Stepdaddy's cure for mouthy teen brats

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Just the other day, I had caught my stepdaddy balls deep in his assistant's ass.

He was telling her to work harder if she wanted the raise she thought she was already entitled to.

Jealousy and arousal battled in my body at the sight of them, sweaty and joined in carnal bliss.

He had me, his very own eighteen year old cock tease, always ready and willing, so why the hell was he fucking this old cunt? I could not wrap my brain around the two of them, cheating on me and mom.

She looked like she was in her thirties or something, her tits saggy and her belly round, like she was pregnant with one too many burritos.


Old, fat hag, I hated her in that moment just about as much as I envied her.

Because on the other hand, as much as seeing my stepdaddy cheating sickened me, it was also kind of hot. Not the cheating, but the way he was roughing her up a little, slapping her ass and silencing her pleas with firm thrusts into her defeated body.

Seeing them like that was making me crave the same treatment.

The bitch was half-conscious, propped on their work desk, clearly fucked into delirium, her mascara and cheap red lipstick smeared all over her pale face. Her mumbling had long since stopped making sense. She was stuck repeating “please” over and over again, a glossy faraway look in her eyes.

He must have fucked her all day, on and off, until he got her in this state.

He did have a helluva stamina reservoir. I should know, I used to let him use me the same way, fuck me until his balls were hanging empty between his legs, satisfied with how he’d made me submit to his authority.

Key word here being “used to”.

I left, swearing that things were going to be over between us starting that very moment. I was not my mom. I wasn’t going to tolerate sharing his cock.

I spent the following days in the third act of our little game of crime and punishment, where I rebuked his head of the household role every chance I got. Nothing he ever did or said was right anymore, I was even objecting to meal choices, all for the sake of being a contrary little shit.

I particularly delighted myself by throwing innuendos about workplace cheating and about how men were naturally-programmed to fuck as many females as possible and spread their seed, fertilize wombs, ensure their legacy.

I was being crass on purpose.

“Enough, already,” he’d yelled.

I had gotten his attention, all right. He was furious with me. Good, cause my anger burned hot, still.

“You’re done here, Sarah. No more dinner for you. Go to your room and fucking study or something!”

I got up, twisting my mouth into a sneer.

“Fucking something? Sure, I’ll call Derek over and he can do me, for a change,” I said, then murmured, just quietly enough for dearest stepdaddy to hear. “His big fat cock is just deeeeeelicious!”

“You little,” he threatened, but didn’t do or say anything more.

He never did, not in front of my mom, anyway, who always took my side during arguments, thinking this was just a phase for me.

If only she knew.

My stepdaddy had thankfully followed me up the stairs and into my bedroom and thus the fourth and final stage of our little game just commenced.

“Are you out of your mind or are you angling for a spanking, young lady?” He demanded, like he had any right to give me hell.

I watched him with what I hoped was a mischievous, haughty, air and then I brought a hand between my legs and I started to masturbate, moaning loudly enough for the entire neighborhood to hear.

“Mm, Derek, I can’t wait for you to cum in my pussy, oh, fuck, yes, just like that!”

I whimpered and pretended to be aroused by thoughts of that jerk, rubbing my clit hard and harder.

I suddenly felt his firm hand collide against my ass, making my cheek bounce, rippling the tender skin, echoing right in my lower belly.

The impact instantly silenced my little act of rebellion and I swallowed around a newly-formed lump in my throat.

The hit was more sharp than it was hard, and frankly, it felt like it had only stopped the outward display, because inside? Inside, I was craving to feel it again, craving to behave even worse in the hopes of being forced into obedience in such a depraved, perverted way.

The hand print on my ass seemed to burn. My stepdaddy had once again set me ablaze with just a touch, proving how incredibly right we were for each other.

Memories about his assistant resurfaced in my young mind, now re-framed. My brain was conjuring an image of me on that desk, where I was the one who was coming undone on his cock and moaning pleas under his unforgiving palm, both my ass cheeks red and swollen.

“You know that I don’t like it when you’re acting like a slut. Why do you have to be such a brat, Sarah? Why can’t you be good for me?”

“I know, I’m so sorry.”

“You know that won’t do, Sarah. You have been a very bad girl and now I have to punish you. It's for your own sake.”

I trembled as I thought of everything this could mean - rough, calloused hands gone slick stroking my pussy, the fiery soft heaven of his cock inside my aching cunt hammering into me at a merciless pace, the loss of my anal virginity, any number of things, all dirty and sweet.

"I know. Do whatever you want to do. Punish me. I’ve been a bad girl. I’ve been disrespectful.”


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Written by Hazel Grace
Cargado November 1, 2021
Notes The best way to deal with a bratty teen who likes to press your every button is to find better uses for that mouth.
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