Stepdaddy takes my virginity

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“Do you want your stepdaddy to come play with your sweet little pussy for you, girl? Give that kitty a good hard rub, get it soaking wet?”

My entire body went red with shame.

This was wrong.

I shouldn’t be listening to this.

Just like my panties shouldn’t be getting soaked, enjoying the naughtiness of his words.

I rubbed my thighs together, trying to calm down.

“Stepdaddy can then slide his cock inside and fill you up with cum. Breed you, even. Don’t have fun all by yourself, sweetie, that’s not what being part of a family is supposed to be like. A family shares things. Share your lithe sexy body with me, Savannah.”

My teenage hormones were screaming at me to listen to my female nature, to my primal, basic instincts, and to let a man claim me.

I wanted to let a man have my pure, virgin body, use it for his pleasure, and give it a better purpose. I wanted a man to possess me, dominate me, make me bear his children, breed me like a prized mare.

So what if I was only a few months into being 18 and a legal adult? I’d read about younger moms than that and people always commended them on being brave and strong.

And I did so want a baby of my own, complete with a man to serve and make happy, and in return, he’d make me the center of his home and the one he’d always come back to.

Even men who wandered, I thought, must have that one woman they’d always see as better than all the rest, the one they’d never get tired of fucking and seeing, of being with. I wanted to be that for someone.

But my mom's new husband couldn’t be that man for me, despite me starting to feel a different kind of something when it came to him, something entirely forbidden.

My mattress dipped and then, before I could react, he was on top of me, breathing heavily. He smelled of alcohol and of man, the real kind, all raw and primal, musky and sweaty.

I was mad with unspent lust and my hormones were kicking me at my weakest.

I shuddered.

What the hell was wrong with me? I should be having better control over my urges.

But he was so big.

So strong.

So fucking manly and dominating.

He was unlike anyone I had ever seen, including Nick, my boyfriend. And Nick played lacrosse professionally, never missing a day of training.

“Where were you all day, Savannah? Out with your boyfriend, what’s-his-name? How old are you now, 18 or 19? Should you be out there, slutting it out with boys? Do you let any of them fuck you?”

Dirty questions kept flowing from his mouth, asking me which hole boys got to enjoy and even worse things than that.

I didn’t think he had noticed that his tone had changed from jovial to irritated. It was as if he hated the idea that I had given myself to someone already, like he somehow got to call dibs on my virgin pussy and for some fucked up reason, that felt hotter than it should have.

Yes, maybe he did deserve to be my first. It was oddly erotic and romantic and it weirdly made total sense.

“I’m 18,” I whispered, because anything louder might have given away my desire to let him have me, here and now and I wasn’t that brave to cross the final line. If he wanted me, then my stepdaddy was going to have to make the first move.

As for having holes to enjoy? I had three, all untouched by any man. He was more than welcomed to them.

“Go on,” he urged me.

“And I was just out, hanging around, wasting time. No boys. No girls either, just clearing my head a little before bed time.”

“I believe you, a well-fucked girl doesn’t masturbate, much less like that, so furiously. It sounded like you were punishing your clit, not making yourself feel good,” he laughed and the mood became much, much lighter. “I mean, you were fingering yourself so damn hard there, I thought you were going to break a nail or something. Now that I know you’re a virgin, it makes sense. You need a good dick, sweetie. It’s the only thing that’ll fix this situation.”

A wave of embarrassment coursed through me. He had heard me fingering myself earlier and the sounds I was making had lured him into my bedroom. It was both arousing and embarrassing to know.

And I also knew that he was hard, something I more than likely caused to happen.

His depraved line of questioning coupled with the way he was lingering in my bed, sniffing my arousal, talking about my pussy, were cluing me in on how much my daddy wanted me.

I wondered if he felt at least a little bit ashamed about that, because I sure as hell did. I should not be desiring him back.

And yet I was.

I so was.

“Tell me then, let me hear how you want to get your pussy fucked. Beg for my cock and I’ll help you feel good.”

I knew he wanted me to talk dirty, the way he was. He wanted to hear nasty words and phrases coming out of my mouth, to show me that I truly was the slutty teen girl I kept saying I was not.

“It could be my thick, big cock in there, girl,” he whispered. “My cock sliding in your tight cunt, fucking it raw, filling it better than your thin girlish fingers ever could.”

His words broke me.

“Are you going to put a baby in me? Make me to go my classes with a huge belly and to never be able to tell anyone who the baby’s daddy is? What if they all think I’m a dirty little teenage slut?”

A shadow passed through his eyes and he suddenly lowered himself until his hardened cock was pressing into my tummy. He wrapped one hand over my mouth and with the other, he positioned his cock at my panty-less, soaked entrance.

With a final look into my eyes, he thrust into my pussy and I was glad that he had thought to silence me.

Getting fucked for the first time was quite the experience - I cried out, in shock, pain, excitement, all mixed together like in a blender. Birthed low in my belly, they coursed through my body, making it impossible to think or breathe properly.

When he pulled out and then pushed into me again, deeper, I couldn’t help another pained mewl. I had been a

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Written by Hazel Grace
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Notes My stepdaddy came into my bedroom and fucked me.
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