my chair, Lindsey managed to sneak over and get a hug from me. I hugged her back with a smile. Lindsey was always a cute little thing. I don’t think she’d ever been beautiful, but she was good looking and had one of the greatest smiles in the world. Blue eyes. Huge breasts. Wide hips. She was baby-making material as proven by the three little kids running around the place.

“So you’re staying here tonight?” she asked.

“Yeah, crashing on the couch since these little hellions stole the bedrooms from me.” I gave a fake growl at the kids, and they ran away shrieking and giggling.
“The couch? That thing will wreck your back if you try to sleep on that. I have a spare bedroom at my apartment. Come stay with me!”

“Uh, yeah, well…. I doubt the wife would be happy knowing that I stayed at a woman’s place.”

She smiled. “Oh, I won’t tell her, and she doesn’t really talk to me anyways.”

John looked at me and shrugged. “Her spare room is a lot more comfortable than my couch, man. And my lips are sealed.”

I looked between the two of them and gave a shrug. “Where’s your place?”

Lindsey did a little clap, and I did my best to ignore how it made her breasts jiggle. “Oh goody! Gimme your phone, I’ll put my address in it. You can drive there after you and John have dinner!”

“Well, I’d better watch how much I drink then!” I chuckled a bit, and handed her my phone so she could plug her address into it.

Later, after John had made dinner, and we put the kids to bed, we had a second cigar on the porch and talked about the changes his life was taking. “Hey, you really don’t mind me crashing at your ex’s place? I know the situation is already weird, but I don’t want to make it worse.”

He sighed. “Dude, we’re done-zo. Splits-ville. You can’t really make it any worse, and as long as we treat each other right for the kids’ sake, then everything is about as good as it can be.”

“Well, alrighty then. I figure I better head over there before she goes to bed and forgets that I’m crashing there.” We said our good-byes, and I made plans to come over there for breakfast and spend some more time with the kids. Then I hopped in the car, drove halfway across town, grabbed my bag from the trunk and knocked on the door of her apartment. She opened it with a big smile. Man, she did have a beautiful smile. Just joyful. “Oh good, you’re here! C’mon in!”

She showed me where I would be sleeping, and I did the nightly routine of teeth brushing, face washing, and changed into my sleeping clothes. I normally sleep nude at home, but when I’m out I toss on a t-shirt and a pair of athletic shorts. As I tossed my toiletries back into my room, I saw Lindsey sitting on her couch watching some show or another. “Whatcha watching?”

“Just some rom-com on HBO. Come sit down with me.”

I sat down on the other end of the couch and looked at her. The divorce was obviously affecting her a bit, but she still had that smile. She was in her own comfy clothes, and it took some willpower to keep my eyes up where they should be. She was wearing a tight sheer shirt, and her large breasts were pressing the fabric to its limit. I could see her nipples, large as thimbles, poking through the shirt and I wondered how they would feel on my tongue. Wait, bad thought, get that out of my head. She had on a pair of shorts that rode up her legs, and only a light robe that she wore kept her from being too exposed. Three kids will make a body thicker, and she was definitely thicker, but the curves were still there. And again, that smile. Blue eyes. A curly mop of blonde hair that never stayed in place. Full lips that would look perfect wrapped around my cock. Dammit, get that thought out of my head! Damn, she looked good, and I did my best to not notice. We made small chat through the TV show, and she got up to get some water for us both.

When she came back, she sat down rig

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Notes My friend's divorced wife finally gets a chance with me, and makes the most of it.
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