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Never underestimate the power and persuasion of your wife. She and I had been together for a number of years before we started exploring our sexuality. By the time Rita had rolled into our life we had done a threesome with a girl and my wife had explored with a few guys. Conversely, Rita had recently separated from her husband, who was not the “exploring” type and I know that most women have desires and fantasies that they feel that they would be judged if spoken aloud. From conversations with her I knew she was curious. In fact it was my wife who first told me Rita was interested in me. I obviously did not believe her because Rita was in a relationship at the time and it was really not “my thing” to pursue someone else’s wife.

Rita’s husband, Danny and I met after high school and developed a really good friendship. He was heavy into sports and we both played for the neighborhood team. This meant a lot of weekend games and the traditional drinking and recreation after. This usually spilled over to the homes of team members and that’s how I met Rita. She seemed to be a very loyal and devoted wife. Secure in herself and took good care of Danny. When we met I would do the usual courtesies and then I would hang out playing cards with the other guests but our interaction was extremely limited. Before she and Danny broke up we spoke at length regarding his behavior and their relationship. I am a believer in relationships and marriage so I urged her to try her best to work things out however this came to a very abrupt end as the challenges in the marriage centered on finances and I only found out after Danny had a gambling issue.

After the separation Rita and I developed a friendship. There was no ulterior motive to do so but I was the one who assisted her in leaving so I felt a bit obligated to remain in contact and check on her from time to time. During one of our conversations, we started talking about trust and loyalty in a relationship. It so happens as a by-product of the conversation we started to talk about some of the things my wife and I had done sexually. Rita was amazed, it was like she had been transported to another dimensioned. More importantly I planted the seeds of curiosity and she could not hide it. She started to ask me a series of questions centered on sexual exploration. I could tell that she never had the opportunity to ask freely about sex. She was never given the chance to talk about her desires or her fantasies. I knew she just wanted to express herself openly without judgement or being labelled as a slut or a whore. So I gave her the chance to tell me what she would like to do.

Over several conversations and drinks I started to get an idea of how curious Rita was. She was most interested in girl on girl action. By this time I told her that my wife and I had explored and had a threesome with another woman and it was quite normal to have fantasies like that. I think this provided some level of comfort and she really started to open up regarding things she may want to try. I was too happy to listen.

I had kept my wife in the loop regarding Rita from the start. She knew of her separation. She also teased me that Rita wanted to fool around with me. Something I could not really bring myself to believe because I had known her for such a long time and we never crossed the line. In the interest of exploration and fun, my wife and I decided to go clubbing one night with her.

We picked her around 9 pm. Both women were looked amazing. They both wore black dresses that were relatively short enough to reveal some long luscious legs. Both wearing heels, bringing them up to a similar height as me, at six feet. My wife’s dress hugged her body. The fabric easily mirrored her curves. Interestingly, I knew in advanced that she was rolling “commando” without a bra or a panty on below. Rita’s dress was a bit longer (maybe an inch or two), sleeveless with gold zips on either side that formed the seams. It was a very interesting designed that screamed access. I loved the idea that my wife was naked below the dress, while driving I would gently rest my hand on her thigh and slowly glide it up to touch her very smooth pussy. She would look at me and smile. It was a smile of acknowledgment and intent. She knew my focus tonight was on Rita and seeing what she was willing to do. We quickly arrived at the club. The girls secured some glances from the guys along with some comments. I ignored them because I knew none of them would be getting what I would be getting tonight. With that thought I smirked to myself.

The club was like all clubs, loud music, a mash of people, alcohol, close dancing and a haze of smoke that both girls did not like. At clubs, I always positioned myself close to the entrance or the exit in the event that there was an emergency. This was usually met with some laughter and teasing but I grew accustomed to it. Tonight was no different as I showed the girls where we would be positioned my wife smiled, held my face as if I were a child and said “Okay my safety guy” that ended it with a kiss. Rita just watched not sure how to adjust to hanging out with a couple. I think she felt like the third wheel but my wife made sure to address that.

As the night wore on and the drinks flowed, you could tell that Rita started to settle down and enjoy herself. My wife, Maria, made it her business to check in on her to make sure she was doing okay. The loud music made for really close conversations and my wife used that expertly to talk to her. She also used it to find every excuse to touch her. In conversation she would rest a hand on her shoulder, caress an arm or gently rest a hand on her hip. All in all Maria made Rita very comfortable. As the girls danced and enjoy themselves guys would pass by, hang around and make small talk. The girls would even dance with them but nothing too heavy.

By about mid night the alcohol was making all of us a bit more uninhibited. My

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