How I became a Jody

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I had never planned on being a Jody.

A Jody Boy is a guy in the military who tries to sleep with married women while their husbands are away. It happens often enough that we sing cadences about it. Nobody really wants to be a Jody Boy, as they’re considered the lowest of the low. I just wanted to do my laundry.

My buddy Ken was overseas. His wife, Tina, was a smoking hot blonde German woman. Tall, lean, perky C-cup breasts, legs that go all the way up. I’d been friends with both of them for years at that point, and they allowed me to use their washer and dryer as I didn’t have those at my place. I always brought them a gift for allowing me to use them. Beer, food, a new movie, whatever I thought they would like. So when Ken got deployed, I just kept using their washer and dryer, and Tina didn’t have a problem with it. I think she enjoyed the company, and the fact that there was a man around to do the chores that needed a bit more strength than she had. Their daughter also enjoyed seeing me, and we’d sit on the couch and play word games while a game show was on. I did my level best to not try anything with Tina, no flirting, no anything. Because again, I didn’t want to be a Jody.

So one Saturday morning, I call and ask if I can come over to do the laundry. Nothing unusual. She said yes, so I grabbed my laundry bag and headed over. She opened the door wearing a white tank top, no bra, and a pair of white cotton shorts. It looked like she had just crawled out of bed, if that bed turned you into a lean, blonde-haired goddess who’s nipples were clearly visible behind the shirt she was wearing. I did my level best to not stare at her, and tossed the whites into the washer and started it. They had the TV on. Some Saturday morning cartoon for the daughter, and a younger boy from down the block. He and the daughter were friends, and they loved to play at each other’s house. I sat down on the couch, and Tina sat down next to me. She curled her legs underneath her so her ass was pressed against the side of my leg. That was a little odd, and kind of a turn-on, but I ignored it. After a while, Tina asked me to grab the blanket from behind the couch for her. I reached behind the couch and pulled out a thick, fuzzy blanket and handed it to her. She spread it out over her legs, but also over mine. I ignored the twitching in my crotch. She wouldn’t do anything with her daughter on the other couch, would she? Nah. This is just innocent TV watching. I excused myself to transfer the whites to the dryer and started the load of darks.

I came back and sat down in my spot. Tina was smiling at me and threw the blanket over my lap again. I felt her foot creep across the top of my thigh. She kept moving it over me until it rested on my crotch. And then she slowly started stroking my dick through my shorts with her toes. I almost stopped breathing. I looked at her wide eyed, and she nodded at me, smiling, and she gave me a wink.
Oh crap.

I had never wanted to be a Jody. Hell, I never wanted to sleep with any of my friends wives. But I was a 23 year old troop, full of testosterone and ready to plow any woman who said yes. And here was this blonde sex goddess stroking me under a blanket. I was rock hard in seconds. She traced the length of my dick through my shorts, up and down, up and down. I moved my hand under the blanket, and she winked at me again. I slowly moved my hand down to feel her pussy under her shorts. The fabric of her shorts was damp, and I rubbed it up and down, feeling her pussy lips, plump and wet. She continued stroking me under the blanket, and I slowly pushed the shorts aside. I could feel bare skin. I slid my finger between her pussy slips, so wet, so hot. I rubbed her up and down, until I slid my finger back and found her hole. I slowly slid my fingers into her hole, and I felt her leg spasm on my lap. She was biting her lip to keep from making a sound. I pulled my finger out halfway and pushed it in again. Her hand grabbed mine under the blanket and pressed it hard up against her pussy, my finger deep within her. I stroked her inside with that finger, and she inhaled suddenly.

Tina looked at the two kids on the couch who were watching TV, oblivious to what was going on under the blanket. “Darlings, you two should get some fresh air. Why don’t you go to Tommy’s house and play in the back yard. You do enjoy the jungle gym, don’t you?” The two kids protested for a bit, but their cartoon was over and they went out the door and running to the boys house, shrieking and giggling. Tina got up quickly, my finger sliding out of her, and I licked her juices off my finger while she stared at me. She went to the front door and locked it, then headed to the back of the house. I got up and followed, my dick pressing against my shorts so hard that it hurt. When I got to her bedroom, she was wiggling out of her shorts. Her tank top was already laying on the floor. I crossed the distance between us in a fraction of a second and pulled her against me, running my hands up her stomach and cupping her breasts. They were pale, with blue veins lightly visible under the skin. I kissed her neck and massaged her breasts and she reached behind her and undid my shorts. She pushed them down and my dick sprang free, throbbing and hard. I pressed it against her back, right at the top of her ass, and she ran her hands up and down my hips, moving her ass so her cheeks stroked me just a little bit. I moaned and quivered at the sensation. “Do you like that?” I gasped out a yes, and she smiled. “Good. This is going to feel so good for us.” My fingers rubbed over her nipples and she shivered. I couldn’t stand it any more. I pushed her down on her bed and kissed her, then licked my way down her body. Her breasts were perfect, and I massaged them while I sucked one nipple into my mouth and then another. Her hand was stroking my dick, an

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Written by dm1911
Cargado November 7, 2021
Notes This is a story of how a MILF turned me into a Jody Boy. This is a true story. Names have been changed to protect anyone associated with this story.
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