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I’d been looking forward to getting away for months, but was short of cash. Working in an office for too long without any sunshine or fun can really drag your spirits down. I needed a break. My mate Claire came up with a great idea for us to try one of those last-minute surprise trips. They were a lot cheaper as the company only revealed the country and not the actual resort, until reaching arrivals.
She offered to help pay, as a birthday gift. I was about to turn thirty and it was too long since I’d let my hair down. So, we decided we had nothing to lose and booked to go to Spain for five days.
When the holiday rep at Gatwick Airport gave us our tickets we eagerly checked out the location we were heading for — Madrid! We were hoping for the coast, but managed to find our holiday spirit after a few G&T’s in the airport lounge.
The flight didn’t take long and in no time we were in Spain booked into a tiny Casa, on the edge of one of the national parks.
“Plenty of country walks to explore,” the rep told us.
Claire and I looked at each other, both wondering if this was going to be a complete disaster. We’d been anticipating nightclubs and romance, not walking boots and maps. But we vowed to make the best of it.
The village where we were staying was very quaint, with just one tiny taverna. The tapas were out of this world. We spent the next day on a walking tour with a few other holidaymakers and were surprised at how much we enjoyed ourselves. After, we visited the restaurant for some more great food and a few glasses of Rioja.
As the waitress brought the plates over, Claire thanked her and added, “The Spanish sure know how to cook. The tapas are incredible.”

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