Making my favourite customer my Daddy

Story 1: Making my favourite customer my Daddy
  • Story 1: Making my favourite customer my Daddy
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It was the last summer before college. Having finished school only a few weeks after my eighteenth birthday, I was left looking for something to do to pass the endless weeks until life started again. Desperate for my own car, and wanting to have a little extra cash to spend on nights out as a student, I threw myself into finding a job. After a few awkward interviews with leering restaurant managers or jealous secretaries, I finally got a job working in a local toy store.

The job itself was fantastic - when I wasn’t stacking shelves or at the cash register, I was expected to set up the products to appeal to the kids who would frequent the store. Who wouldn’t love that? Getting paid to play with Lego and stuffed animals - truly a dream come true.

One of the things I quickly learnt though was I was quite different to the rest of the staff. Except for the manager and a couple of older sales people, most of the staff were about my age - either still at high school or on the way to college. While they were all girls like me, they were all real “girly girls”. Every day I’d watch them turn up for their shifts with perfectly curled blonde hair, or immaculately manicured nails, spending all their time talking about horses or makeup or reality TV. I was definitely the black swan: my straight jet black hair sported hints of purple layered underneath, my nails were almost always different colours or jet black, and on my first day I received a gasp from one of the girls when she saw I was wearing a Megadeth T-shirt under my store uniform top. The manager of the store, Gary, was one of the kindest people - rather than turn me away, he would just kindly ask that I try and keep my sleeves rolled down to hide the tattoo on my lower arm, and he blushed beetroot-red when I joked that “At least with my piercings, you can’t see them so I won’t need to take them out!”. The one and only part of the uniform which I found myself uncharacteristically enjoy was the pants - tight fitting, thin black fabric, they were far too serious and boring for me normally... but it was like they had been tailored to me. They hugged my legs perfectly, and on the day I tried them on the first time, I was almost floored by how perfectly they cupped and showed off my ass. For a girl who has always been conscious about my A-cup chest, I was definitely happy to have something accentuate where I did have curves.

After a couple of weeks, I had completely settled into the job. I knew my way around the store, and even managed to hold a couple of unironic conversations with the other girls on the staff. I’d also started to get to know some of the regulars: a couple of families who would come in every weekend and find something to shut up their kids, a few geeky guys who would come to stock up on Lego and board games (it was always fun watch their reflection when I turned around at the cash register to get a bag, their eyes always falling straight to my ass). But then, there was one guy: “Hot dad”.

“Hot dad” was my nickname for one guy who came into the store regularly with his little boy. His son must have been two, maybe three, and although he had just started talking, he was the most polite and gentle little boy I had ever met. It wasn’t a surprise though after watching his Dad. This guy had no issue with whatever toy his son would pick out - whether it was a monster truck or a dolly dress-up set. He’d often pick up little extras when the kid wasn’t looking, and he would gently but wonderfully insist that his son said a big please and thank you every time he was in the store. After the first couple of times, I’d subtly make sure the other girls knew I was the one to serve them when they came in. They didn’t know what I saw in him - “Oh, but he’s not very fit”, or “I’ve never seen him in anything fresh; I bet even his jeans came from the superstore”. What they seemed to be overlooking though was not only his personality, but the three things that made me melt: his eyes could make you feel like you were suddenly in the safest place in the world when he looked at you. His smile was warm and honest (you could see when his son laughed it was like a moment of pure joy for him). But most of all - his voice. Oh fuck, his voice was like nothing I had ever heard. The intelligence and calm of Alex Trebec, mixed with the warm protection of Mr. Rogers, all wrapped up in butter. I could have listened to him talk for hours - so every time they came to the store, I’d go out of my way to make small talk at the register for as long as I could. One time, I was sure I even caught him eyeing me up and down while we were talking, but I couldn’t be sure as his voice was sending ripples through me and making me shiver under my uniform.

Over time, as I innocently mused about my “favourite customer”, the other girls would tease and joke with me. I’d always make them howl as I joked back, explaining all the things I would do to him if I were alone with him just one day. Then, out of the blue, one morning he came in all alone. Just him, no son - and started looking at the remote controlled cars.

“Hey, how’s it going? Having a good day today?” I asked, sliding up next to him. He jumped a little, but smiled as he turned to me.

“Good thanks! How about you? Been busy today?”

“No, not really. Just the usual, I guess. No little man with you?”

“Ahh, no - he’s out at his last day of Kindergarten today!”, he replied, a smile flashing across his face. “I’m so proud of him - I just wanted to find something to give him to say well done”.

I felt my heart rush again, and without thinking instinctively reached out and stroked his arm. It was surprisingly muscular under a characteristically baggy T-Shirt. “Aww, that’s so sweet. You know, I probably shouldn’t say, but I was telling Amy over there that you’re my favourite customers.”

Hot Dad raised an eyebrow and chuckled. “Wow, really? That’s... very kind! Thank you! Um... why?”

I laughed and to

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Written by thebatgirl
Cargado November 8, 2021
Notes The story of how I went from flirting with a hot dad at work in my store, to him fucking me more deeply and sensually than I've ever been fucked before.
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